The whole Fang Tianyu don’t say that you and I are the overlords of the past it’s impossible to do it otherwise we wouldn’t be

Source 80 e-book uploaded in Xiuzhentang time words count with one eye cause and effect peek into life and death second eye cause and effect rebirth in the present life three eyes cause and effect through the world with cause must have fruit Sixteen years of boxing, I can finally go out, looking at the mysterious door in front of me, which is neither stone, nor wood, nor metal, nor earth, and even sometimes seems illusory. The eternal ice-like haze, which has been cultivated for sixteen years, has forged its relentless ferocity, bang, amidst the dazzling colorful fluctuations, there is a huge bang, and the ghost is in the mourning hall of the Xiao family.
Hundreds of people were taken aback, and a piercing scream spread to the street like a plague, causing passers-by to stop and stretch their heads, staring enviously at the lion-like tall, mighty and majestic lion. The appearance of the extremely thick house grass is a bit special. Shen Xiaojun looked up and down, left and right, and was speechless because he was actually lying in the coffin, but the funerary objects were quite rich. In the previous life, in the Palace Museum, he could only satisfy his greed through the glass counter.
The cat’s ear-eye jadeite includes Shiny yellow and white things such as gold and silver are placed between the tentacles on the side.
It is warm, cold and rich. At least it should have crossed over to a dead ghost of a rich family. The second generation of the rich, Shen Xiaojun, lusted for a moment. A majestic voice outside interrupted his artistic conception inappropriately.
What is the blue sky, white sun, bright sky, where is the ghost? This is the thunder from the sky, and it is wishing the third son of the Xiao family to be successful and ascend to heaven. At this time, a very inappropriate muttering sounded from the corner of the mourning hall.
It was a man with a green leather coat and a purple silk robe on his head. A typical middle-class man.
That’s right, Xiao Qiyue is enough. Even though he was born in the second room, how can he think that he is the most favored at home? God treats him well, but he is weak, sick and stubborn, so stubborn that he can’t bring back a cow.
Since he was born sixteen years ago, Xiao Tiancheng is an old man.
Joyfully arranged the maids to bring a lot of things for him to pick up one thing for auspiciousness, but he didn’t expect so many gold, silver, treasures, magical weapons and spiritual materials, so he didn’t care about it, but he picked Da Zizai because of his single-mindedness If you forget the scriptures, I almost pissed me off to death, you kid is holding on to a bullshit causal scripture, isn’t it going to become a monk? Another slightly hoarse voice snickered, isn’t it? Xiao Tiancheng threw it aside and stuffed his own Longquan sword into his hand, but Xiao Qiyue just didn’t want to give the scriptures and kept crying and ignoring this crying, so he cried for three days and three nights, his throat was bleeding from crying, and that The crying sound was very loud, like thunder, making Xiao’s chickens and dogs inoperable. No way, Xiao Tiancheng, this old man, was also annoyed by the torment, so he picked up the scriptures and stuffed them in his hands.
Unexpectedly, the boy laughed as soon as he fought back. Since then, Hua’er has held this scripture and read it stupidly for 16 years, but everyone in the world knows that this so-called freedom of cause and effect, forgetting the scriptures is really shit, and the monks in the temple usually have nothing to say.
Reading and playing doesn’t look like Da Leiyin Temple’s Yuantong, sitting and forgetting sutras and other martial arts mentality that can be cultivated.
The man in the green hat before said yes, but it turned out that he put all the Xiao family’s Luo Yugong on hold until now. If you practice the Cangyue state in the body training stage to the Great Perfection, you will not be able to shake your spirit and open the gate of heaven, and this kid is still lacking in strength. He is so weak, but he just fell in love with Tian Feng, who is also studying at Hai’an Academy, and saw him a few days ago.
The woman actually got mixed up with Li Hao, the fourth son of the Li family, who was also one of the three major families in Tianyang County. Poor, pathetic, hoarse voice shaking his head and sighing endlessly, that Tian Feng is not a good thing, as the courtyard beauty of Haian Academy, how could he look down on Xiao Qiyue, a waste like Xiao Qiyue, who just wanted to use him to cheat some money for cultivation and met Li Empress Hao naturally stepped on that trash.
It’s really sad.
That trash didn’t figure out the situation until he died.
He was also a confused ghost.
Unused ticket Shen Xiaojun is a little depressed Suddenly, I saw a white dotted line protruding from the coffin, and a black line protruding from the outside of the coffin, one black and one white, like two snakes pulling side to side, and suddenly the originally curved black and white line was stretched straight, as if there were two.
The guy is in charge of the tug-of-war.
The Yintang point between the eyebrows on his head is like a stage curtain, and the sky is abruptly opened. In an instant, a Buddhist sound sang, as if he saw a colorful Buddha falling from the clouds and spinning.
Meng Yihuan finally landed in the Yintang incomparably mysteriously, and immediately had a panoramic view of the situation within ten feet with the coffin as the axis. Shen Xiaojun was surprised to find that the black line outside the coffin actually came from Li Hao, a rival in love.
Who sent that white line from his body? Looking back, he found that it came from a wriggling gray air mass, and that air mass was extremely thin and precariously surrounding his body.
Maybe the death energy disappeared. Shen Xiaojun immediately understood because he felt a very familiar smell in this mass of death air, and that smell was full of resentment, dissatisfaction, anger, and even extreme resentment.