The strangeness on the curtain behind him Looking back and seeing the picture on the curtain he immediately covered his mouth in disbelief tears welled

This year hasn’t started yet, Golden Friday has three days off, so at this time Yang Fan is sitting in class feeling out of his mind, as a man who has graduated from university for more than ten years, he usually drinks tea and plays computer in the office.
Listening to a female colleague talking about jokes, I suddenly found myself sitting upright in a high school class. For a moment, my thoughts seemed to be stupid. I stared blankly at the clear time on the computer-shaped electronic watch.
Jumping into twenty-two hours, walking forward as usual, neither retreating nor freezing, the voice on the podium seems to be floating from the sky, a person around is like a projection of consciousness, it seems that everything is a dream, Zheng at the same table Hao patted Yang Fan, who looked a bit silly, in a class, just watching your ecstatic shoulder being patted like this, the real touch made Yang Fan tremble, but he couldn’t make such a real feeling in his dreams, why not? How could Si be so miserable? In an instant, the whole world seemed to suddenly return to normal. The voices of talking and fighting suddenly became clear. The scene, which was like an illusory projection that could be broken into pieces at any time, suddenly became more vivid, with a sense of reality and presence. Someone was talking.
Some people are fighting, some are chatting loudly, some are lying on the window, criticizing the girls passing by, and two girls meet to go to the toilet together. The real smell hits his face, but no matter how real it is, it makes Yang Fan feel nonsense, sitting at the desk the moment before Listening to jokes and feeling a little hungover, I took a nap and then sat in the classroom listening to the teacher, who the hell didn’t think this was bullshit? The jingle bell rang again, and the class bell ended these noisy scenes.
Teacher Walking into the crowded but still quiet classroom with textbooks in hand, some unfamiliar but vaguely familiar students, especially the young and beautiful female students, make Yang Fan feel a little bit embarrassed. Some of them are getting more and more people committing crimes, and most of them are getting fatter and turning into aunts.
Of course, boys are the same.
Time is really a butcher knife. A set of silly inter-class exercises made him wake up from his trance.
On the way back to the classroom, he was surrounded by a crowd of people laughing and joking.
If he dared to do this more than ten years later, it would definitely give people a bad impression of immaturity. At what age and doing what? A few boys came to Yang Fan’s side.
Zhu Haibo, the sports committee member of the class, grabbed Yang Fan’s shoulder and turned his head to Yang Fan. He said to Yang Fan that he had made an appointment to play football with Class 6 in the afternoon.
Yang Fan, you go home and get ready. Zheng Hao bumped Yang Fan with his shoulder on the other side, what are you thinking? I think you are not normal today, you are a little distracted. Everyone noticed that he finally came back to his senses. Okay, let’s kill them. Yang Fan has been an athlete since he was a child.
His physical fitness is very good. Compared with those sports special students, his football level is top-notch in the whole school.
Now it has more than ten years.
His playing experience is naturally much better than before. In high school, he probably stood out from the crowd, but at the moment, Yang Fan didn’t have much excitement, not to mention the huge impact of rebirth, even if his mental state is different.
Is it the same in high school? Yang Fan still remembers that when he was 17 or 18 years old, he was the age where he loved to dream.
He would never miss any opportunity to show off.
Yang Fan’s response Zheng Hao also had a murderous look on his face, and said that today, the guys in class six were lucky enough to win our class last time. They have been bragging about it for several months. Lin Yao, who is not too far away from them, is talking to some girls. Hearing Yang Fan talking about the afternoon football game, he turned his head to this side with his ponytail flicked and shouted from the air, if you guys lose again this time, don’t call us girls to cheer up next time when you play football A few girls also nodded in agreement and said, “Squad leader, I’ve let you go, Yang Fan, you have to work hard!” Zheng Hao winked at Yang Fan, full of narrowness.
Hao looked aggrieved and said, I didn’t say anything, you boy Yang Fan pointed at Zheng Hao and shook his head helplessly, but he was not angry at all. He was used to jokes with Zheng Hao and himself.
And when I was in the second year of high school, I had many entanglements with Lin Yao.
My family is not far from Lin Yao’s. The relationship between the two is also good.
The two are the same age and have been in contact since childhood. I met each other when I was three years old. I was taken to the women’s bathhouse together by my mother. The two were in the same class from kindergarten until they graduated from high school. After that, the two held hands and kissed in the third year of high school. They almost did everything they did when they were young. But in the second sorting of the fateful garbage dump of the college entrance examination, Yang Fan was dumped to Lin Yao’s downstream Lin Yao went to Ningda University, the top five in the country, and Yang Fan stayed in the city’s engineering university.
The distance in time and space plus the bastard attribute He found another girlfriend at Normal University who blushes easily, has a nice skin, is small and exquisite, has a soft body, and is also soft-spoken A few people, and Lin Yao alone in Ningdali is getting better and better. After graduating from university, Yang Fan also felt the flaws in his character. Overall, he is just a bastard and he understands many things, and he doesn’t want to provoke Lin Yao. After graduating from university Yang Fan joined the city’s electric power company. After chatting with Yang Fan a few times and hinting at it a few times, Lin Yao got a jerk answer, and then went to the capital.