The temper is hotter than the other and the cultivation is in the midinfant stage each one is not weaker than himself plus the team

I am the miracle doctor Antarctic island prison The island prison is covered with ice and snow all the year round, and the most dangerous prisoners in the world are held inside. Anyone who escapes will cause great harm to the country where he lives. People who don’t know the exact location can’t find the entrance because they spend their entire lives. The responsibility is heavy, so the defense is strict. The isolated island prison has been established for decades. There has been no accident, and no prisoner has escaped. However, an accident happened today. Fortunately, the intruder did not have the intention to kill, otherwise all the prison guards who fell along the way would have died. You are the one who came to save me.
Mrs. Viper, who was accidentally caught and escorted in a month ago, looked at me. A look of joy flashed in the beautiful eyes of the masked man who kicked open the heavy metal door.
If you are Mrs. Viper and I am not in the wrong cell, then it is.
Pan Haodong, who is wearing a monkey mask, said while secretly looking at Mrs. Viper who first chose this huge bounty.
Mission He thought that the person he rescued must be an old woman over forty years old. He never expected Mrs. Poisonous Snake to be a enchanting beauty under thirty years old.
Her face is as white as jade, and her face seems to be seductive.
Tall and delicate Joan The fiery nose and red lips all attracted him. Of course, since the other party dared to call herself Mrs.
Poisonous Snake, the iconic alluring little snake waist was also indispensable. However, what attracted Pan Haodong the most was the pair of towering snow peaks that seemed to be at any time. You can even break the blue prison clothes on her body, why are you the only one who confirmed that the other party is the person who came to save her? Mrs. Poisonous Snake feels at ease, but Pan Haodong came to rescue her alone, and he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart. Island Prison is not ordinary Just send an expert in this prison to kill the prisoners or find a chance to escape from the prison by yourself. The guards here are very terrifying.
Any prison guard team can easily destroy a company.
Regardless of the individual strength of the prison guards, the advanced weapons provided by the United Nations are enough. The prison breaker drinks a pot, and the prison is located in the icy Antarctic Circle.
Even if you escape by chance, you may not be able to escape the pursuit, so Mrs. Viper’s worry is not without reason. I have always been alone. If you trust me, please come with me.
I will guarantee your safety. If you don’t believe me, then I can only take coercion. Wait, I will answer the phone first. Halfway through, the satellite phone in Pan Haodong’s pocket suddenly vibrated.
There are not many people who know his satellite phone number.
I contacted him, so I felt the phone vibrating in my pocket.
Pan Haodong quickly took out the phone, glanced at the number of the caller, put it to his ear, and said, old man, I am very busy now, I have something to do, I will talk later, so I hung up first, no hanging up, and the communication sounded like thunder The sound of scolding exploded until Pan Haodong’s head was buzzing, and even Mrs. Poisonous Snake on the opposite side had the illusion that her eardrums were about to burst.
It’s easy to accidentally hurt someone.
Last time we talked, there was an unlucky guy who passed by the seven orifices you yelled at.
Bleeding, if it weren’t for the young master’s ability to rejuvenate, you would have become a murderer. That’s an accident, okay? Let’s leave it to you.
No matter what you’re busy with, let me put it down and go to Qingzhou to save people as quickly as possible.
Pan Haodong, the old man, seemed to have thought of something, smiled and said right, the person waiting for you to save is your unmarried daughter-in-law, if you don’t want your unmarried daughter-in-law to die young, you’d better listen to me, immediately put down everything in your hand, and get lost, and go to Qingzhou to save people. Let go of everything, Pan Haodong asked very seriously, if it’s really easy, let it go, Pan Haodong hung up the phone, turned around, and walked out the door, leaving Mrs. Viper alone in the wind, stunned for a while, Mrs. Viper just reacted and rushed out of the cell Looking at Pan Haodong, who had already run away, shouted, do you have professional ethics, you little bastard? Mrs.
Poisonous Snake hadn’t finished yelling, Pan Haodong had already run away and disappeared. Looking at the prison guard in front of him who had lost his target and rushed towards him, Mrs. Poisonous Snake was so angry that she gritted her teeth and thought viciously, Damn you bastard, don’t think you can’t get out without your old lady, give it to me After waiting for three days at the southern suburbs airport of the city, a young man with elegant temperament, sword eyes and star eyebrows was carrying a men’s handbag and walked into the public hall with the crowd. He had a slight smile on his face and glanced around casually when he saw A young and beautiful girl holding a sign of Miracle Doctor Pan’s eyes suddenly brightened, she squinted and walked towards the other girl, are you here to pick me up? Did you see that it says Miracle Doctor Pan, please stay cool for me Don’t get in the way here.
Li Feifei’s tone is very unfriendly. If she usually meets such a refined and handsome guy in front of her, she definitely doesn’t mind striking up a conversation with him. If you can chat, it’s okay to leave your contact information to make friends. It’s just that her best friend’s life is dying.
I am anxiously waiting for Miracle Doctor Pan to come to rescue me, I am naturally not in the mood to strike up a conversation, even if the person I strike up a conversation with is very handsome, it is the same Human life is at stake, she is not anxious Beauty, is the name of Miracle Doctor Pan you picked up called Pan Haodong Pan Haodong asked you with a smile How did you know that Li Feifei was stunned, then said happily, “I know, you are the assistant of Miracle Doctor Pan, quickly take me to see Miracle Pan, Xue’er is about to lose her strength, and I want to take him to save others. If there is no other Pan Haodong here, then I will It should be Pan Miracle Doctor you want to pick up. Pan Haodong scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.
He didn’t expect that the old man would describe himself as a Miracle Doctor when he was introduced. The particularity of the Hunyuan Creation Art