The tide of mud spread towards Zhang Hegan Zhang Hegan did not panic the thunder knife in his hand suddenly shone brightly dragging out a

Chapter 1: Body of Water Spirit, True Immortal Realm, Huizhou City, in the early morning, the sparsely populated main road, the bustling hawkers hawking, adds a lot of smoke and fire to this thousand-year-old city. I would have imagined that this place just across the wall from the main street would be the largest gathering place for beggars in Huizhou City, that’s right, Shui Qianhuan is a little beggar now, and he doesn’t know why he doesn’t complain about injustice or hate the injustice.
After waking up, he lay down in the stinky ditch and became smaller.
Feeling the burlap blouse that could barely cover his body, he preliminarily judged that he passed through in ancient times.
There is no doubt about it. So what dynasty is this? Looking at the group of dirty little beggars not far away, Shui Qian was fascinated.
Asking about their thoughts, the range of activities of ordinary beggars in ancient times probably couldn’t go beyond a city, and most of them knew the same. Going up to ask them about the dynasty and the emperor is a bit abrupt, and since I am also a beggar, I should first act on my identity, don’t worry, explore slowly, Shui Qianhuan comforted himself, the only pity is time travel He didn’t get any memories of his original body, which made his acting path a bit more difficult.
Hey, it’s your head calling you.
Go quickly. Just when Shui Qianhuan made up his mind to hang out for a while before making other plans, he suddenly uploaded it.
There was a sharp pain, and he couldn’t bear the pain and cried out in a low voice.
At the same time, he looked up and saw a half-grown beggar who was also dressed in tatters but had a somewhat arrogant expression standing in front of him.
Seeing his left foot, he was the one who kicked him just now.
Shui Qianhuan has firmly remembered his appearance and plans to cough and cough again in the next life.
He is almost ten years old, what can he do? He is also very desperate. Thinking back to what he just vaguely heard, Shui Qianhuan didn’t give the other party a chance to kick him a second time. He quickly got up and followed his body’s intuition towards the yard. Walking to the only small carved door, he didn’t pay attention to the half-grown beggar behind him, spitting on the place where he was lying just now, and entered the small door with a face of schadenfreude. Finally, at the end, I saw the so-called boss.
This is a cramped secret room. A small table is lit with dim candles, and a master chair sits on a cloaked man wearing a black non-reflective mask.
This is the boss, Shui Qianhuan. I was a little startled to see that this posture is obviously not a serious beggar organization. It looks like a killer organization or an intelligence organization. What do you call this boss? Shui Qianhuan didn’t speak rashly, but pretended to look down at his feet in fear.
The boss was obviously very satisfied with his obedience and said, “Shui Er called you here this time because I have a big matter to deal with.” I’ll do it for you. The boss paused and saw that he didn’t respond. Ying’s tone emphasized that you have joined the organization for almost a year and have enough qualifications.
If this is done, Shui Yi’s position will be yours.
But if you don’t do well, what does the unsatisfactory words mean? Immediately knelt down and said that Shui Er will definitely use his life.
It’s good if you have this awareness, but the matter is not that serious.
The boss’s tone eased and he began to talk about the specific situation of the mission.
It turns out that there is a big family in Huizhou City whose name is Li Pingping, who is very famous for being kind. Not bad this time, the young master of their family fell in love with a girl from a commoner family and sent someone to talk to Xiang, but he didn’t want to be rejected by the woman’s brother sternly. Ways to make this matter possible When Shui Qianhuan heard this, he already understood in his heart what kindness, charity, and reputation are good. Isn’t this bullying men and women? He and his brother are very innocent, but if they really receive a similar task, they can’t be soft. After all, they are not qualified to sympathize with others because of their own situation.
Who knows that the next development of this story is beyond Shui Qianhuan’s expectations? It is unknown what they wanted to do when they sent servants to the woman’s house in the middle of the night, but the pale, swollen corpses of the three servants appeared outside the courtyard wall of the woman’s house the next day.
After an autopsy, they were drowned. The Li family ordered the young master to stop all actions and began to send people to learn more about the details of that family. The Li family is indeed a big family in the city.
The woman passed by the alley every day, and she was still recalling the information she had just received. The woman’s family has been famous for three generations as a good fisherman, but she often drowned and died when she was 40.
Now there are only brothers and sisters in the family. It’s not surprising that two people depend on each other for life once, but it’s strange if it has been like this for three consecutive generations. In addition, the three drowned servants, the Li family, speculate that there may be some evil things in the woman’s family that can improve people in the early stage.
The water-based nature will make people die of drowning, and this thing may also choose to immediately trigger the latter effect. When I first heard this news, Shui Qianhuan’s first reaction was not fear, but excitement. That’s right, there is such a thing in this world.
He felt very excited by this supernatural power. As a young man in the 21st century who has read many books, who hasn’t dreamed of walking the world with a sword? Unexpectedly, an opportunity appeared so suddenly. The confessed plan kidnapped the woman to a ruined temple outside the city, led his brother to go out to search and rescue, and then split the army into two groups.