The voice of Cang Youshen challenged Cang Youshen with a green light and responded from the depths of the hall full of vigor sonorous and

Rebirth In the morning, the first ray of sunlight falls from the window and casts on Lin Chen’s face. Woke up from the haze, but suddenly jumped out of bed. This is my former home. For a while, this young man in his early twenties fell into unbelievable sluggishness and hurriedly got up He ran into the bathroom, looked at a handsome face in the mirror, and finally believed that he would go back to the year when the doomsday happened. He was only 23 years old. He took out his mobile phone to check the time. The doomsday happened today. Sweeping the world, animals mutated and began to attack humans like crazy. Some people who like to keep pets have the worst luck. In their sleep, their mutated pets were bitten to death, or even died without a whole body. They struggled in the doomsday for more than ten years. We know that there are not only mutated animals that threaten human beings.
As time goes on, more terrifying and unknown creatures descend on the earth to clean up the survivors.
There is a gleam in the eyes of humans. Lin Chen can do it all over again. Naturally, he can’t just sit still. It’s seven o’clock in the morning and there are sixteen hours left, he has plenty of time to make preparations, midnight is twelve o’clock The coming of disaster is also an opportunity. If you can grasp it, you will have a little self-protection ability. Lin Chen’s first thing is to make a phone call, manager, Xiao Lin, is there something wrong? A middle-aged voice comes from the phone. One day, Lin Chen calmly said that knowing the importance of the body, I approved the middle age, and he readily agreed.
He hung up the phone and went out with his wallet.
Lin Chen lived in the countryside.
His parents died in an accident when he was thirteen. I can’t help but pass away and being alone saves him a lot of burden in the apocalypse.
He rode a second-hand electric car and went straight to the town. If it weren’t for Fuyuan Town, the development is not bad. Relatively developed, there are many clubs.
Lin Chen really has nowhere to buy weapons. Soaring to the nearest cash machine to withdraw 20,000 deposits, this is only a little money. Anyway, the money is no longer worth spending tonight.
Find a breakfast shop and wait for the opening time of the arrow gym opposite.
Lin Chen is the first customer. The boss is very enthusiastic. Speaking of reception, there are very few bow and arrow enthusiasts in Fuyuan Town.
The customers who come in are just to see if they can make more than a dozen orders in a month. It’s not bad. Should the young man buy a bow or run a membership? The specifications are very good. There is a distance of 60 meters. Buy a recurve bow with a 60-pound pull.
Being able to shoot at a distance of more than 100 meters is not important to Lin Chen, but to the lethality. The mutated animal has rough skin and thick flesh, and there is no guarantee that it can be shot with one arrow. Moreover, the recurve bow requires strength. If it is not for working in the factory all the time Yes, Lin Chen will not be so arrogant as to choose 60 pounds, choose a recurve bow with good toughness and hardness, and quickly assemble it. I want to try Lin Chen’s suggestion, please come to the indoor venue. Thinking of the duck in hand flew away to test the distance of 50 meters, put an arrow on the bowstring and pose with both eyes fixed on the bull’s-eye Pulling the string and lifting the bow, the arrow is released in one go, without any sloppiness.
The arrow hits the bull’s-eye with a slight deviation in the yellow circle, but it is different in the eyes of the boss.
It can be seen that he is an expert, but he has not practiced a few arrows yet.
Just entered the state, the next scene made the boss dumbfounded, Lin Chen quickly shot three arrows in succession, three piercing arrows sounded in unison, and the arrows formed a straight shot in the bull’s eye, swallowed and drool, the boss exclaimed, there is a hidden one in Fuyuan Town A master of archery is really an eye-opener. The real skills are honed from life-and-death fights.
Now it is a time of peace.
It is rare to find real masters.
In the last two or three years, it is really not worth mentioning. Skilled archers emerge in endlessly.
It can be described as terrifying in terms of attainments, but Lin Chen doesn’t rely on bows and arrows to save his life.
It’s just proficiency, not specialization.
Bows and arrows are a good choice in the early days of the end of the world.
According to his level, he will be eliminated soon, so he will use the bow. I need arrows and arrows. Arrow Lin Chen said, do you need aluminum arrows or carbon arrows? The boss is full of interest.
Finally, a deal has been finalized, at least a thousand profits.
The bow also collapsed and the transition period is not a problem. Aluminum arrow Lin Chen responded.
The boss took out a dozen aluminum arrows and a box of arrows. One is suitable for the price, little brother has good eyesight, not much, I want you twenty yuan, ten arrows, one yuan, what do you think? With a smile on his face, he seemed to see the God of Wealth Five steel knives and bird-catching nets This time, the big purchase made the villagers very confused.
Lin Chen was alone, so many gossips and gossips were unavoidable. There were often rumors and gossips from old ladies saying that he was a broom star and killed his family members. Of course, he didn’t want to.
Take care of the people in the village who are capable, young people go out to make a fortune, buy a house in the town and move away, now the entire rural area is more than half of the old people, and because of the old thinking, there is still a lot of expenses for raising livestock and poultry. In his previous life, he was able to escape with bruises all over his body, and he was almost hopeless.
If it wasn’t for the special service team, he would have died on the road and become a mutant creature. The condition of the beautiful house is pretty good.
I have made an appointment for you, but I must see you.