The thick gate was closed heavily and it knocked heavily on Ye Guyuns heart the emptiness kept echoing Ye Guyun knelt down in the direction

Therefore, after absorbing the experience of the older generation of authors and the opinions of book friends, I am now speeding up the plot, especially the matter of Chen Wen’s training of students. I believe that everyone must read this book for the light novelty of the book at the beginning. It’s a pity.
I fell into some clichés, but if you copy a lot of articles in the world, it depends on whether you can copy or not.
If you don’t want to copy the trail, you really want to come up with a storyline that will surprise everyone and make everyone like it. The second volume is about to start. Chen Wen will lead him.
Those shameless students leave the academy for real training, while the shameless pig feet have nothing to do with flirting with beautiful students interspersed with interesting things that happened during training, and then some exciting adventures and the students during the trial process Strength growth and transformation The seven teams compete with each other, torture each other, and constantly surpass and even push to a certain place. Not to shock the world with coquettishness, but to move the world is the name of the second volume. Blood and passion will be the focus of the second volume, while pigs The shamelessness of feet and the continuation of being funny are also essential. Let readers and friends read books refreshingly is what every writer wants to do most.
The same goes for Xiaodao, but Xiaodao can be said to be unprecedented.
A work that everyone likes.
My starting point is still being scolded by people. We want to be gods, but for now, honest code word updates are the kingly way.
Friends of the book, it’s entertainment after dinner, so please continue to stand up and support Xiaodao, whether it’s a ticket or a reward, to say something from your heart, Xiaodao wants it all, and it’s shameless to let everyone smash as much as you want.
I hope everyone can spare no effort to support Xiaodao.
This week is the homepage classified advertisement recommendation. I don’t know what recommendations the editor will arrange for me next week.
Maybe it’s streaking, but Xiaodao will still insist on at least two updates every day. Of course, except for special circumstances, Xiaodao will definitely make it up.
What can I say? The code words of Xiaodao are cool, and by the way, I will do my best to support Xiaodao. Everything is enough to declare that this book is indeed a stallion. I will never be soft on the Xiaodao that appears in the book. If you don’t like it, please detour and pass it.
Children under the age of 18 please read it under the supervision of their parents. I am sorry to ask for leave today.
Tomorrow is the exam. It is very difficult to write according to the plot I conceived yesterday. I have been stuck for half a day today. Two hours and three hundred words almost drove me crazy. It’s not as exciting as I imagined, so I can’t tell. I also deleted yesterday’s chapter and reset a plot. Of course, these plots are already arranged in the main line of my outline. Don’t wait for more today. Starting next week, I will resume two updates every day. Thank you for your understanding and support this week. Finally, I would like to apologize to everyone.
Wish you all a happy new year, a new year and a new start.
If you want to make your career come true, of course, don’t forget to use your tickets to support Xiaodao. I believe everyone will not be stingy with your recommendation tickets in this new year. Now Xiaodao has not been updated yet. Will update it later. Thank you Xiaodao.
It’s a very serious problem. This is not an update.
I just feel that there are some things that need to be explained. Since Xiaodao pushed it, there have been a lot of comments from mobile readers in the book review area, and almost all of them are scolding.
Xiaodao’s chapters are repetitive, chaotic, unkind, etc.
Today, Xiaodao deliberately used his mobile phone to log on to Qidian’s mobile website, and suddenly found that Xiaodao’s book on Qidian’s mobile website is really terrible. There are more than a dozen chapters or even dozens of chapters in the first part of Xiaodao’s book on the mobile phone. The chapters are very confusing. If you are not a patient reader, you can’t keep reading, but Xiaodao must explain here that this is not Xiaodao’s fault.
It’s the update of Qidian’s mobile phone bookstore. The problem is that they didn’t update the chapters in time.
Strictly speaking, this should be due to the imperfection of Qidian’s mobile phone bookstore, which seriously affects readers’ interest in reading and mobile phone traffic, as well as Xiaodao’s personal reputation. Of course, it’s a fact My reputation is not even worth a fart when I go to Xiaodao, but I feel really uncomfortable every day when I see a lot of comments in the book review area calling Xiaodao unkind, so I am very sorry for the inconvenience and waste of traffic caused to readers and friends Xiaodao also doesn’t want such a thing to happen Xiaodao also really wants to be able to organize the chapters in Qidian’s mobile phone library, but in fact Xiaodao can’t do anything, so if you read books on the mobile phone network, if you want to scold Xiaodao, I have nothing to say Said that I haven’t even deleted any of your book reviews. If scolding me can vent your grievances, then go ahead and scold me. The only thing Xiaodao can do is to solemnly say to everyone again that I am very sorry. I urgently need collections and tickets, and I hope that everyone who passes by can support Xiaodao’s collection and throw in a few recommendation tickets, because your gestures are giving Xiaodao my great support. Thank you Xiaodao.
The helpless tragedy happened today One thing I believe, as long as anyone who pays attention to this book, just look at this week’s point push data, you should know it Tears, my heart is wow, my heart is cool, it’s useless to say extra words, but the only thing Xiaodao can say is Xiaodao. I swear to God that I will never brush any points, otherwise there will be a thunderbolt and I will die. I hope readers and friends can believe in Xiaodao and continue to support Xiaodao. The weekly data has been a disaster