The voice is weak Im sorry Aunt Liu Liu He Seeing Qin Fan was silent for a while and asked auntie asking you what do

A married woman with Tucai can only share prosperity and wealth but not adversity because of love Married woman can share both prosperity and adversity Qin Chen secretly swears that he must marry because of love. The host has successfully signed in and obtained a set of Bay Villa. Congratulations.
The host has successfully signed in and obtained 100 million soft sister coins.
Chapter 1 is also suitable for a blind date. Do you have your own house? No car? Qin Chen’s blind date girl frowned and her face looked ugly, then how much savings do you have? Qin Chen’s blind date girl’s expression was even uglier Waking up from sleep, when he woke up, his complexion was not very good. Just now he had a dream. He dreamed that he was on a blind date and met a blind date girl who was not only snobby but also had a very low EQ.
Are you still there for the first time? You look so ugly and you are suitable for a blind date.
Qin Chen frowned slightly and looked ahead. Chen is extremely disgusted because many blind date women regard themselves as goods and mark their prices clearly, which is simply unacceptable for a person like him who is eager for love.
In addition to this, many blind date women have a natural sense of superiority, which also makes him extremely disgusted because Now there are fewer women than men and there are 30 million more women than women. Women are confident and fear that they will not be able to marry.
That sense of superiority comes from another point that many women become superior because a group of men lick their dogs constantly. These women are used to it.
The sense of superiority is getting stronger and stronger Qin Chen scolded in his heart As a man, seeing those dogs licking such a dog, he can’t wait to give them a few slaps to wake them up.
The host is successfully bound. The blind date sign-in system is a special service for the host. The host can sign in once every time the blind date is reached. The reward system can be obtained if the sign-in is successful. The golden finger that the protagonist can get He he he he Qin Chen turned out to be the protagonist Qin Chen wanted to laugh wildly at this moment because he knew that the protagonists in the game almost all reached the pinnacle of life after getting the system, only a very small number of protagonists were obliterated by the system Okay, okay Qin Chen’s eyes are indifferent, he has long wanted to meet some blind date girls, but his strength did not allow it before, but now he has a system, his strength allows Qin Chen to calm down after being pleasantly surprised for a while, he asked many questions that the protagonist would choose to ignore System, where do you come from, system, why did you choose to bind me? Some of the system’s memory data has been deleted. This system does not know where it comes from. It only knows that the mission of this system is to bind a host that matches the mission of this system. Yours what is the mission So Qin Chen is now yin and yang decline, cutting women’s morale, hoping that men can break through until men and women are truly equal.
I understand that it is so, so it is so. The system selected him because he was particularly disgusted with some women, which coincided with the mission of the system. Gan Qin Chen got up to go to the bathroom in high spirits, then washed and changed into the clothes that fit him best.
He looked at his handsome self in the mirror and his height, but his heart was cold. This coldness was mainly for some women.
He was handsome and tall when he was in school.
Many girls like him, but those girls just want to play with him because of his sex. No girl really likes his soul.
After graduating and entering social work, he finds that although he is still popular, the same girls are still just looking for themselves.
I just want to play with myself, or I just want to fall in love with myself but I don’t want to marry myself because his girlfriends said when they broke up with him, although you are handsome, you can’t be handsome. You have to have something It doesn’t matter if you are not handsome, as long as you have money, I will marry you. The woman Qin Chen has a cold look in his eyes.
He has nothing to complain about women, but he still believes that there are still people in this world who pay attention to the spiritual level. At this time, the girl Qin Chen picked up her phone and glanced at it. It was already seven o’clock and eleven o’clock at noon.
It happened to be meal time at Mochizuki Tower, which is the most famous restaurant in Dongshi City. The consumption there is much more expensive than normal restaurants.
Qin Chen Sneered at him when he heard his mother say that the location of the blind date was proposed by the woman. The choice to eat here was to test his financial resources or imply that he should not come on a blind date if he has no money. Qin Chen was expressionless until half past ten when he took a taxi At this time, the restaurant is already open for business at Mochiyue Tower in the urban area. Sir, good noon. May I ask how many welcome guests at the front desk smiled and asked? Two Qin Chen said “Hello sir, please come with me.
” The welcome girl smiled and led Qin When Chen came to table one, a waiter came up and took out a menu and put it in front of Qin Chen, smiling, sir, your menu is not in a hurry, no one is here yet, Qin Chen is okay, pour a glass of water, sir, and the waiter smiled and asked, thank you The waiter Qin Chen poured a glass of water and walked away. Qin Chen took out his mobile phone and glanced at it.
Call the matchmaker, Aunt Wang, why hasn’t the girl you introduced come here? I urged the matchmaker to hang up the phone.
After a while, Qin Chen received a message from the matchmaker, saying that the blind date girl will arrive at Qin Chen within 20 minutes after leaving the house. Looking at the message, I frowned and felt very upset, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can only sign in if I have a blind date