The thundershaped scar that makes one feel shuddering at a glance slowly opened his eyes a pair of violent thunder Greedy cruel and tyrannical cold pupils

Are you tired of the endless monster-fighting and upgrading day after day? Are you numb to those attributes whose values ​​are increasing rapidly to astronomical figures but can’t add even a little bit of game happiness to you? Did you ever have a trace of resentment in your heart when you worked so hard to improve your reputation to admiration but still didn’t care about bossing you around? Have you ever felt angry when a character you like in the plot finally had to die tragically? From then on, we are no longer playing the game, but the game is playing us. From then on, our brains get used to those monotonous and simple things that don’t require any thinking.
A small company can produce thousands of mindless games a year, but it doesn’t care about those high-quality products that game makers have spent more than ten years pouring their efforts into.
The adrenal glands stimulated by the beauty are constantly rising, so that the eyes are congested and the breath is short of breath.
Afterwards, looking at the rows of almost identical games on the light screen, do you feel empty and boring in your heart? When the game can no longer bring you happiness, there is only endless emptiness and joy.
When you are lonely, have you longed for a completely different game in your heart? Come on, the game of the new era is waiting for you.
If you can accept that players will no longer be able to live in the world, but must be themselves in the game. If you are tired of running around with three meals a day, otherwise you may starve to death on the street, then believe me, this is the game you are looking forward to. If you can accept that the appearance of players will no longer be regarded as a matter of course, but they will be wary of them as aliens. Even being hostile and maliciously attacked then believe me this is the game you expect if you can accept that players will no longer be able to fight freely but must obey the laws in the game just like a real world then believe me this is The game you are looking forward to If you can believe it, then please don’t hesitate any longer This is the game you need Freshman here welcomes you Deep in the jungle Countless ancient trees stand quietly like silent elders On their thick torsos everywhere Covered with green moss, thick vines as thick as pythons are tightly wrapped around their bodies, as if they were born as one, some unknown small flowers are growing everywhere, exuding a faint fragrance, attracting some butterflies to dance.
They are all so peaceful and peaceful, but suddenly a little monkey popped out of the dense forest, breaking the tranquility.
This is a small monkey with gray fluff, which is inconspicuous in the dense forest full of dead leaves. But its two big eyes that keep scanning the surroundings show that it is extremely vigilant, especially its cautious behavior shows its alertness. It didn’t directly expose it, but first squatted on the branch and scanned around. It didn’t seem to see what it was wary of, and it began to explore cautiously. It came out and then tiptoed to another tree. Even so, it still looked left and right, always paying attention to the surrounding situation. When it climbed to another tree, it scanned the surroundings once again to make sure there was no danger, and then immediately lost its previous vigilance.
Use your claws to push away the branches and leaves that cover the trunk of the big tree. In an instant, a tree hole suddenly leaked behind the seemingly absent branches.
The hole in the tree hole is not small enough for an adult cat to get in.
But compared to the ancient trees here, which are mostly about three or four people in diameter and two or three meters in diameter, they are not big. It is precisely because of this that when the surrounding branches hang down to cover the trunk, there is no trace on the surface.
Without hesitation, he went straight into the tree hole, but the narrow space of two meters square seemed to have nothing but a thick layer of dead leaves, but the little monkey was not surprised, but skillfully stretched out his slender paws to touch it. Looking at its actions from under the dead leaves, it is obvious that it is not the first time it has done this, and then it got the prize he was expecting, a ripe berry, and the little monkey seemed to be very happy.
Then it reached under the dead leaves again, but this time it failed to reach the berries it wanted. Suddenly, a rope net made of hemp rope burst out of the tree hole full of dead leaves. Popping out from the leaves, the monkey was caught off guard, tied tightly and suspended in the air, squeak, squeak, squeak, the panicked little monkey uttered a cry of panic, it desperately tried to break free, tried to scratch with its claws and bite with its teeth, but it was obviously carefully crafted The ground hemp rope obviously does not rely on teeth to bite the ground. The little monkey struggled continuously, and the sound of squeaks could not be escaped.
Almost instantly, deep panic appeared in its eyes, and its body began to struggle crazily, because with its amazing hearing, it clearly heard a big, heavy guy rapidly climbing up the tree. Creak creak, creak creak, it began to make a series of rapid and sharp calls instinctively. It was the sound of calling its companions, but before it could make more calls, it suddenly became dark in front of its eyes.
A tall figure blocked all the incoming shots from the tree hole.
All the sunshine hahahaha you damn little thing stole me so many times and still dared to come and see me today, I am destined to eat monkey soup again. A man’s voice full of pride came into the little monkey’s ears and then in the little monkey’s ears In the monkey’s eyes full of fear, a thick and big hand stretched out to it, and there was a shrill scream from the monkey in the dense forest. Newborn Game Forum