The sound of the clothes what happened last night Tang Yuan didn’t know where to start what happened last night Murong Ning pretended not to

Chapter 1 The demon entered the boundless star field, and suddenly a deafening explosion erupted. In an instant, countless planets were directly shattered by the explosion, leaving behind large and small celestial bodies floating in the universe. Then there was a voice that was creepy to listen to, but it echoed very clearly under the starry sky. Damn it! I didn’t expect my demon ancestor to travel thousands of years outside the domain, and finally caught you old immortals.
After the afterglow of the explosion, it appeared on the scene. After seeing such a scene, there were nine people in the field, old or young, big men or young girls, a total of nine people surrounded the one in the middle who was surrounded by shadows.
You are full of evil and slaughtered all the people in a star field for your cultivation, honestly, you can’t escape from this nine-turn shackle Ancestor Tuoba Venerable Xuanji Pavilion Master Demon Ancestor reported nine titles in a series, it seems that these nine people around him are very good, very good, if one day I can come back again, I will have to settle accounts with you one by one As soon as the ancestor of the evil spirit finished speaking, the nine men and women surrounding him suddenly felt that all the spiritual energy between the heaven and the earth disappeared.
At this moment, the ancestor of the evil spirit in the field turned extremely pale. Come with me, hahaha, no good, he’s going to blow himself up, and leave quickly. The nine people in the arena are all wandering around for an unknown number of years.
Naturally, they knew the situation at this time, and they each resorted to their own means of escape to escape immediately. In this dangerous place, the self-detonation power of the demon patriarch completely wiped out several surrounding star fields. The nine people are not ignorant people, and they will not fight in star fields where there are living creatures, so they did not cause any greater harm. At that time, a gray-black light flashed from the afterglow of the explosion, and then it burrowed into the space crack caused by the explosion. Only a few seconds later, the few people who had just disappeared returned to their original place in an instant.
Zu actually chose to blew himself up so decisively.
The nine of them were seriously injured from the outside, but they still carefully searched for any clues about the evil ancestor. After all, he is the most conscienceless person in history.
Wipe out clean and grow up again to become a big devil. At this time, an old man with a compass in his hand and a face like a fairy bone frowned slightly. The compass in his hand has been turning normally, but it has never been like this. Xuanji, what did you find? The rest of the people naturally also noticed his abnormal appearance, and asked nervously, is it possible that the ancestor of the demon is really not dead? The compass was thrown into the air, and he stretched out his hand a little far away, silently reciting an unknown formula, and suddenly his breath became weaker by three points. No one dared to disturb Xuanji’s spellcasting.
They all knew that searching for people was a very exhausting thing. Especially looking for cultivation This is especially true for the demon ancestors who are taller than them. A few minutes later, the compass that had been circling in the starry sky froze instantly, and then flew towards the east at high speed, followed by Xuanji, and hurriedly called the other eight people to fly behind the compass and look at the compass. The ancestor of the evil spirit is not wiped out. On a remote planet in the clean universe, the people on this planet call their own planet Earth and call their star system the solar system.
After the college entrance examination on the single-plank bridge, all the students in the third year of high school came to this mountain according to the original plan to prepare for camping. The campsites for each class are separate. The campsites for the third and sixth classes of senior high school are on a platform halfway up the mountain.
The fair skin of the eighteen or nineteen-year-old boy looked a little sick, and he sat on the edge of the camp in a daze, looking at the figures of the students around him who were going away because of playing, and sighed slightly, Tang Yuan, why don’t you go with them Playing, today I came out to relax, it’s not good to hold back like this, a figure stood behind him and patted his shoulder, Tang Yuan silently lowered his head, why doesn’t he want to join in, but he also knows that he has nothing but reading Even if you join it, you won’t be in a group. Just look at it honestly.
The figure behind you also knows Tang Yuan’s appearance. He sighed helplessly and said, Tang Yuan, you are already a third year in high school, and there are many other things besides studying. If you know how to do things, you can’t read books for a lifetime. Tang Yuan stood up and tried to squeeze out a smile to the teacher who persuaded him with a sincere face. Thank you, Teacher An’an, I know it. Let’s go and play. When he got up, the old man in his fifties and sixties waved his hand.
He knew that Tang Yuan was just perfunctory. He had mentioned it many times before, but Tang Yuan never obeyed Tang Yuan and left the camp. Or he had no choice to catch up with him The group of students who left walked up the mountain by themselves. This mountain is the highest mountain nearby, and you can see all the mountains. He also wanted to take a good look at the place where he grew up. This mountain is the highest mountain nearby, but this is Jiangnan. The area belongs to the hilly area, and the height is relatively far from the real mountain. Tang Yuan spent more than half an hour climbing the mountain road to the top of the mountain. At this time, he was already out of breath, and he was malnourished. He did a lot of exercise on the road, and he recovered after a while. The scenery on the top of the mountain is much more beautiful than the scenery halfway up the mountain.
All the grievances were shouted out, ah, Tang Yuan’s shouts spread far away