The things to feed and the people who make him feel happy Shang Cizhou withdrew his thoughts his eyes were deeply nailed to the boys

The wooden wheels ran over the smooth bluestone road, no matter how careful the speed was, there was still a creaking sound, because the wagon was not covered, but it was surrounded by black cloth, so I couldn’t see clearly, only a delicate flower bud could be seen inside. Timidly poked out his head before it bloomed, passers-by took a surprised look, only for a moment, and was covered by an umbrella by the accompanying guards. The street was lightly raining, and the big business was in the spring of the year. This is a car that was pulled out from the Huguo Temple.
The carriage was passed by Master Min Kong personally, and the thing on it was a Buddha lotus plant given to His Majesty, named Bi Jiangxue. It was given to the emperor.
Even if it is a dead thing that can’t speak, it must be carefully taken care of by the guards. A sneak peek at the carriage flashed in his mind Master Min Kong’s explanation of the flower.
The lotus belongs to water and should not be near fire. Let the servants in the palace get up every morning and nourish it with morning dew. Sunshine in the daytime. Remember to move back to your Majesty’s inner palace at night to avoid it. Those who are infested by mosquitoes know it is to take care of a flower.
Those who don’t know that they think they need to take care of the nobles and concubines of the harem. The guards clicked twice. It’s a pity that their majesty is a person who doesn’t understand pity.
Never leave useless waste around.
This flower can enter the palace. It’s nothing more than borrowing the face of the eminent monk of the Huguo Temple and waiting to enter the gate in front. Whether it is life or death or not, the one above has the final say It’s almost one o’clock to pass the palace gate, the adult Rong Mu felt his brain nerves jumping violently, the whole person was as dizzy as if he drank fake wine, he moved his hands and feet with difficulty, guessing that he might already be in the hospital right now.
The royal garden can still wander into the ancient lotus pond to get rid of him. There should be no one else, right? It’s 2,000-year-old pure mud, which is a famous historical and cultural scenic spot in Yangcheng, not to mention whether the scenic spot pays for the medical expenses.
It’s not bad if you don’t lose money to others. Rong Mu thought of his wallet and couldn’t help feeling sad from it.
He sighed lightly, but suddenly heard a voice in his ear like thunder.
The air fell silent for a moment.
Is the imperial court so disrespectful, is he looking for death? Who is Rong Mu who is so vicious and still chasing costume dramas in his ward? Whose volume is chaotic and chaotic, as if it is transmitted through water, it is heard in Rong Mu’s ears, not only infinitely magnified, but also has a thriller diffusion effect, what’s going on? Is his head blocked by mud? Rong Mu took a deep breath and wanted to He raised his hand and rang the bell while slowly opening his eyes and saw a round and large green hat with patterns on top of his head.
The carriage continued to move forward. The lotus leaves flickered and flashed.
There was an old yellow umbrella that looked like it was made of bamboo and sheepskin.
Something big happened.
Rong Mu shook his head fiercely, but the outside world looked like a delicate flower dangling pitifully in the bleak wind and rain.
He borrowed this energy I observed the surrounding environment at 360 degrees. There is no hospital bed, only a large vat with strange aesthetics and a carriage that seems to be falling apart in a second.
The doctor was not accompanied by a guard in black soft armor with a sharp long knife hanging from his waist to save him.
Didn’t he step on the lotus pond? The palace walls are tall and long, and the palace road seems to be invisible at a glance.
The thick palace gate is closed behind it with a bang, blocking the last light. It’s just a nightmare, it’s good to wake up, it’s good to wake up, Rong Mu silently closed his eyes and hypnotized him until the carriage stopped, and he was carried down by two men with squeaky voices.
It’s more than a hundred catties, it’s quite a heavy treasure, Master Delicate also explained some ways to grow flowers, by the way, this is a personal letter from Master Min Kong to His Majesty, and I asked Mr.
Lang to pass it on for me. Let’s talk about it. Moved to the porch by two eunuch-like men, the guards and the car left him mercilessly, leaving him alone in this strangely quiet place. It was only at this moment that he really realized that this was no longer the era he was in. I don’t know if it was here. In any period of history, the rules and regulations of the dynasty were strict, the Tian family was always high-cold, nodding his head and bowing his servants, and he, a freshly promoted white lotus, was out of place here, and Rong Mu didn’t dare to move at all, for fear that even a little anthropomorphic behavior would be necessary. Incurring a fatal disaster for himself, he lifted his heart and looked around, but he didn’t see why, but then he saw that father-in-law in dark blue clothes came over and gave him a condescending glance.
It’s also good for him to be as long as one meter now. Rong Mu held his breath and concentrated.
I heard Lang Xi whispering that His Majesty is probably going to criticize Zhezi again in the Qiankun Palace today.
The things of the master cannot be placed here. I heard that it is still a Buddha lotus with spirituality. I’ve become a self-closing emoji, I’m afraid I can’t help but make a sound and be heard You two come over and move this flower into the inner hall first, I’ll see when His Majesty will come back, it’s getting dark, Eunuch Lang, just for a while The cold wind and drizzle outside was blocked by the luxurious palace, and the cold spring came. Rong Mu let out a long sigh of relief. There was a sound of ticking clear water in the empty bedroom. With his frightened heart, he had time to carefully observe his legs. Even below the knees, it seems to be stuck in the water.
The stem of the lotus flower is straight up, and there are no extra leaves on it.
Rong Mu moved, and felt as if he had been cut into a human stick by nature, but fortunately, the surrounding leaves were listening to him. According to sporadic information, his flower body was given to the emperor by some master, and I don’t know why he gave it to the emperor for entertainment? Rong Mu is suffocated when he thinks of himself being rubbed in his hands and sniffing.