The weight in it is completely different the path of life is often a casual choice can change a lot Chang Cai whispered like a

With one operation, Qian Qingshi changed the character of the same name in the game into an existence of personality, clicked to start the game contentedly, then his eyes darkened and he passed out, and when he was woken up by a ladle of cold water, his surroundings had changed. Get up, don’t pretend to be dead, I have a dead man here, it’s okay, just tie a shelf and not fall down. The shouts around him pulled Qian Qingshi out of the chaotic state, and he saw an ugly man with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks holding a stick The whip pointed at his face and greeted him, where is this place? He asked in a ignorant manner, “Hey, this kid was fooled by Mr. Shen.” He looked and looked at the bad breath that spewed on his face. At this moment, he regained his composure a little before he had the heart to check the environment he was in.
All that was left was a pair of underpants, and his whole body was tightly tied up with a rope, which could be seen by the naked eye. All around the wound were weak wailing sounds, begging for mercy, crashing and crying sounds one after another, and there was a colic in my head, memories that didn’t belong to me came flooding in like a tide, Qian Qingshi realized his current identity after a few breaths, Chen Guoqi practitioner and his same name and surname three He was captured by the enemy country at the border a few days ago and couldn’t bear the torture of the other party’s spies.
He passed away in the middle of the night last night.
All the things he was carrying were searched and cleaned.
Now the torturers are coming again at dawn, except for those who hid There are twelve people who are wailing in the corner and tied up in the middle of the room.
They are all Qi practitioners like Qian Qingshi. They were selected from the sect to participate in a contest with Liang Guo organized by Chen Guo. A group intends to set up formations at the border to disrupt Liang Guo’s advance, but they didn’t expect that they were all captured alive because they were not good at learning. These Qi practitioners who didn’t participate in the war are professional interrogation methods. The spies wanted to torture each sect’s martial arts, and these qi practitioners gave up. A group of people encouraged each other to carry them to the death.
They later realized that this group of Liang people never let them go. One of the disciples of the great sect was killed, and he was threatened by the execution officer. If he didn’t say anything, he would be castrated, but they obviously underestimated the loyalty of this group of people to the sect.
In the end, they had no choice but to draw two people out of the great sect.
The disciple and Qian Qingshi were lucky enough to be drawn in.
After midnight torture, the disciple of the great sect did not escape the humiliation and directly bit his tongue and committed suicide It was a tent that was set up at midnight in the Liang Guo army camp.
The curtain was lifted and a gust of cold wind mixed with snowflakes came in. A gentle and elegant man walked in.
Behind him was four burly guards in black with knives. After entering the tent, almost everyone trembled subconsciously.
In the past few days, this man was in charge of the torture.
He only knew that the group of soldiers called him Mr. Shen. His identity should be Liang Guo torture.
The master, wearing a Confucian shirt, was holding his folding fan. With a shy smile on his face, he glanced around as soon as he entered the door. He greeted a leading sergeant very politely, said hello, and then muttered.
After whispering with the man, he turned around and left the tent, only to see the sergeant who spoke to him just now ordered that all be tied up and let me take them out one by one, and then the first person was dragged out of the torture room After a while, a person opened the curtain, waved his hand, and the leading sergeant took another person out to interrogate and analyze the current situation. Qian Qingshi felt that it was too fucked up. How could he travel to such a ghostly place? Is the modifier needed? With the current situation going on, it is definitely not far from death.
The appearance of Mr. Shen’s execution completely satisfies all Qian Qingshi’s fantasies about perverts.
He wants to find out if there is anything in him that can be used.
After searching for a long time, I found out that the original owner, as a qi trainer, is actually just a very entry-level monk.
All the things on the peripheral disciples in the sect were searched, and the things in the body were empty, as if they were controlled by some kind of prohibition in the dantian.
The breath is flowing, and now he can’t even fight an ordinary soldier. How can he escape from the sky? What does it feel like? Qian Qingshi closes his eyes, and some pictures from the original owner’s memory appear in his mind, page by page, like a movie. It seemed to flash across his mind, and then gradually became vivid and clear. Why are they all pictures of inner disciples competing in martial arts? These pictures in the original owner’s mind seemed to come out suddenly, no matter whether Qian Qingshi agreed or not, his mind naturally turned these pictures over.
Coming out, this is the last competition between Senior Brother Jiang and Senior Brother Xu in the sect. The two senior brothers in the crystallization period, Senior Brother Jiang is good at swordsmanship and Senior Brother Xu is good at lightning.
Brother Xu used a set of exquisite sword moves to match his body skills, got close to Brother Xu, and won the match. In his mind, Brother Jiang’s set of sword moves was originally only dazzling and exquisite in the memory of the original owner, but now it is naturally disassembled. After a while, I pieced it together in my mind.
This time I looked at it carefully again, and I felt that it was clear that the weather was at play. He was still ignorant. The character information is related, so I went through it again in my mind.
This time, I learned more about the 150% practice speed bonus.
I went through it a few times in my mind. The swordsmanship I saw once was firmly established It was firmly recorded that at this moment the door curtain was lifted, Qian Qingshi knew it was finally his turn, and he was very weak, he was erected and dragged out of the tent, and when he got out of the tent, the cold wind cut his face, and the surrounding area was covered with snow white