The suppressed anger was suddenly aroused again he suddenly became a public enemy the enemys murderous intent bloomed he wanted to attack in groups he

The end of the Dharma era is approaching, the heavens and the earth are filled with the energy of the five declines, the Jiuzhou Great Barrier is about to shatter, and even more extraterrestrial demons are ready to move and plot secretly. In this turbulent era where evildoers are born, a white-eyed boy upholds the Taoist heart and carries a nagging magic book. In Xiechong Hell, I embarked on a road of enlightenment from the filthy to the bright and the dark.
The first volume of the Taoist Demon Chapter Chapter Blind Youth Window Bamboo Shadow Shaking the Book Case From a thatched hut in the lush mountain forest, it is said that this is a rural school.
There are twenty-eight students and an old master in the school.
The younger students are less than ten years old. Although the old master is over fifty years old, he is full of spirit and has a loud voice like an ape.
He seldom talks about sages and scriptures, but he talks about moral fables. He can tell a fable vividly and vividly, which is not inferior to a storyteller who sells his mouth. Favored by the students, what he told in this class was the story of a disciple of a sage who was persuaded and humbled to do good.
The former disciple accepted the reward from the person who fell into the water, and received the reward from the sage. Trying to repay, but being blamed by the sage for the intention, you have to carefully understand the sky is late today, so the class will end here, everyone will leave the class, the old master knocked on the inkstone with a ruler, closed the slip, walked out of the study hall, and saw the figure of the master disappeared.
The quiet school suddenly became noisy, and the students gathered together in twos and threes, forming several circles based on the close relationship, discussing the content of the class, or discussing where to go to play after school. In this harmonious atmosphere, there is only one One boy was alone and no one spoke to him, forming an empty circle with his desk as the center.
The strange thing is that he didn’t look lonely at all. Instead, he had a spirit of independence from the world of mortals.
Compared with the chattering peers around him, he was quite mature and closed. His eyes are not blind, but his eyes are born with white pupils, his eyesight is extremely weak. The scene he sees is always blurry, but his movements are no different from ordinary people.
He packs up the books and puts them in the bamboo basket that he carries with him. He takes out the bamboo stick and gets up to leave Luo Feng. We are going to Tanxi to catch fish. Do you want to come with me? I brought a fishing rod and a fishing basket. If you think it is inconvenient to go into the water, you can go fishing next to it. The one who shouted was a young man with sword eyebrows surrounded by seven or eight companions. He is the grandson of the village patriarch, Zhao Fengxian, and the only student in the school who has obtained the qualification of a student. In this village, he can be regarded as the pride of heaven, and he is humble and friendly to his classmates.
Because of this, Zhao Fu is very prestigious among his peers and is the focus of everyone’s attention.
Seeing that Luo Feng is always alone, Zhao Fengxian wanted to draw him into his circle, but Zhao Fengxian didn’t notice the companions who gathered around him when he sent out the invitation.
A few of them frowned slightly, just to prevent his face, he hesitated to speak, Luo Feng smiled and refused, no need, when I went out in the morning, the old man told me to go to the mountain to collect some herbs, if I delay, I’m afraid I will be fined for dinner Zhao Fengxian was not reconciled and asked if you want me to intercede for you.
If it’s not possible, you can come to my house to eat, anyway, it’s not bad.
A pair of chopsticks. It would be difficult for Luo Feng to intervene in the things he ordered. Besides, Mr. Luo is a sitting doctor. Maybe he wants to make medicine to treat people. They all echoed and said that there were a few people muttering about the real reason, those eyes were so white that it frightened people to see them, and they would give people nightmares. My mother said that he was reincarnated from a white-eyed ghost, so he killed his father and mother. Only Mr.
Luo saved countless lives.
In order to adopt him and not be restrained, Zhao Fengxian is sensitive to realize that this is the will of the people and it is not good to go against it, so he has to follow the public opinion.
Since you have other important matters, then forget it, but you yourself have to be careful.
There are often wild boars on the mountain recently. Afraid it might be dangerous, Luo Feng nodded in response, thank you for your reminder, I will pay attention, and then stepped out of the school, Zhao Fengxian shook his head and ignored it, returning his mind to the conversation with his companions, leading the topic again, the old master outside the window of the school because he forgot I picked up a writing brush on the table and wanted to come back to pick it up, but I accidentally witnessed this scene, and I felt moved. Looking at Luo Feng’s gradually leaving back, he sighed and said, “This talent is the best among people.
If there is a famous teacher to guide a person, it is more than enough. It’s a pity.
Heaven is jealous of talents, civil servants pay more attention to facial features, appearance, and physically handicapped people. It is difficult to get the favor of high-ranking people.
In history, there was a champion because of his ugly appearance. He didn’t get much influence, he acted like ordinary people, but even his classmates pushed him away because of this, not to mention others, it’s hard to change the stereotypes of the world. The old master shook his head and sighed. Walking in the ancient forest, when meeting neighbors on the road, he nodded and smiled in response. The mountain road is rough and rocky, but he walks more steadily than ordinary people. Because he has walked this road countless times, even the location of a grass on the side of the road is also remembered in his heart.
Clearly the bamboo stick in my hand has turned into a useless ornament Cold crabs pass by the berry moss and rocks in the gaps between the fences Cold crabs walk on the rocks in the evening That smell of peony grass I remember there is by the mirror lake Jinghu suddenly felt dizzy as he walked. His legs staggered and almost fell to the ground.
Fortunately, because of binocular amblyopia, he paid more attention to the balance of the lower body than ordinary people.
All the phantoms hit Shura, monsters, skeletons and fierce ghosts, one by one, rushing towards them with ferocious faces, and there was a river of blood behind them.