The sound of the horn is long and long It spread throughout Shouchun City especially now at night when the sound of the horn sounds

If Cao Cao wants to talk about cruelty, I will obey Lu Bu and Liu Bei. Benevolence and righteousness seem to be of no use. Luckily for me, all the generals who came here were beaten to death by Lu Bu.
I sent it and offered a lot of gold and silver. Can I let Jiangdong go? Of course Lu Bu can’t. I want to rule the world. Chapter 1 Obtained the Tyrant System In March, the spring breeze blows the willows and warms the willows. The gentle sunlight shines into the garden, making the colorful garden more beautiful The breeze blows through the flowers and the fragrance overflows, making people unconsciously fascinated. In such a scene, Diao Chan plays the piano and sits alone. Ten fingers hook and play a wonderful rhythm. Lu Bu walks from a distance and reaches out to hug her slender waist.
The hair greedily sucked and whispered, “Cicada, what music are you playing? It’s so nice. I felt that Lu Bu’s hand was a bit dishonest. Diao Chan quickly stood up and blamed Dao Husband for someone far away. She blushed as if she was familiar with it.” The rotten apple is really beautiful Lu Bulan smiled and took Diao Chan into his arms, saying that I am close to my wife, who dares to make irresponsible remarks? If someone sees it, she should be ashamed to death. Diao Chan was a little unhappy and ran into the pavilion Lu Bu Followed closely, picked the flowers on the side of the road, weaved them into a corolla, put them on her head, and praised the cicadas. If the flowers were spiritual, they would never dare to bloom at this time. Why, because they would be ashamed of not being as beautiful as you Husband will pick up good words, saying how dare cicada compete with a hundred flowers? Diao Chan looked at Lu Bu with a strange expression and thought to herself in her heart, thinking that since her husband was seriously ill, she has become so strange and frivolous and glib, even her intercourse thought of her His face turned even redder and he plunged his head into Lu Bu’s arms to cover up what was wrong.
Lu Bu hugged her tightly and closed his eyes as if he was enjoying himself, but no one knew that he was thinking about another thing at the moment.
I don’t know when the big-eared thief will go to conquer Yuan Shu, God, give me Xuzhou quickly, it’s been more than half a month since the end of the Han Dynasty, I can’t keep picking up girls, it’s a good day, but the feeling of living under the fence is really uncomfortable At this time, he has already It’s not the Lu Bu in history.
To be more accurate, the soul flew from later generations to occupy Lu Bu’s body. He still vaguely remembers that he was killed in a gun battle, facing an enemy several times his own. He could not escape the fate of being shot. Fortunately, the blessing of heaven did not let him disappear, but he survived with another identity. This identity is Lu Bulu Fengxian, the first fierce man in the late Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period. The timing of the crossing is also very good.
Before Liu Bei conquered Yuan Shu, in other words, as long as Liu Bei went to conquer Yuan Shu, he could take the opportunity to seize Xuzhou. By then, the huge six counties of Xuzhou would be under his control. In this chaotic world, he would have a place.
Diao Chan suddenly broke free and retreated to the side.
Lu Bu looked into the distance and saw that Chen Gong had entered the garden and was walking quickly. Walking towards here, he got up speechless and said, how can there be such a reason in the world who is close to his wife but behaves like a thief He took a sip of the tea on the table.
On the one hand, he was grateful and admired by Chen Gong, but on the other hand, he was also very annoyed because he didn’t know how many times he was scolded by Chen Gong in the past half month.
In front of Chen Gong, he seemed like a child who hadn’t grown up.
My child, this makes him very upset as a monarch After Gong came to the gazebo, he complained to Lu Bu for many days. At this moment, Lu Bu broke out and said in a deep voice, Chen Gong, you don’t take me seriously, you have to figure out your identity. I am the king, are you? Chen Gong looked at Lu Bu in amazement, and couldn’t believe that these words came from Lu Bu’s mouth. In his impression, Lu Bu always obeyed his words and never dared to disobey him in the slightest. Ni, but this time, well, well, now that you are strong, you should say it like you are angry with me about the monarch and Chen Gong In the south there is Yuan Shu, in the north there is Yuan Shaoxi, and in the west Cao Cao is surrounded by strong enemies.
How long would you live without me, Chen Gong? Lu Bu will definitely give in.
This time, could it be that what I said was too much? Diao Chan saw it in her eyes and was anxious to persuade her husband, Mr. Gongtai, there is absolutely no disrespect, so please forgive him. Wait for Lu Bu to call out suddenly Chen Gong was overjoyed and quickly ran back and said with a smile, Fengxian is not me. Chen Gong didn’t know about the gift of monarchs and ministers. In fact, he didn’t notice Lu Bu’s expression. At this time, Lu Bu’s face was completely shocked and ecstatic.
What kind of expression? Because when he angered Chen Gong just now, he heard a mechanized voice in his head, “Congratulations to the host for getting the tyrant system.” The current anger value cannot be selected for the time being, please host to continue to work hard. This is the so-called golden finger, an omnipotent system.
Lu Bu was excited. He waited for more than half a month and finally saw the so-called benefits of the traverser. He glanced at Chen Gong. I was very excited and scolded angrily, what you said was very right, you just didn’t open your eyes, you just didn’t see the situation clearly, I tell you that without you, Chen Gong, I, Lu Fengxian, can still live well, you