The two little Taoist aunts who had no choice but to worry about the bigeyed and highchested one smiled and said otherwise why did they

In the ninth year of Yongle, the prosperity of the world, the pride of the nation, the arrogance of the people, and the world’s pride.
Now ask who doesn’t want to be a high-ranking official.
Opening his eyes, he has been immersed in great shock for the past few days. He found that he had turned into another person.
Not only did his appearance change, but a strange memory appeared in his mind. Until today, the shock gradually turned into numbness, and he finally accepted this absurdity. Unexpected reality, my soul has returned to six hundred years ago and merged with the body of a young man named Wang Xian. I am lucky to be alive.
He sighed softly, thankful that he survived the catastrophe, thankful that he is a man without a wife and children.
It doesn’t matter where an orphan lives. Thinking of this, he is not dissatisfied with his sinewy body, which has become so thin that he can’t even move his fingers.
He is thinking about how to face his family.
Go outside, there is a door squeak, followed by an angry voice, the rooster is still crowing at dawn, sooner or later you will be stewed, this voice comes from a pungent woman, this is Wang Xian’s old mother, she finished training the chickens again Let’s train a bunch of lazy people, don’t get up and go to sleep, it will be dark in the old lady’s voice, Wang Xian’s eldest brother, Wang Gui, hurriedly get dressed, get up, wipe his face, and go to cook, your wife, my old lady is holding a dustpan Luo was feeding the chickens and saw that his son was cooking, and immediately lowered his face Cuilian Wang Gui’s upper eyelids were thick and his lips were thick, and he looked very honest.
In front of his mother, he shrank his neck like a mouse seeing a cat and said today. The old lady, who has been unwell for fifteen days a month, snorted and scolded, “I’m a liar, mother, I’m going to fetch water.” Wang Gui smiled innocently and picked up the pole standing in the corner. After feeding the chicken with a snort, it wiped its hands carelessly on the apron, held a wooden basin under one arm, and carried a bucket in its hand, then walked to the west wing room, and did not forget to tell Lao Daoist to sweep the patio before eating.
He lives in the West Wing. Although he has woken up, he still hasn’t figured out how to deal with this family, especially the angry old lady. He decided to close his eyes and pretend to be unconscious. In fact, this mother is very delicate, her black and white eyes are very distinct, and she is very distracted.
She doesn’t look like a tigress when she doesn’t have a seizure, but when she has a seizure, her black and white eyes become cold. With a sharp shot and a sharp mouth, it can scold a living person to the point of death, and then come alive again.
After entering the house, she first looked at her son and saw that he was still with his eyes closed and motionless. I’m going to be dragged to death by you, I walked to the bedside, lifted the quilt, turned him over, scrubbed him, massaged him, beat him, and changed his underclothes. Speaking of lying in bed for so long, Wang Xian’s body is still as clean as ever, not even a single bed sore, it’s stuffy and hot The humid Jiangnan area is simply a miracle. Although it has already entered autumn, a thin woman turned over A 16-year-old man is still working very hard.
Halfway through the work, the old lady is already sweating profusely.
She wipes the sweat and feels depressed. Man, I’ll be like a cow to you guys, after finishing talking, continue to wipe his armpits, Wang Xian is ticklish, and can’t help shivering, the old lady gets excited and runs to the bedside, Wang Xian pretends to be unconscious. It hurt so much that he couldn’t help grinning his teeth, Wang Gui Wang Gui’s wife looked at the vivid expression on his face and screamed in surprise, come on, Wang Gui was sweeping outside, and when he heard his mother scream, he threw the broom and rushed Come in and ask what’s wrong with your mother, look at your younger brother, he woke up, my mother opened Wang Xian’s eyelids while talking, and saw his eyeballs rolling around, I can’t pretend that I can’t pretend, what did Doctor Wu say? Doctor Wu said that Wang Gui scratched his head and thought for a while, I forgot, why don’t you hurry up and ask the doctor Since Wang Xian has accepted his current identity, Wang Xian took this opportunity to wake up. In fact, he didn’t need a consultation.
Anyone who is not blind can see that Wang Xian slowly opened his eyes.
The whole family was relieved. Three feet tall, laughing and dancing around the bed, Wang Gui also wiped his tears, even Wang Gui’s wife was very happy and asked Dr.
Wu, do you need to spend money on medicine? He gave Wang Gui’s daughter-in-law a hard look and said to Dr. Wu that she was asking when she would be able to recover quickly.
Dr. Wu said slowly that he is too weak.
I will prescribe a nourishing prescription and take it for a month. I still have to take medicine Wang The noble daughter-in-law was overjoyed and went to complain loudly, saying that he had eaten up the house, so why not eat it slowly? The old lady is actually not willing to spend any more money, how can she still have money? Of course, Dr.
Wu can twiddle his beard, but he has been lying down for too long If you don’t take care of your body quickly, if you don’t take care of it quickly, I’m afraid you’ll be a sick child in the future, so just feed him, okay? Wang Xian’s age is so young, it’s impossible for him to fall into the root cause of the disease.
Well, the old lady’s complexion changed for a while, and finally she nodded fiercely and said, Mr. Prescribe, so Wang Gui rubbed ink, Dr. Wu spread out a pen and paper, and quickly wrote out a prescription and dried it. Hand the ink to Wang Guidao to grab the medicine, let’s eat early, good morning, okay, Wang Gui responded carefully, took the prescription, and glanced at the old lady, sent the husband back, and then grabbed the medicine by the way Get married at the end of the month