The soles of the nun’s feet appeared in front of Yang Ning and seeing these feet Yang Ning was even more angry holding the shoes

Some people get rich by labor Some people get rich by worship Some people get rich by lying And Yang Ning gets rich by dreaming A dream derived hero saves the beauty Every dream reminds the way to get rich Super power possession From then on, good luck and peach blossoms bloom and watch him all the way Dreaming of the future with peach blossoms to reach the pinnacle of life Volume 1 Flying Huang Tengda Chapter 1 Is there a mistake between dreams and reality Falling ill for no reason and being hospitalized for no reason I spent a lot of treatment fees I rely on whether there is no reason I hold a thick medical bill Yang Ning has a feeling of collapse, mentally thinking about three days of innocent absence from work, plus hospitalization expenses, missed work expenses, medical expenses, my god, isn’t this fatal? How can I explain to my boss that Yang Ning feels like crying but has no tears at this time? Two days ago, because of a heavy rain, I passed out on the bus to work, but I woke up here and lost 100 yuan in medical expenses. Anyone who encounters this situation probably feels like crying. Yang Ning is a newcomer to work. A recent college graduate joined a good advertising company to work, and just took two months of salary, but it turned out to be spent on hospitalization fees. This is simply a disaster for Yang Ning! Endured Yang Ning spit and stopped thinking about annoying things.
Illness is not what he wants. Who knows what jokes I can make when I have a fever.
It must be a doctor talking nonsense. Hey, Yang Ning suddenly stopped walking on the road.
I don’t know why the street scene There is a feeling of déjà vu in every scene, as if something important happened here, subconsciously look around, there is a black wallet lying in an inconspicuous corner, right? Yang Ning secretly looked around and found no one found it quickly I ran over to pick up the wallet, opened it, and saw that there were yuan in it. I’m not real. Yang Ning was a little silly.
At this moment, he finally remembered why it was because when he fell ill, he dreamed that he picked up the money in a wallet.
It happened to be Yuan Yiyuan. If the name on the ID card was Yang Zhiyuan, I would have believed it. Yang Ning didn’t believe it at first, but when I took out the ID card, the name was exactly the same as the name in the dream.
The photo scratched my head in a daze.
Wrong, whoever encounters this kind of thing has the same thought as Yang Ning, the thing in the dream last night actually happened, it’s simply too unbelievable to think about it, I want to quickly put the wallet in my pocket and think about what else I dreamed, while thinking While walking, he stopped after a few steps and suddenly remembered the scene in his dream, he broke out in a cold sweat.
In the dream, he clearly remembered that after he picked up a wallet, he would meet a woman who jumped off the building. Woke up by that miserable scene, no one really wants to jump off the building, Yang Ning smashed it, smashed it, murmured that the bad spirit is not working, the spirit prayed to God and worshiped Buddha, and his feet quickened his pace. In the scene, blood was splattered everywhere, and corpses were standing at his feet.
Thinking of these, Yang Ning felt his legs tremble, but at this moment, a word he least wanted to hear came from afar. Seeing that someone is about to jump off the building, I subconsciously looked in that direction and saw a group of passers-by gathered around. There was a woman standing on the edge of the tall building in front of me. She had long hair fluttering and she couldn’t see her face clearly, but Yang Ning’s pupils instantly magnified several times. In the dream, it was this woman Yang Ning was so frightened that she almost fell to the ground. The scene in the dream was too tragic. Thinking about it, I had the urge to turn around and run away. It was nothing to do with me, but just when Yang Ning was about to leave, there were crowds watching. A nasty voice came from the crowd, are you jumping or not? Yang Ning turned his back to the crowd and stood there in a daze Are you still booing with this group of people? Am I as humble and detestable as them? I turned my head and looked at the crowd of onlookers. These people gathered together in twos and threes.
The miserable images in Dongxi’s dream kept flashing in my mind. The scene of brain spraying on the trousers feet and blood flowing across the leg was exchanged for the screams of the onlookers and my fearful heart. I turned around and ran towards the building.
I kept telling myself that it would be faster to save a life than to build a seven-level pagoda. Yang Ning, like people in modern society, is unwilling to meddle in his own business. After all, it is not good for him.
He blamed himself that the floor was not high, only the first floor, but Yang Ning didn’t make an elevator. He rushed to the top of the building and he was out of breath the moment he opened the door. Fortunately, Yang Ning arrived at this time, if it was a step later, this woman might really jump down Ning could see her red and swollen eyes and the tear stains on her face.
In her dream, Yang Ning only saw the most tragic scene of this beauty. She never saw her original appearance.
Now she only sees her side face and back view.
Her long hair and draped shoulders are more attractive. It’s the slender arms and legs that have reached a perfect proportion. The smooth snow-like skin is exposed under the long gauze dress. Although I haven’t seen the beauty’s appearance, I guess she should be very beautiful. Beauty, tell me what you can’t think of While talking, he slowly approached the beauty, trying to seize the opportunity to rescue her.
At this moment, Yang Ning’s palms were full of cold sweat and nervousness, and he had never been so nervous before.
You can’t help me. The beauty finally spoke, her voice was gentle and clean, although there was despair in her tone. But what can’t help if you don’t lose the elegance of a woman’s voice