” The two are playing like this I really look like a poor monk I have no temper and immediately shouted coldly Zhao He you

Floating qi and blood, the organs in the body were seriously damaged, how could it be like this? In the dark, Ye Li heard someone whispering in his ear, and he seemed to be crying while trying to open his eyes.
The first thing he felt was pain.
The heart-pounding pain felt like the whole body was being torn apart, and then there was an unfamiliar environment around. In the quaint room, there was a white-haired old man and a young girl who was only fourteen or five years old sitting beside the bed, Master, you wake up and see Ye Li opened his eyes and the girl shouted happily, but at this time Ye Li didn’t have the time to talk to her, because an inexplicable memory flooded her mind, I don’t know how long it took, it seemed like a long time, and it seemed like it was just a moment, but Ye Li also understood After seeing my current situation, I traveled through time and came to a fantasy world where demons revived and the people were in dire straits.
In this world, demons and ghosts can be said to be rampant, and the collapse of the dynasty order made these demons unscrupulous.
This also led to more and more ordinary people becoming The blood food of these monsters can be said to be a hellish world, the life of ordinary people is thinner than paper, and the body that Ye Li passed through is also called Ye Li.
His identity is the owner of a small martial arts gym in the mountain city. Why? The reason why he looks like this is because he met Li Gui Suoming last night. His predecessor was unwilling to escape. After all, this martial arts gym was left to him by his parents.
He would rather die than give up the martial arts gym passed down from his ancestors, so he did not hesitate to die. It’s a pity that although Li Gui was forced to retreat in the end, his predecessor was also seriously injured and died, which made Ye Li cross over.
Master, are you all right? Just as Ye Li was thinking, the girl’s voice brought him back to reality. Looking at the girl in front of her, Ye Li knew that her identity was Wu Xiyue, a disciple just accepted by her predecessor. Of course, she was also her only disciple at the moment.
Last night, after the battle with that ghost, all the original eight disciples under her former sect ran away, only Wu Xiyue remained. I stayed here, and now I think about it, and I feel embarrassed. When faced with a desperate situation, I can always see a person’s truest face, just like the disciples of the predecessor. The predecessor was very good to them, but in the end it was a catastrophe. At the end of the flight, only Wu Xiyue, who had just been apprenticed to the teacher for less than a week, stayed.
As for the white-haired old man beside him, his surname is Chen, a well-known doctor in the mountain city. What should I say? Ye Li opened his mouth and said upon hearing the words, Wu Xiyue nodded respectfully, and Mr. Chen had no choice but to stand up and do what he could do. What can’t get through is now a monk’s world.
Little Yezi, some things can’t be forced after all. Facing Mr.
Chen, Ye Li didn’t answer to this, Mr.
Chen just sighed lightly, and walked out of the room accompanied by Wu Xiyue, and said to Mr. Chen In other words, Ye Li also knew from the memory of his predecessor that this world is dominated by monks.
Powerful monks can easily move mountains and seas with every gesture, even in the face of those powerful monks.
The big demon king and ghost king are not afraid at all, but the requirements to become a monk are quite high In the eyes, it is completely like an ant-like existence.
In fact, it is true.
The cultivator swallows the spiritual energy of the world and uses the spiritual energy of the heaven and the earth to cultivate. The means are powerful, and the warriors, in the eyes of the monks, are just a group of ordinary people with strong physiques. Compared to before when the order of the dynasty had not yet collapsed, warriors who were successful in cultivation could find a job in the court, but with the collapse of the order of the dynasty, the entire court was already in a mess, and the way out for warriors was completely cut off, not to mention Martial artist cultivation is not an easy task. Not only does it require extraordinary willpower, but also the resources consumed during the perseverance period are extremely expensive. At least ordinary people are completely unable to afford such an expense.
It is expensive and has no future.
This also leads to Few people are optimistic about warriors, so naturally no one is willing to practice martial arts. With that kind of kung fu, it is better to become a monk directly.
This has also led to the state of the predecessor’s martial arts.
Many people have persuaded the predecessor to let him close it. After all, this martial arts gym is open to lose money.
Wouldn’t it be good to use the money to do something else? At least it can make life better, no, but the previous one was unwilling to give up his own martial arts gym even if he encountered a ghost demanding his life. What led to his death is really a fool.
Ye Li doesn’t hate his predecessor’s attachment.
After all, people have something they want to protect with all their might, but is it really worth it? In this world, after all, warriors have no bright future Like the predecessor who practiced martial arts since he was a child, but in the end, he couldn’t even beat a small ghost. Just when Ye Li sorted out these memories, the door of the room was opened, and Wu Xiyue ran in with anxious expressions. Ye Li asked in a hoarse voice what’s the matter, master, that ghost still doesn’t let us go, this is what I picked up in the yard.
Facing Ye Li’s question, Wu Xiyue handed over a piece of paper money with dark red blood stains on it. With just one glance at the money, Ye Li could see the origin of the paper money, and there was a number nine written on it in blood, which meant that he would come to ask for his life after nine days. No need to think about it, it must have been sent by the ghost last night.
The ghost was killed by his predecessor in the last night’s battle. It is forced to retreat, but it still does not intend to let Ye Li look at the life-buying money in his hand, Ye Li frowned unconsciously, this is really going to kill them all, but think about it, it is basically impossible for anyone to be targeted by evil spirits in the end.
What a good result. After all, these evil spirits will not be soft-hearted.