The transition from a woman to a mother Even the grumpy Kushina is full of motherly glory at this moment Your child will be born

Chapter 1 Yunju Mofeng Konoha Thirty-six Years The Second Ninja World War has just subsided for several years The ninja world has kept temporary peace, but ninjas all know that this is only temporary World War II has retained many problems and has not resolved the Third World War It’s just that sooner or later things will be shorter, more than two or three years, five or six years, and the ninja world war will break out again.
What’s lacking may be just a fuse. This year, Konoha ushered in an unprecedented peak since the death of the second generation of Hokage. Cutting is in the prime of life, acting vigorously and resolutely. The ninjutsu of the five attributes is played together.
It is superb in the ninja world.
It is rare in the ninja world. Konoha Shirato Hatake Sakumo is famous in the ninja world.
It is rumored that his strength is still higher than Sannin, comparable to the three generations of Hokage.
In addition, Shimura Danzo Konoha, who is hidden in the dark, has a total of six Kage ranks. In addition to the masters, the Uchiha clan, the Hyuga clan, and other blood-successful families also came out in large numbers.
At this time, Konoha’s strength is strong enough to fight against the other four major ninja villages. Although Konoha is thriving, death is inevitable, and the mission is accompanied by death in Konoha village.
In a secluded small courtyard, a six-year-old boy with short black hair is sitting blankly in the courtyard.
In front of him, the water in the pond keeps hitting the bamboo tube, making intermittent thumping sounds. This is from the Yunju family.
The courtyard is inhabited by the remaining members of the Yunju clan, and the six-year-old boy in front of him is probably the few remaining members of this clan, and may even be the only survivor. The scroll and a writing brush were lost in thought.
Is the world of Hokage not suitable for his age? Is it really dangerous? The boy sighed deeply, recalling the scene that happened an hour ago, Yun Ju Mo Feng, your father Yun Ju Hualang died on a mission.
This is his relic. Anbu said with a blank face, he put down his things, turned around and disappeared, leaving Yunju Mo Feng standing still, then crying loudly, passed out and waited to wake up again. At that time, the soul of another person had already been replaced, a soul from this world. In the previous life, he was an ordinary student, except for 20 years of painting experience, he had no special skills.
He never thought that he would be reborn in this world.
It is fate, Mo Feng. With a chuckle, he dispelled the melancholy just now from his heart. The Yunju family is good at painting. Family ninjutsu super beast fake painting is injected with will and chakra. Even the fake things drawn can drive this ninjutsu.
If I remember correctly, it should be that the ninja named Sai in the root of the future is good at ninjutsu.
Could it be that he is also from the Yunju clan? My father also died on a mission before, so he was really alone! Mo Feng sighed and came back to his senses. He picked up the scroll beside him. It was the relic of his father entrusted to Mo Feng by Anbu before. Spread out the scroll, and inside the scroll was drawn a picture with delicate brushstrokes. At first glance, it is everyone’s handwriting.
This is The ink-colored gods and Buddhas on the scroll of gods and Buddhas are vivid and solemn, like the angry eyes of King Kong. Mo Feng can even feel the huge power flowing in the lines. It should be the legendary Chakra. At this moment, a lotus flower suddenly spread out and appeared on the edge of the scroll. Flowing ink rushed out of the scroll and landed on the floor beside it.
A miraculous scene appeared.
I saw the ink automatically arranged and condensed to form a paragraph of words.
Mo Feng was amazed and soon realized that this should be Yunju who passed away.
The child left behind by Hualang When you read this letter, your father should have left forever. Don’t feel sorry for your father. This is the fate of a ninja.
I know this day will come sooner or later, child. This is a painful world, but don’t go there lightly. Give up your life and remember that only by becoming strong can you protect everything you want.
Dad failed to protect mother well in the past. I have suffered all my life. I hope you can protect everything you cherish.
Mo Feng read the last word. Leaving no trace is really a great father. It’s a pity that Mo Feng sighed and was about to get up, but at this moment, the dispersed ink condensed again and slowly emerged two calligraphy and painting rooms. After a while, the ink disappeared without a trace again. Mo Feng frowned and took it. Pick up the paintbrush on the side and go back to the house.
The studio is on the second floor.
It is the place where Yunju Painter usually rests. Mo Feng naturally went in before. Yunju Painter taught him to paint there. It’s very neat and doesn’t look like a painter’s studio. On the left side of the room is a bookshelf.
There are five layers of bookshelves packed densely.
The right side is full of paintings.
On the painting is a young and beautiful woman smiling very much. In the bright memory, it was his mother, Mo Feng bowed respectfully to the scroll. After all, he took up his son’s body.
Respect should be respected.
Why did he let me come to the studio? Could it be that there is something here? There is still an unfinished painting on the drawing board.
This painting Mo Feng felt a little awkward.
He stretched out his hand and touched the scroll. When his finger touched the line, the ink on the scroll seemed to have a sense and immediately moved.
I saw the ink congealed.
In a straight line, a box was formed, and the next moment, the box emerged from the scroll and landed on the ground.
Mo Feng marveled, this is simply a magic brush, Ma Liang, Mo Feng sighed, and opened the box formed by ink Quietly laying a scroll, on the cover of the scroll was written the word Yunju. It seems that this is a ninjutsu belonging to the Yunju clan. Mo Feng thought to himself, then he opened the scroll.
Juyi family uses painting as art