The truth about the inexplicable connection between Yunfei and him he didnt want to rashly swing his spear before Hua Yunfei was not frightened he

First of all, the first heroine, Yao Xi, everyone thinks that the poison is too young. The first version is really unbearable. It is just poisoning. As the poisoner, I bow to everyone and apologize. I am sorry.
After several revisions, it is much better than the previous version. Although it is still slightly poisonous, it is not fatal, funny, and life-saving.
The second heroine, the saint of Yaochi, before writing this heroine, I read the original book and read a lot of language descriptions of the saint of Yaochi.
From the beginning to the end, she has never fought for hegemony. It means that she has almost never made a move, and I feel that she is still quite lonely in her heart. She has been standing on the clouds and admired by thousands of people, but no one understands her true psychology.
Is she a career madman? I don’t think so. I think she is a sentimental woman. Ye Fan had a chance to walk into her heart, but he didn’t do it.
So in this book, I wrote the background of the protagonist meeting her for the first time.
It was when she was young that Fenghua had always admired the fairy girl Yang Yi who fell in love with Yuan Tianshi Zhang Lin thousands of years ago. She wanted to follow Yang Yi’s footsteps and came to that small town. It is a pity that no one of the same level can lift her veil of mist.
No one can understand her heart.
According to the normal timeline, the saint of Yaochi will maintain this kind of psychology. Longing for love and then love But it never appeared, only endless emptiness and loss until she was in her twenties, she completely accepted her fate as a fairy girl, and she was completely disappointed in this world.
Seeing her naked, she can calm down in a short period of time.
She no longer has the kind of sprouting when she was a teenager, but her heart is still sentimental. This is my speculation about her when I wrote about her, and then when she was young, she longed for love. It was the most intense when I grew up listening to Yang Yi’s love story, a domineering person broke into her heart, no matter what method it used, it left a deep impression on her and saw her true face, and then various psychological The final psychological analysis of the interweaving is completed. As for what the book friends think, I can’t control it. This is what I thought when I was writing her.
Maybe I entered it too deeply and didn’t realize that the writing was very abrupt.
It poisoned everyone. I bow again and apologize for the end Let’s talk about the protagonist’s instrument, the Phoenix Ten-string Qin. When I first opened this book, my ideas were not yet mature, so I wrote a Phoenix Ten-string Qin. Many people scolded me for not being as good as the whole three thousand, four thousand, and ten thousand.
I want to say that I am The following content has almost nothing to do with the qin. How many strings the qin has depends on the protagonist’s comprehension.
It’s not worth giving up the magnificent forest behind a small thorn tree.
If everyone who is forced to implant can’t understand these ideas, you can skip it.
I know that the emotional drama is not good, so the heroine doesn’t have many scenes, and I am more diligent. I am interested in this book and I have the conditions.
It is also helpful. Readers who want to suppress the author’s idea of ​​red hair support this book.
I think the plot I wrote is still very careful.
The setting is also considered rigorous. The plot and combat power are also very reasonable and will not collapse.
God’s will be able to truly implement the title of this book when the time comes Sitting cross-legged in front of him is a little boy about five years old.
He is looking at the mountains and rivers in the distance, his eyes dull and contemplative. The little boy is dressed in water blue clothes, gentle and elegant, and his face is calm.
The guard in blue likes this kind of quiet feeling very much, so whenever his young master is in a daze or playing the piano, he speaks carefully to his young master for fear of breaking the atmosphere, but this time his young master Yunfei seems to want to Fascinated, he didn’t answer.
The blue-clothed guard sighed. My young master didn’t know when he fell in love with being in a daze. Apart from playing the piano and practicing, he spent more time in a daze than sleeping. Seeing that the young master was still motionless, he had to go out again. This time, he amplified the volume slightly, Master Yunfei, under the persistent call of the guards in blue, the little boy in aqua blue finally came to his senses, is Yunde calling me? Suddenly waking up, a bit natural and dumbfounded.
Seeing this, the blue-clothed guard showed a spring-like smile.
Young Master Yunfei has passed several hours since you played the piano.
Yunde came here to ask to see if you still play the piano today. He said respectfully.
They are full of love and respect for the boy. You must know that the little boy he is following is the young grandson of the Lord of Taixuan Star Peak. His status is unmatched by ordinary people. However, although the little boy’s status is very noble, he has a very high status.
There is no arrogance towards them, these guards and those servants, etc. Master Yunfei has always been warm and soft-spoken, and has never scolded others.
Yunde and his servants naturally love this young master Yunfei from the bottom of their hearts.
One day if I don’t play the piano, I will feel like I’ve lost something important. It’s going to be very uncomfortable. After thinking about it, the little boy decided to play the piano. Yunde nodded and said yes, then he walked up and hugged the one that was placed on the ground next to the little boy.
Put the guqin on