The thief is wellinformed the gourd gangster Lin Qiaozhus good friends Miss Zhang Liu and Lin Qiaozhu are from the same village Lingling the escort

Torrential Night Rain Killing will track down the real culprit behind the scenes for you.
The main characters are Gao Xiang, criminal policeman Zheng De, criminal policeman Wei Hu, captain of the criminal investigation technical brigade, Wu Shaoqiang, deputy director of criminal investigation, Meng Qi, young criminal policeman Tong Siyu, a second-year junior college student in the Department of Finance, Yusui School of Economics, Changfeng Street, Yuding Park The victim of the rainy night case, Ma Pei, Tongsi, the reporter of the rainy case, the owner of Qiuye Community, Lin Qiaozhu, escorted Ms.
Kong Chuanming, the victim of the rainy night murder case in Yuding Park, Changfeng Street, three years ago.
The policeman responsible for Lin Qiaozhu’s case has died. The thief is well-informed, the gourd gangster, Lin Qiaozhu’s good friends, Miss Zhang Liu and Lin Qiaozhu are from the same village, Lingling, the escort, and Lin Qiaozhu, who have passed away from the same village, Zhao Xiaoyu, the escort, and Lin Qiaozhu, who have returned to their hometown Li Jun Gao Xiang’s brother-in-law Tiancheng Group’s security captain asked Gao Xiang to help Lu Tiancheng due to an internal theft case Wu Manjiang Tiancheng Group’s security deputy captain was just fired Liangzi Tiancheng Group’s line maintenance staff Yao Li Li Jun’s wife Love at first sight Xiao Ke Ye Zi’s friend doctor Yuan Yuan Ye Ye’s friend Yaya, an eleven-year-old girl who was murdered on a rainy night in the home of the original tube building of Hongling Machinery Factory, Gu Xinfang The mother of the victim Yaya, former employee of Hongling Machinery Factory, Mo Laotou, former gatekeeper of Hongling Machinery Factory, Tan Laosi, former resident of Hongling Machinery Factory, former resident of Hongling Machinery Factory, former resident of Hongling Machinery Factory, former resident of Hongling Machinery Factory Zhao Jianguo, former resident of Hongling Machinery Factory Workers from the former Hongling Machinery Factory once fought with Gu Xinfang Chapter 1 The rain is crying, the lightning splits the night sky and shoots a dazzling light, and then the thunder breaks through the clouds and makes a deafening roar Angrily engulfed the outline of the city, the streets and alleys of the dark city were instantly flooded by the torrential rain, the rainwater on the ground quickly gathered into an unstoppable undercurrent, hitting the curb without any rules, more rain fell down, more anxiety Jumping on the water, jubilation, dim street lights flickering in the pouring rain, passing through the rain curtain, only phantoms are left, and the night, under the surprise attack of the rainstorm, reveals a terrifying hideousness Seriously affecting the stability of the voltage As the lights flicker a thin girl looks anxiously through the panes of the foyer She’s waiting for the rain to stop She’s been waiting for nearly an hour An hour ago she was wandering the sweltering street without a license The barbecue stalls made the whole street smoldering, and barefoot and barefoot men sat loosely on small wooden benches or on the concrete platform by the roadside.
There was presumptuous and even wild laughter, and after a while of whispering, the mountains roared like a tsunami, and the women gathered in groups of three or four, moving their legs and feet, and the children were running around, occasionally there were sounds of different heights and thicknesses. The children yelled to stop running far, it’s time to go home and go to bed. The girls walked along the street until they walked into a park beside the street. In the park, there was a Yangko team for the elderly, and there was a ballroom dance party for all ages.
The river floats far and far away, and all the sights disappear in the instant the heavy rain pours down. The residents of the nearby community skillfully and quickly return to their homes. The vendors who set up stalls also slipped out of the rain like loaches in the blink of an eye.
The city’s summer rain is unexpectedly abundant and abundant. The city’s climate frequently switches between scorching heat and torrential rain. The girl ran out of the park, ran across the street, and rushed into the lobby of the China Construction Bank’s ATM machine. Looking at the crowd running fast in the rain, she thought of the seabed. She was secretly proud of the fish, she felt that she was the quickest to adapt and found the safest foothold in the shortest time, she was also a little surprised, a little surprised that no one ran into the hall like her, if there was nothing wrong Maybe she would rather get wet than linger in it like everyone else. Maybe the electronic information screen above the ATM scrolls over and over the real time, Beijing time, and the girl subconsciously pulls out her phone again.
The electricity is out, she can’t get in touch with the outside world without rain gear, the rainstorm outside the door is still roaring, and she is holding on to the glass window, her heart is getting more and more uneasy because she is alone in a dimly lit hallway with no other life. The darkness and everything behind the rainstorm is silent and apprehensive, and she starts to think about leaving the road she can take. The bus picks up at ten o’clock in the evening.
It is impossible for a taxi to drive in the knee-deep rain. Fortunately, the journey is not too far. Walking along the main street Now if she doesn’t take the main street, but cuts diagonally southeast from the park across the road, she should be able to go back at eleven o’clock She must go back or she will really sleep on the street tonight She walks out The door of the hall was immediately wet by the heavy rain, and the stream of rain on the pavement stopped her. She retreated back into the hall, pacing anxiously up and down, her newly soaked shoes leaving a wet trail on the ground. The footprints of the torrential rain did not abate, meaning the lights flickered more frequently and violently, the time on the electronic display was up, and she couldn’t wait any longer. She walked out of the hall door again, took a deep breath, and stepped into the endless darkness. She was in the torrential rain. Under the attack of the undercurrent, she walked forward with difficulty, and the rain beat her eyes open. There was boundless darkness behind her.
The place she had just waded was engulfed by the heavy rain. The lights in the lobby of the cash machine disappeared completely.
The entire Changfeng Street was plunged into darkness without power. Go forward she has no choice blah blah blah blah