The victory of the war will definitely belong to us China will only belong to us China One day I will let the flag of

Originally cherishing life, Yang Jing only wanted to survive in this war-torn era and kill the little devil. However, the cheating system insisted on forcing him to be a man who cheated on devils. Congratulations to the host for killing a Japanese soldier. A Mauser rifle exploded.
A Nani Mauser rifle system, you are afraid it is a copycat, right? Chapter 1 Super Anti-Japanese War System In the middle of the year, the Songhu battle broke out in full swing.
A small village one kilometer south of Baoshan, Shanghai.
Embryo walls and rubble can be seen everywhere on several trails in the village. Chinese soldiers and civilians lying in a pool of blood.
The sound of rifles and machine guns resounds around the village from time to time. The village has just fought a battle. Abandoning defense and fleeing, the battle is coming to an end, the little devils are holding weapons and going from house to house to search for possible enemies. Some of the little devils are hunting cattle, sheep and livestock in threes and fours, making the village run wild. These little devils are frantic and wanton in the village. Burning, killing, looting, encountering resisting civilians, they will mercilessly shoot or stab to death with bayonets. Not only that, these ghost soldiers who are not as good as beasts, even old sows refuse to let go of the crisp 38-style rifles The sound spread in an alley, and several little devils with weapons were aggressively chasing after a policeman in police uniform. The devil soldier pulled the bolt of his gun and fired while shouting angrily.
Jing was filming an anti-Japanese war drama in a certain film and television studio, but somehow he traveled over here, as if he had brought some labor sub-system. After figuring out the situation through the memory of the original owner, the first thought of Yang Jing, who cherished his life, was to run away from this damn thing. What is the battlefield and even the system? I don’t care to check it, and then there is this scene. Little Japan, stand still, do you still have a life, old man? Although I cherish life, I am not stupid.
Knowing some Japanese, he was holding a pistol in his hand, desperately fleeing to the front of the alley, and at the same time shot back and fought back. Seeing the little devil chasing him, Yang Jing fired a few shots behind him, but his marksmanship is really bad. The bullets either hit the sky, or hit the ground or the adobe walls on both sides.
The devil soldiers chasing after them did not hide, but showed mocking smiles. Too bad there are no bullets. It rang, it was really a dog, and it made him extremely anxious. The road in front of the alley was also blocked by two ferocious ghost soldiers. It’s better to die than to live, no matter what method you use to save your life first, then Yang Jing sees that there is no way to escape, his brain turns quickly, and he suddenly remembered that before he died, he seemed to have hidden a bag of gold in the pigsty and a handful of emergency supplies The pistol and a bag of lime powder, so in a hurry, he dropped the shell gun in his hand and raised his hands in a gesture of surrender.
Long live the army, long live the emperor, long live the great Japan, Yang Jing shouted in substandard Japanese, squatting tremblingly on the ground, Nani and the devil soldiers were stunned for a moment, and then stopped pulling the trigger, Taijun, don’t shoot, I surrender, I surrender Don’t kill me, I can take you to find Gold The ten-degree turn, the eyes showing greedy eyes, they stayed in the village to sweep, didn’t they just want to get some oil and water? However, this village is really too poor, so far they haven’t caught anything worthwhile, the prince Yang Jing heard something interesting The ghost corps leader hurriedly nodded and took the lead, showing an impatient expression and shouting, “Get up and take us to find the gold.
” Yang Jing nodded, stood up and walked towards the west of the village with a few ghost soldiers.
The soldier turned around and entered a small farmyard. Yang Jing pointed to the thatched hut on the left.
Jing hurriedly explained that Taijun was because these unscrupulous people hid the gold in unexpected places, so you couldn’t find it. The Suoga ghost captain nodded, then opened the door of the hut with a bayonet with a small aunt’s scarf flag and took the lead.
After going in and looking around, he asked Yang Jing who followed with a gloomy face.
Where is the gold drop? If you dare to deceive the imperial army, you will die. Take a long step to the side of the pigsty, the door of the pigsty has been opened, the pig inside is missing, there is only a pigsty made of straw, next to it is a big pile of disgusting pig manure, you drip it in, take it out for me, the devil corporal has a face Looking at Yang Jing in distaste, he said yes, Yang Jing knew that as long as the little devil got the gold, he would definitely kill the donkey, so he had to find a way to save himself. He tried to slow down as much as possible, even if the next plan failed.
A few seconds is not Baga, you drop, hurry, drop, the devil Wuchang saw Yang Jing whimpering, so he impatiently urged Dao Taijun. I found Yang Jing, turned around and saw a few black muzzles pointing at him.
Very calm, but in fact, his heart has turned into a Ma Bao engine shaking.
According to his memory, Yang Jing took out the bag containing the golden pistol and lime powder from the pigsty, and walked towards the pigsty while saying “Taijun” The golden drop is here, and the burden has already revealed a corner, seeing the bright yellow color inside, the faces of the devils all showed the color of greed, that’s now