The unique and thick voice combined with such a message makes people want to listen to it and feel excited angela angela angela angela angela angela

The bed is placed against the wall, and it is covered with a standard blue and white checked quilt.
Next to the pillow is a copy of Mr. Cao Yu’s Thunderstorm.
Opposite the bed is a desk. There are not many things on it.
A few books with yellowed covers and half-written notebooks. The notebook is the kind that flips pages up and down. The top is printed with the ink of the Hupera Provincial Drama Theater, and there is a pen that is white on top and green on the bottom.
The paint on the wall is a little peeling, and some white powder dust is scattered on the side of the desk next to the wall, which shows the sloppy mind of the owner when cleaning. On the wall above the desk is a wall calendar.
Published to commemorate the play Dispute produced a commemorative wall calendar with pictorials mainly featuring stills from the premiere. Wait until the cigarette butt burns out and the filter tip is hot.
Then Fu Guang puts the cigarette butt in the ashtray next to the bedside table and extinguishes it. Picks up the red plastic one next to the bedside table. The lace mirror looked at myself through the mirror. This is a fair face.
The distance between the eyes is moderate.
The bridge of the nose is tall, handsome and good-looking.
Fortunately, he is still handsome. Drama actors not only won numerous awards, occasionally participated in film and television dramas, but also gained a large number of fans.
Just when Fu Guang thought that he would continue such a brilliant life to the end, God let him know what it means to not talk about martial arts once the performance is over. When I was about to go home and passed by a road, I was hit by a truck and flew away. I didn’t feel anything in my body. Before I lost consciousness, I only remembered the two dazzling headlights in front of me.
When I woke up, I unexpectedly came to the early 1990s and reborn as a man named Fu. Guang’s youth graduated from the screenwriting department of Zhongyang Drama Academy a month and a half ago and was assigned to be a screenwriter at the Hupera Provincial Drama Theatre.
Fortunately, Fu Guang is also an online reader. It must be said that it was fate that Bang Bangbang knocked on the door and brought back Fu Guang’s thoughts after a few doors.
Fu Guang opened the door and came to the living room.
It is a small coffee table covered with white lace cushions.
Opposite the coffee table is a vertical cabinet with a printed kettle in the middle with an upper and lower iron surface.
Beside it are some aged tea leaves and a photo frame. Fu Guang feels uncomfortable for a while. The scene of the scene paused before walking forward.
When I walked past the closet, I was attracted by the photos. I stopped and picked up the frame.
The photos in the frame were a bit overexposed.
The three rows of people stood neatly and faced the camera, showing a smile with visible teeth. Fu Guang quickly found himself in it. There was a line of red characters printed under the photo on the far side of the third row.
A graduate of the screenwriting department of the Drama Academy. Fu Bian, are you at home? Come here.
Fu Guang put the photo frame back on the cabinet and replied, came to the door, unlocked the lock, and opened the door. Fu Bian, deputy director, looked for you.
Outside the door stood a man wearing a blue Zhengliang shirt. The moment the young man saw Fu Guang, he immediately showed a smile, thank you, Xiao Liangtong Zhi, I’ll go now, Fu Guang replied according to the address in memory.
Huang Weiliang waved his hand and looked a little shy. Thank you for the small thing. I first heard Wu You’s words as if they were swearing, but when you get familiar with them, you know that they speak in this way, you know Fu Guang approached Huang Weiliang, took out a cigarette from the top pocket of his shirt, and handed it over. These Xiangshan brand cigarettes were brought here by Fu Guang at a high price before he left the capital.
Smoking peonies, mid-level Ganbu smokes Xiangshan ordinary people two cents and three rural Ganbu cannons, rolls happily Xiangshan brand cigarettes in this era are still a bit face-saving, not to mention it is a brand that Wu can’t smoke I said I heard about another Hong Kong because of the matter of the Great Yangtze River. Didn’t I invite the leaders of the cultural department to review it yesterday? The vice president seems to have been criticized.
Nodded with a smile, I understand, thank you, um, don’t worry, at most, Huang Weiliang, who was scolded for nothing, comforted Fu Guang and sent Huang Weiliang away.
Who doesn’t want to stay in the capital, but there are places to go every year? The original owner was very lucky to get one of the only three places in the screenwriting department and came to Lake Perylene. It’s not that the original owner discriminated against the region, but that in this era, the entertainment and art industry in the region is basically barren. Many people don’t even know what drama is. In this era, the capital is the center of Chinese culture and art.
He understands the drama and is willing to support it. Classic dramas such as Thunderstorm are basically born in the capital’s theater troupes. If Fu Guang doesn’t have any resentment in his heart, it’s impossible.
Fu Guang has a little idea in his heart. He simply expresses it well in his first work, The Great River. After a moment of dissatisfaction, it is obvious that today the deputy dean is looking for him for a lecture. He was criticized at the beginning of the rebirth, and this treatment is no one.
Now that you come, you can take it step by step.
Let’s solve the matter in front of you first. Fu Guang said, turned and entered the room He picked up the key, took the door and left the dormitory. After half an hour of fear and anxiety after crossing, he was able to calm down and began to think about how to survive in this age.
Leaving the dormitory area, Fu Guang walked towards the office building according to his memory.
The repertory theater is not big, but it took about a minute to walk around.
Fu Guang came to the office building.
In summer, Wu was as hot and stuffy as a steamer. Fu Guang was sweating profusely all the way.
It’s very uncomfortable to wear.
The texture of the shirt is smooth and the price is cheap. It’s a popular currency in this day and age.