The two xelnaga taunted Oulus in the void Oulus was not affected by them Oulus you are wrong the narud zerg and the protoss are

Recently, the rebel Jim Raynor blatantly attacked an empire facility and may have stolen a dangerous alien artifact.
In the screen, there is a female reporter with an extraordinarily majestic chest, even through a screen. Shocking news was reported, and Kate must have caused a large number of innocent civilian casualties due to Reynolds’ actions. In fact, the only civilian casualties at Dhoni’s scene were caused by the red-eyed Imperial Security Forces. As soon as Kate’s voice fell, her camera disappeared. And Alexey, who has been sitting in front of the screen, showed a frustrated expression. Doni continued the news. The above is the first report.
Next, please watch the scene of Kate, the butcher who killed women and children by Jim Raynor. Then this TV program There is nothing to see, at least for Alexei. He drank the beer in his hand and turned off the TV.
However, when the screen went black, a thin but lean figure appeared in the reflection of the screen. It was as if he was caught and raped on the bed.
Alexei’s face turned red like a monkey’s butt, and then he pretended to pour a drink. Wow, stop making trouble, Zhao, aren’t you going to patrol with the captain? Alexei likes this news The reporter Kate Rockwell in the patrol team is already a half-open secret, and as his good friend Zhao Yi uses this to tease him from time to time, should he tell him the fact that Prince Valerian also likes this reporter? Zhao Yi rubbed his chin full of evil thoughts, thinking of it right, the captain asked you to go on patrol, put on your armor and bring your weapons and ammunition, how could it be that I am on vacation today? He, the planet Marsala, will be invaded by Zerg soon.
Once he tells something that even the governor of the planet Marsala doesn’t know, he will definitely be interrogated. Zhao Yi doesn’t believe that he can survive the interrogation of the intelligence agency. But in a very democratic country, you can choose to dissect from the toes or the brain The other side of the TV screen is his goddess, but the military order is like a mountain, even if he is reluctant, Alexei must be ready to drink up the liquid in the bottle in one breath, and there is a blush on Alexei’s face At the same time, a smile appeared on the corner of Zhao Yi’s mouth. Zhao Yi is not an authentic Masala’s people, and of course he is not an immigrant from other planets, but a traveler.
He played a famous game in the original world. For the game of StarCraft, when he cleared the level for the first time, the world outside the house was lightning and thundering, and then he traveled gorgeously to the world of StarCraft, and it was Zhao who traveled to the very beginning of the StarCraft story.
Yi didn’t realize that he had golden fingers such as the system on his body, and some were just the interstellar plots he was familiar with from countless customs clearance battles, which was already a great advantage for Zhao Yi Zhao Yi, who traveled through time, enlisted in the army gorgeously and became an ordinary soldier who was the backbone of the Imperial Army. In addition, Zhao Yi, who came through time, just happened to be in a peaceful era. I don’t know what conspiracy is hidden in my own galaxy, and the protoss is huddled on the planet Sacoolas, silently holding back their big moves, and the Tyrannian Empire has no more wars. The only war is probably the Imperial Security Army and the rebels. Just like this, Zhao Yi safely passed the time when he just traveled to another world, but according to the plot in Zhao Yi’s memory, the days of stability will not be long, because the war is coming soon, and Zhao Yi’s thoughts turn. Yi appeared in the barracks and quickly finished dressing with the help of the machine wearing the combat armor.
Zhao Yi, who was wearing the combat armor, walked out of the barracks quickly and met Alexei outside the barracks. Combat armor is a set of very thick exoskeleton armor that can give marines protection and mobility.
Wearing it, marines can fight in various harsh interstellar environments, look at each other, and then calmly in the barracks. Waiting quietly for the captain’s patrol to return, the strong wind blows slowly on the ground, kicking up some sand and soil, adding more loneliness to the already desolate planet at this moment, and soon several marines appeared in the sky, mainly in red The coated battle armor is not conspicuous on the ground covered with yellow sand, but the touch of white immediately caught Zhao Yi’s attention. A patrol team is equipped with several marines, and more than one medical soldier is fighting on the planet Marsala.
The biggest threat to the soldiers is the rebels without heavy weapons, so this patrol team does not have heavy explosives expert looters. However, because the Reynolds rebels appeared in the Masala army, there are gossip that the governor is planning to equip the patrol team.
Of course, heavy weapons are just rumors.
At least in the next few days, there will be no looters in the patrol team.
There is a medical soldier in charge of combat assistance and four marines in the patrol team, but they don’t seem to see it. Like Alexei, Zhao Yi walked right past them.
Captain Zhao Yi’s voice came out from the armor player, making the patrol team stunned.
The leading marine put his head down. The mask then reveals a super bald head. He is a ten-year veteran.
During the long battle, his face has a burn mark from the zerg’s corrosive liquid, and this is often used as a bragging point for him to put down the mask. He also exposed the scars on his face, Zhao Yi moved his eyes away, it’s not your fault that it’s ugly, it’s your fault if you put down your mask, but Zhao Yi hasn’t put down his mask now