The water pool exists in such a dry place shouldnt it have dried up long ago And that stone What is it Xiao Jin is

In the same way, if the center of the universe is used as the origin of coordinates, a horizontal axis, a vertical axis, and a vertical axis, the universe can be divided into eight large pieces, and each piece is called a cosmic quadrant, that is, the first cosmic quadrant, the second cosmic quadrant, the eighth cosmic quadrant, and each universe. The quadrant represents the vast space of the universe, so it can be regarded as a universe, and the universe can be divided into eight universes. The universe is infinite and divided into finite equal parts. Each equal part of the universe is also endless.
The third universe is distributed with countless galaxies. As for the planetary system, it is like the ancient quicksand.
The countless small-mass stable stars are the cradles of life. Three million years ago, in one of the third universe’s star systems called Franza, the fourth rock from the inside to the outside. After hundreds of millions of years of life evolution on the rocky planet and selection and elimination of several mass extinctions, a kind of intelligent life called Franza evolved on this rocky planet. After tens of thousands of years, they flew out of their parent star and started interstellar travel.
After ten thousand years of development, they finally dominated the entire river system. Three million years later, today, the technology of the Flansians has reached unimaginable heights and they have become heroes.
The territory of the hegemony-level civilized race in the third universe is extremely vast. Resource stars, residential stars, business stars, administrative stars, and mining stars are even more numerous like quicksand.
However, the Flanzians are ready to step out of the third universe to a wider cosmic sea. When marching, a black celestial body with a diameter of about one kilometer suddenly broke into the territory of the Flansians. When the black celestial body first appeared is unknown, but its arrival is no different from the whole third universe.
At the beginning of a disaster, the black celestial body rampaged all the way, as if it came from an ancient barren land, all the planets except the stars were swallowed up by it, no matter whether it was a giant gas planet or a relatively small rocky planet, all of them were spared by this weirdness. The black celestial body swallowed. At the same time, the volume of this black celestial body is getting bigger and bigger, but its volume growth is obviously not proportional to the huge amount of matter it has swallowed.
Years later, the black celestial body has swallowed many river systems, but its volume is still There is no more than an ordinary rocky planet.
No one knows what this strange black celestial body is, and no one knows what the end point of its devouring planet is. The method is to destroy it until it is wiped out, but the development of the matter is too unexpected. The Flansians have used all kinds of weapons to attack the black celestial body, but in the end it is still in vain. Even their most powerful dark matter destruction weapon cannot. The slightest damage to this black celestial body can’t be destroyed, so they can only avoid its edge. In desperation, the Françans thought of retreating, but the third universe is their territory, and where can they retreat? What kind of joke can they give up the third universe? Can the retreat drive this black silk celestial body out of the third The idea of ​​the universe inspired the Flansians. The Fransians decided to use the space-time technology space bridge to transmit matter and energy remotely in the universe to send the black celestial body out of the third universe.
The Sa people are very proficient in the use of space bridge technology.
In order to deal with this black celestial body, they have created the largest space bridge to date, a cosmic-level space bridge, and the fleet that completed this mission is also the most elite epic-level among the entire Francia people. Fleet Franza Royal Hero Fleet This fleet has crossed the universe and made countless outstanding achievements for the huge Franza civilization.
It has a very glorious and proud history and fine traditions.
The black celestial body has arrived in a star system called Tan Yunyu.
The star is a huge red giant star that has already entered the aging period of returning light.
The last superplanet explosion caused Tan Yunyu’s volume to expand rapidly, swallowing the two rocky planets in the galaxy. Now there are only three giant planets left in orbit.
The gaseous planet, and next to the outermost gaseous planet, there is a black celestial body with a diameter of about one kilometer.
Compared with the huge gaseous planet, the black celestial body looks like an ant crawling on a basketball, but the two are extremely asymmetrical. Under such circumstances, the black celestial body is like a vampire bat from hell, devouring the gaseous matter on the surface of the planet wantonly. The huge gaseous planet seems helpless.
According to the swallowing speed of the black celestial body, this gaseous planet can’t last long, Captain.
The fleet has reached the target area, and the safest limit distance is only 10,000 kilometers. What to do next? Please give instructions.
After a long period of entanglement with the black celestial body, the Flansians discovered that this black celestial body seems to have an extraordinary love for man-made machines. Man-made machines that are close to the kilometer will be swallowed by it, but as long as it is not close to the limit distance of kilometers, it is relatively safe, and the black celestial body does not seem to have any temper. No matter how you attack it, it will not make any backlash at the limit distance of kilometers. Ordered all warships to start preparations for the space bridge, torches, and other fleets sailed into the area of ​​the black celestial body, and began to erect the space bridge. A total of eight satellite-class warships sailed in the dark space and quickly approached the black celestial body in the shape of a fortress from eight directions. The celestial body is tightly surrounded in the middle, and at the same time, a torch-like thing rises slowly on the top of each battleship. This is the torch of the space bridge. The torch of the space bridge on each battleship is also early After erection, report to the captain that the hinge moment of the space bridge is ready, please instruct to report to the captain, the hinge moment of the space bridge is ready, please indicate that it is almost the same time