The tip of the knife that was piercing the opponents forehead deviated a bit almost passing the opponent the long knife fell to the ground

A group of people in the deep underground passage of Dongsha Island in the South China Sea stared blankly at the scene in front of them. They couldn’t calm down for a long time.
It’s incredible. According to the data displayed by the light energy analysis instrument, the history of the rock layer attached to the surface of this spar is actually Looking at the data on the instrument more than 5,000 years ago, a pair of bright eyes mixed with a little excitement said that although he was very confident in his detection ability, when the test results came out, some people subconsciously refuted the impossibility. At that time, human beings were still in primitive How could the society create such exquisite works of art? No, no, these spars are not only the data that can be summarized by works of art, it shows that the energy contained in this spirit stone is enough to maintain the power supply of a large city for several years, but it has not yet been digested by everyone.
At the time of the news, the young man dropped another blockbuster.
At this moment, most of the people present were stunned. This couldn’t possibly be a mistake.
At this time, even an old man with white hair couldn’t believe it. The instrument personally detected the sound of beeps in the air, and the crisp sounds rang for a while.
The old man’s expression was concentrated and he stroked his beard that was about to fall out. Then he sighed excitedly, “Miracle, world wonder, ah!” Then the old man’s voice As soon as the little dragon turns around, make a data analysis map, and you can organize and record this rock formation without missing any clues. The old man still feels uneasy, frowning and looking serious, and finally added a sentence, remember everything you see here. It’s all strictly confidential. Do you understand that Longhua is a treasure hunter who enjoys hunting for mountain treasures? This time, he is fortunate to follow this group of experienced treasure hunters to find treasures. As one of the treasure hunters, he has a clear mind. Keen skills and super data analysis ability are also the reasons why he can be recognized by everyone.
At this moment, looking at a section of circular arc square in front of the mound of soil, Long Hua rubbed his forehead thoughtfully, and the spar was bright all over his body.
The dense brilliance pattern on the white surface is mysterious and obscure. Just looking at it, one feels a sense of soul collapse. Just now when detecting the spar, Longhua found that the data showed a trace of disordered spatial fluctuations, which made him feel baffled.
Fortunately, the fluctuation was only a flash. It was fleeting, so he didn’t care whether it was an illusion or an error caused by data processing. Longhua had full confidence in his own perception, but after thinking about it for a while, he still felt that he was overthinking, so he blamed it on the detection error. At this time, a young woman held a small iron brush, frowning, and walked up and down.
Hey, my grandfather asked you to make an analysis chart. Why don’t you stand here and think about it? With his superior status and powerful background, he naturally looks down on Longhua’s wild ways, so when he thinks that he has managed to integrate into this group because of his hard work, and he, an outsider, can join her so easily, he feels a bit inexplicable. I think if the anger is Master Meng Knowing that there will be such a discovery this time, I definitely won’t bring this girl here, because of the other party’s identity, Longhua just glanced at her silently, and then ignored it and concentrated on processing the data. It was when Longhua joined this top treasure hunting team. Knowing that there seems to be an ancient relic in the place I went this time, other valuable news is unknown, but everything in front of me is beyond Longhua’s imagination, and with his knowledge of ancient and modern, he doesn’t know what the spar is. It is impossible to connect it with primitive humans.
Could it be that this thing is an alien creation? In this situation, this situation seems to be the only possibility.
Come here, everyone, there are a lot of crystals here, but at the same time as Longhua was thinking, he exclaimed from another There was a sound coming from the direction, and everyone followed the sound, and found a large area of ​​shining things at the end of the nearby cave.
All of these were looking at the white light embedded in the densely packed rock formations.
Everyone was breathing heavily, and their faces were flushed, which was a sign of being excited to a certain extent. Quickly, look there is a skull. Dragon Hua has sharp eyes and ears. First, he found a fish head-shaped object under the rock formation. Everyone followed his fingers and turned their heads.
Their eyes lit up.
The mouth of the skull is slightly opened, and there is a rope on each side, which is like a tough beard attached to it. Look at the words on the skull, a person’s eyes are bright, pointing to some special runes on it. Can you understand the things on it? Look at Mr.
Wen, who is knowledgeable and well-versed in ancient and modern times, but enjoys a high reputation in the ancient language circle. He is the leader.
Others are naturally relieved. After waiting for Mr. Wen to observe the skeleton, he wiped the sweat seeping from his forehead, and finally gritted his teeth and spit out a few words intermittently.
The word strength kills the glory of the old man. What does the old man mean by this? Some people don’t understand the latter’s face wrinkled into an embarrassing shape, so he shook his head and sighed. It is difficult to solve the mystery of this text, so let’s record it first. What is the practical significance of the words? There are also a few spars in the fish head. Let go of your mind, and in fact, with such a major discovery, other people don’t care much about a piece or two of Lingshi.
Their attention is now focused on the weird writing on it, but at this moment something went wrong. At the fish mouth, the protruding mouth of the fish suddenly opened wide, and a series of metal crisp sounds erupted, like the Nine Serenity Fascination, shaking the mind. Everyone was dumbfounded and took a few steps back, but they could clearly see the nearly one-hundred-eight There is a human-like palm indentation in the center of the ten-degree open mouth