The terrorists flocked to the cave first put the power supply order in place Tony seemed very calm at this moment and now there is

Are you looking at the son of the neighbor’s Uncle Wang? Even though he graduated from college and stayed at home every day for three years, the novels he wrote have been published in TV dramas and his monthly income is tens of millions! Looking at the young man lying dead on the sofa, he cursed why he had to go up the wall.
How comfortable it is under the wall. The young man squinted his eyes and said lazily, “You, you, huh, that’s good.” The monthly pocket money for that business has been reduced from one million to one hundred thousand.
See how you live. The middle-aged man said angrily, Mr.
Li, calm down, young master, he is not doing it for the sake of it, young master, you should hurry up and apologize to Mr. Li, a man with gray hair said at the side, Uncle Lin, quickly take my dad with you Go back, you’re bothering me, young man Li Yi said a little impatiently, if you say 100,000, it’s 100,000, anyway, I order takeout three times a day, at most it’s only 1,000 yuan, and I can save tens of thousands a month.
Li Yi doesn’t care about pocket money at all.
Your middle-aged man pointed at Li Yi for a while and choked on Mr. Li. This is a good thing. You see, when the young master was studying, one million a month was not enough to spend. Now one hundred thousand a month can save half of it. The young master has grown up. Ah, Lin Haoguang hastened to smooth things over, which is really good, but this kid is like this every day, what should I do with my huge industry? Li Chen hates iron and sees Li Yi, let Li Xi take care of it, and then I will marry her next year. Give you a grandson. Twenty years later, my son will inherit the Li Group. Li Yi gave me an idea. Humph, I can’t think of it, but Li Xi’s child disagrees. Although Li Xi also likes you, she said If you don’t beat her, even if she becomes an old woman, she won’t be able to marry you.
Li Chen scratched his hair, he really broke his heart for his son, whoever can beat her can even compete with the world Sanda champion Should I go to death? Li Yi remembered the scene of being brutally abused by Li Xi at the beginning, and he was shocked all over, but Li Xi’s figure and face are so perfect! Li Yi showed a wretched smile.
Quickly turned off the ringtone and said, Mr.
Li, it’s time, we have to catch the plane as soon as possible, you hum, please do it yourself, let’s go, Li Chen and his assistant Lin Haoguang hurried to the airport Are you enjoying it while you’re at it? Life is really too fragile. Li Yi shook his head and got up from the sofa. I ordered half an hour.
It took me half an hour to order a takeaway.
Li Yi is still quite satisfied. The Li Group is headquartered under the name of Shanghai, and involves various industries with assets close to 100 billion.
Li Yi is the heir of the Li Group since his mother fifteen years ago.
After his death, he became a salted fish from a hard-working young man. His mother’s death hit him hard. After entering high school, he spent a lot of money to make money. After graduating from university, he started his life as a salted fish. Good first year Lee Chen didn’t say anything, and started preaching tirelessly in the second year. Li Yi moved to his hometown in Nanhu, a small city, and bought a small villa with the money he saved in the past two years. Mice love rice At this moment Li Yi’s cell phone rang. This song was Li Yi’s mother’s favorite song before she passed away, so Li Yi set it as the ringtone. Hello, is the takeaway here? Okay, wait a moment, Li Yi. Hang up the phone, put on slippers, and hurry to get takeaway, because the neighborhood he lives in is a high-end neighborhood where takeaway can’t enter, so Li Yi needs to go to the gate of the neighborhood to get takeaway by himself. In less than ten minutes, Li Yi brought the takeaway back.
I couldn’t wait for it.
I haven’t eaten barbecue for several days.
Li Yi put the three-person barbecue on the table and arranged them one by one. I started. Food is also Li Yi’s favorite My hobbies are delicious, but there are too few lettuces. I have made a note.
I want to order more lettuces. Li Yi is a little dissatisfied and said, “The staff has confirmed what is bound in the heavenly wish system. Li Yi is a little at a loss for the voice that suddenly appeared in his mind.” Uh, my stomach hurts.
Li Yi spewed out a mouthful of blood. Li Yi didn’t care what system was bound to him.
Now his stomach is like a knife cutting him, which makes him very painful. There is a problem with the takeaway.
Li Yi stood up and wanted to put it on the corner of the table. Li Yi just stood up and spewed out another mouthful of blood before falling to the ground.