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Copywriting Zixiao Mountain has two treasures. One is the legendary innate immortal bone, Elder Fengjian.
The second is a young elder who can dress up as a woman and is sold well.
He is not very capable but has a lot of seniority.
The mascot of Zixiao Mountain, Elder Fengjian, has a sharp heart Who knows that one day the little elder, who owns the entire Zixiao Mountain, went down the mountain? It wasn’t me and you who blew me up.
There are not only people behind me.
Uncle Gong women’s big guy is good at fox fake tiger prestige Attack is the kind that looks like it can fly to the sky in a few minutes Longevity supporting role Metaphysics Everyone in the world of other unscientific monsters and ghosts have all kinds of works A brief commentary Zixiao Mountain has two treasures One is the legendary natural immortal bone and the elder who holds the sword The little elder Zixiao Mountain mascot Elder Fengjian has the sharpest heart Who knows that one day the little elder sitting on the entire Zixiao Mountain went down the mountain, it wasn’t me and you blowing my back Not only someone, if you dare to hit me, the god in the sky The underground ghosts are always on call.
The story begins with Zhou Ling, the little elder of Zixiao Mountain, who accidentally participated in the Huaxia Magic Summit after he descended from the mountain.
It begins to catch ghosts, subdue demons and fight villains.
Read Chapter 1. Dark clouds cover the moon.
The sky is pitch black. Two fires flicker in the mountains. A middle-aged man in a big padded jacket is carrying a basket in his hand. He is following behind a tall and thin old lady in a yellow jacket.
The old lady holds it up in one hand.
Holding a candle in the other hand holding a small token, murmuring something in his mouth, looking carefully at the middle-aged man, hunched over and trembling slightly, he is also holding a candle in his hand without a basket The middle-aged man looked nervously at the candle flame, afraid that it would be blown out by the wind, but it must not be extinguished. Aunt Huang said that the candle would lead their way for a while. Whether they can return safely depends on this candle. Wow, the baby’s crying sounded, the middle-aged man trembled in fright, and almost threw the basket in his hand out.
The tall and thin old lady suddenly turned around and stared at the middle-aged man intently.
The child is still connected to your family, now put him Don’t think about it even if you throw it away. The middle-aged man gasped heavily while swallowing saliva while clenching the basket in his hand. There lay a five- to six-month-old baby in it. In fact, this child was not born to their family, but to him.
The one I picked up on the mountain was this mountain. At that time when he went up the mountain to hunt wild goods, he could hear the cry of the baby in his ears. He searched for the sound and found the child under a tree. At first, the man thought it was a family that was born sick The child was thrown away alive, but after examining the child carefully, I found that the boy was quite healthy, and he didn’t look like he was sick and abandoned At first everything was fine, and so was his wife. Happy, after all, the patriarchal thinking in the mountain village is serious. It is a good thing to have a boy in the family, even if it is picked up. Although the villagers wonder who would abandon a boy doll, they express their luck for a man who goes hunting in the mountains and picks up a boy. I envy this child, who looks so good, white and tender. People in the village say that the man is very lucky, but who knows that within a few months, strange things keep happening in the man’s house.
The man’s daughter kept yelling and saw someone walking around beside his brother.
The neighbors also said that when they walked into his house, they felt the wind blowing.
The man didn’t take it seriously until one day he and his wife were almost strangled to death in a dream.
There was a black handprint on the other party’s neck. The man was so frightened that he didn’t know who first spread the word that their family was bewitched. The rumor spread more and more widely, and some people thought of the goddess Aunt Huang from the next village. Feeling that something was wrong, I went to the next village to ask Aunt Huang to come to see her. Aunt Huang came to the man’s house with the small wooden token she offered.
As soon as she stepped into the house, the small wooden token began to tremble. The sign was shaking crazily, what did the man and his wife look at? Aunt Huang didn’t move anything, why did the wooden sign jump up by herself? The man asked Aunt Huang if there was something wrong with the child. Aunt Huang told the man that the child was haunted by ghosts and was abandoned before, probably because his biological parents did something evil and used some means to transfer it to the child.
Who knows, you picked it up.
Now you The whole family has to bear the consequences with this child. When the man heard this, he begged for a long time.
Aunt Huang asked her to solve this matter. After thinking about it for a long time, she reluctantly agreed to the man. He gave Aunt Huang 2,000 yuan on the spot, which was saved by the family. Aunt Huang, who was saved for a long time, asked the man to go up the mountain with him at night. How did the child come here? Let him go back.
The mountain wind is blowing. I don’t know if it’s the man’s psychological effect. He always feels like something is staring at him. Looking at the basket they put the baby in, it seemed to be getting colder and colder, and his hands were almost stiff. Aunt Huang stopped and pointed to a tree path not far away, where to put the basket.
In the dark, the man looked even more sinister.
The man trot over, dropped the basket, and hid back beside Aunt Huang, not caring about the child in the basket crying hoarsely.
Clear but he saw the wooden sign fly out by itself, circled around the basket twice, as if black air came out of the basket, the man rubbed his eyes