The small box in his hand shook Wen Zhu lightly seeing her shining eyes he couldnt help but smiled and was about to leave Fang

Guess what? I haven’t slept all night, so wouldn’t it be unfair if I said I fell asleep, sir, today you are getting married and you are free to chat with me. It’s not the most traditional place.
Jingyan, who is busy from morning to night, does not give a break to focus on getting married.
I hang up the phone at work, turn around and walk back to the center. Wen Zhu is holding a magazine and sighing there.
Among thousands of people, I meet the person you meet. In the boundless wilderness of thousands of years of time, there is neither one step too early nor one step too late. I just happened to catch up with him, and I have nothing else to say. I can only ask softly, Oh, are you here too? Wow, this is so touching. Love is true love at first sight She took a look at the pink headline which took up half of the page Classic love quotes Sneaking Miss Have you ever thought oh, are you here too? Zhu ignored it and continued reading. I want you to know that there is a person in this world who is always waiting for you.
No matter when, no matter where you are, anyway, you know that there is always such a person. Can wait eighteen years to live in a broken brick kiln. Her man is not dead. He has come back, but he has been dreaming in the arms of a certain princess before. She never thought that she is back after all. She retorted, yes, there is still The hope came back and I knew the truth, that poor silly woman died of heartbreak within 18 days You’d better put away the magazine, I’m afraid that the capitalists will see that your pure fantasies about love will turn into mourning over the loss of money, don’t cry anymore, it’s Christmas, okay? There is not even a ghost, all the courses are stopped, how could the boss come, the boss is Chinese, but the foreign festival, otherwise why we are here, it is because of you, how are you? Who hasn’t returned to China for Christmas? All the trainers will be on vacation together, of course, only you.
The students you bring are so strong that they won’t even return to China for Christmas.
You have to be my assistant to accompany you during the holidays. Come here and sing empty city tricks, as if what she said is the truth. A little guilty, I took a step back.
The appointment with Catherine is coming. I will go to the classroom to get ready. Hua Jingyan is a senior trainer.
The students are all executives from foreign companies to teach them how to overcome the problems of acclimatization after coming to China. It sounds nice. The point is how to communicate effectively with officials at all levels of the Chinese government, local turtles, bosses, and colleagues or subordinates who let foreigners go.
It’s not easy to say, it’s to teach them how to deal with Chinese people in different ways. It’s going to be dragged out to be shot, but I have to admire the boss’s foresight to fill the gap in the market.
Over the years, they have done well, and they have followed suit. The trainers he returned to China to start a business with are all rich in pockets, and they are used to being the first teacher of a group of international executives. Elites from all walks of life who are higher than the top should also give a smiling face. Who knows when their immediate superiors will be sent to the hands of little women for re-education. Catherine is a German. In the deep black suit, the gray-green eyes showed a trace of fatigue Merry Christmas Jingyan greeted her in German Merry Christmas Jingyan At her insistence, all the students directly called her by her Chinese name and did not return to China this year. It has been a year since I met her For more than a year, Catherine came to China with her lover. He is in charge of all the business in the entire Asian region and sits at the Shanghai headquarters. She followed Kaijiang Tuoye.
On the business card, there is a director of the China region printed on her business card.
There are less than one person and more than ten thousand people, but no matter how intimate they are here.
At that time, that man always had to go back to his family still in Germany to be with his wife and children to fulfill his annual family obligations, you understand, I understand, I finally got a wry smile, and now no one understands better than her, because that’s what she loves today I married another woman in another city.
I don’t know what kind of dark tide is in Jing Yan’s heart.
Catherine has been immersed in her own sadness for so many years. Every time I come to this time, I feel that I am too sad. This time, I must do it. Give up but as soon as I see him back to me it all goes back to where it was Jing Yan Am I the most useless woman in the world Catherine Jing Yan puts her hand on her arm You have your own life He’s just a part of it She wryly smiles at Christmas no dates no family just work that’s my life and I put up my hand when other people are dating we’re at work so they’ll never catch up with us that’s why you’re already the head of Greater China and everyone else is all blurry Her eyes lit up and she looked over with a smile. Jing said that I have always benefited a lot from you, and there has been news from the headquarters. After the holiday, I will be promoted to be in charge of the entire Southeast Asia region.
Sending off Catherine is already in the evening, the winter days are short, and Wen Zhu walks out of the building, the sky is already dark, the whole street is full of joyful crowds, most of them are couples holding hands and going to a romantic dinner, all smiling and whispering, Wen Zhu’s boyfriend has long been Waiting outside the door, before leaving, she gave Jingyan a sad look, as if she was the culprit who ruined their inability to get together a moment earlier. As for it, isn’t it just that Christmas is missing a few hours?