The woman got up tidied up her appearance followed Xue Hua slowly pulled off Xue Huas clothes Xue Hua turned her head and stared at

As soon as he looked up, his heartbeat, which had just returned to normal rhythm, suddenly suffocated, almost frightened his soul away.
He slapped the bedside lamp away from the glass window without curtains. The night wind dragged a white gauze, floating like a ghost.
The respondent Chu Yun came to the balcony and looked up at the thick night.
Upstairs on the balcony, a woman in a white wedding dress was very conspicuous.
Jiang Jin said, I’ll ask you again, do you want to marry me? Holding on to the balcony, she got up slowly and dared to die in the middle of the night to force her to marry her.
Chu Yun didn’t want to worry about such a trivial matter, but she was poor and only had this safe house left. The door was hidden Jiang Meixin squatted tremblingly on the balcony, ignoring Yuan Shaowen’s persuasion next to her, tearfully looking at Jiang Jinyan, who was sitting on the black leather sofa with drooping eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, yelling hysterically, I don’t even think you’re an idiot The paralyzed man is licking his face and wants to marry you.
What is it that makes you dissatisfied? Standing in front of the open bedroom door, Chu Yun glances at Yan Qingjuan, even though he is being verbally attacked Knock on the door, sorry to bother you, please look at the moon and stars, and at the same time lift up your skirt a little bit, floating in front of my window in the middle of the night, very creepy Chu Yun smiled embarrassedly at Jiang Meixin and put her hands together in front of her.
Sub-pleading letter, do you have bad eyes so that anyone with a discerning eye can see that I am jumping from a building? The words suddenly came Jiang Jinyan raised his eyebrows and raised Yuan Shaowen lightly. Yun jumps off the building Chu Yun blinks, blinks her starry eyes full of light, pulls the chair next to her and sits down, looking at the sullen Jiang Meixin, then you dance, it will just save me a rival in love Jiang Meixin looks surprised, I live downstairs and gone If you say it, I can get close to the water first.
Chu Yun straightened her slightly upturned short hair and smiled heartlessly, looking at Jiang Meixin eagerly, as if she was saying dance, dance, if you dance, Jiang Jinyan will be mine. The beauty you think is just like you Brother Jinyan doesn’t even know how to take a second look at you Jiang Meixin didn’t plan to jump off the building and slowly sat back on the balcony with her chin raised, staring disdainfully at Chu Yun, who came out of nowhere, with a thin, fleshless face that seemed to have been there for many years I have seen the sun, I am very pale, my cheekbones are slightly high and too thin, my facial features are slightly three-dimensional, my black eyes are so big that they almost take up a third of my whole face, and I am so weird, especially wearing a floral pajamas, I have a thin body like lightning. I don’t think it’s a shame, I’m still wishful thinking that Brother Jinyan will fall in love with her.
He doesn’t care if he doesn’t look at me. I just need to look at him more. Chu Yun touched his smooth chin. In fact, I still fit the slapped face, big eyes, pointed chin and fair chin of today’s public aesthetics. Slender waist and long legs, right? Chu Yun turned her head to Jiang Jinyan, who was sitting on the sofa like a sculpture, and squeezed her eyes, hoping that he would cooperate.
Did you despise this person? Didn’t you see that she was helping him? You still despised her, so I prepared it in Chu Yun.
When he threw the knife at him with his eyes, he snorted from his nose, yes, not too big or too small, just enough for the people in the bedroom to hear the two of them flirting under her nose, Jiang Mei’s eyes turned red and she cursed softly The vixen is shameless to men, so I have to be shameless. I think it’s more effective to just drug it and push it until you take some photos.
Threats are more effective than you jumping off the building. Hehe Actually, I’ve been thinking about whether to try Chu Yunxiao’s slyness for the past two days. Jiang Meixin has already gone After taking this strong medicine, she should be able to go back to sleep.
You Jiang Meixin, as if seeing the scene of the two ups and downs, came down from the balcony angrily and tore Chu Yun up.
Falling to the ground in pain, Chu Yun was dumbfounded.
What the hell is this? If someone dies, it will probably involve her. Covering her face, she knows that she can’t meddle in her own business. She orders an ambulance to Yuan Shaowen, who is squatting next to her in a hurry. Did she have a medical history before? Yuan Shaowen didn’t know, so he looked up at Jiang Jinyan, who seemed to stay out of it from the beginning to the end. He had asthma, knew that she had asthma, and you let her blow the wind for so long on the balcony. Sitting leisurely on the sofa, Jiang Jinyan, who looked as usual, thought that in four years she had already cultivated a hard-hearted heart, and she could watch things that had nothing to do with her own interests. Only today did she realize that there is a sculpture named Chu who is more cold-hearted than her. Yun found the medicine from Jiang Mei’s heart bag and fed it. He took a fruit knife from the living room table and half-supported her to get up, cut the wedding dress from chest to waist, and performed the most basic first aid measures. Tandu Garden is located in the city center less than ten minutes away. The ambulance has already arrived, and the squatting time has been a bit long. When Chu Yun got up, her head was dizzy, she hurriedly held the door frame steady for a while, she had a nightmare before, and she sweated a lot.
Just now, she was frightened by Jiang Meixin again, sweating coldly, and her mouth was dry.
Guang glanced at the red wine on the bedside table and reached out to bring it over. What happened to the wine? Chu Yun drank the wine in the glass in one gulp.
Lafite, I helped you out of your troubles.
You won’t even be reluctant to part with a glass of wine, right? Chu Yunqing Smash it down, put down the wine glass, shook hands at Jiang Jinyan, is it not the wine, Jiang Jinyan frowned slightly, do you have any discomfort in your body, Chu Yun paused slightly, he didn’t say she didn’t feel a little hot, she was blowing cold wind on the balcony just now Alternating hot and cold, she sneezed several times.
Do you mean that Chu Yun in the wine stared wide-eyed and opened her mouth slightly, and the expression of eating a fly is the serious Chu Yun that you said you wanted to try the medicine Jiang Jinyan recently. The corners of her mouth twitched lightly, she just stimulated Jiang Meixin to talk nonsense, okay, she won’t push her brain twitch into a stranger’s heart, she rolled her eyes, quickened her steps and stepped out with one foot before remembering