The slender body like a cigarette ruffian is extremely inconsistent with that handsome and seductive face Yuan Xiaojie was almost choked to death he chewed

Unanimous recommendation and collection of Mitu’s deep-sinking content introduction You are not my type Shiyu looked critically at the man opposite, just so you were not my type The man smiled evilly, can you let go of my hand? Shiyu raised an eyebrow In the next second, the man hooked Shiyu’s neck and kissed his lips domineeringly. One of them has a gentle appearance like jade, and the other has a wild and evil appearance, but they have the same convincing temperament.
Is this how Captain Cang strikes up men? Yu wiped off the blood on her lips No, I always wait for a man to take the initiative to deliver it to your door Except for you Mitu is deeply trapped in the text The most mysterious killer Chapter word count Ah Shiyu yelled and sat up suddenly The quilt on her body slipped off revealing a whole body of wheat-colored health The skin was having a nightmare again. He stretched out his hands to caress the smooth forehead.
There were no bullet holes or wounds.
Shiyu knew it was not a dream, but a memory. The high-temperature bullet pierced his forehead and penetrated his skull. The nerve-wrenching feeling is still deeply in his memory.
It’s ridiculous that the third young master of the Shi family would die in an assassination, but he just attended his engagement ceremony, but he drove quickly to get rid of his bodyguard, but he had to think about how to be responsible for a woman in the future, what’s more sad is that he Shiyu doesn’t even know who assassinated him.
He thinks he has always been kind to others and has never offended anyone. Who the hell is he thumping out of the bed? It’s summer, but he feels cold like a corpse lying in the mortuary for three days. He has woken up in this apartment for three days. When he just woke up, the room was filled with the pungent smell of smoke. This smell he hates let him know that he is still alive. Putting his hands on the sink and looking in the mirror, this face is still unfamiliar.
The skin is healthy, wheat-colored, very delicate, the figure is well-proportioned, and the texture is clear, but even so, this face and this body are better than before. Shi Yu, who was once hailed as the most elegant aristocrat, Shi Yu, who has an appearance that men admire and women fascinate, is now just an ordinary-looking young man.
The gap is not so big. Looking at the person in the mirror and following the movements, Shiyu smiled wryly and said to himself in a low voice, who the hell are you? From the drawer in the room, he found a whole stack of ID cards, including the same ID card from dozens of countries, large and small. The photos are different names, different nationalities, different identities, what surprised him the most is that this person has an ID card named Shi Yu, is it a coincidence or a fate? Is it because we have the same name that I was reborn in this body? Are you a thief, right? Shiyu asked the person in the photogenic eyes. The safe in the room is filled with millions of cash and banknotes and several treasures stolen from all over the world.
He remembers one piece of old glass that was lost by the Long family three years ago.
This kind of top-quality emerald ornaments, but would a thief hide a whole cabinet of guns and ammunition in his room? The top varieties in the world, besides, they range from grenade launchers to small Browning pistols.
There are many varieties, like a small armory, maybe a killer. Shiyu touched his chin and guessed that the corners of his lips slightly raised a handsome smile. This is Shi Sanshao. No matter who he is, no matter what happens, he will always show his signature gentle smile.
Even when his father informed him that there will be your engagement banquet at the Galaxy Hotel tonight, he just froze for a moment, then smiled and replied.
The eyes of the person in the mirror These dark, bright eyes with a bit of sternness are the highlight of the whole face. He said firmly, no matter who you were before, from today onwards, you are the same time in the jade mirror.
Smiling, brows and eyes are delicate and pure, the sun is easy-going, like a college student with no intentions, wrapped in a towel, Yu walked out of the bathroom, and saw a monotonous black floor and gray walls. This is an apartment of 150 square meters, except for the bathroom. There is not a pillar or a partition in the entire room outside the compartment. The decoration style is monotonous and the furnishings are extremely boring. Maybe I should change the decoration first.
This will be his home in the future.
It must be comfortable to live in. Shiyu walked to the desk and sat down.
After leaving this apartment, he checked the inside and outside of the apartment several times and replaced all personal items, except for the laptop in front of him. He turned on the computer, put his hands on the keyboard, and unconsciously typed a series of numbers.
I don’t know if it is the memory left by this body.
He can open all the things with passwords in this room, even when he sees the bank card, he can still remember the passwords.
It’s a weird situation. When he clicks on the mailbox, Yu’s eyes light up. There are two more unread emails in the originally empty mailbox. The original owner of the body deleted all the data in the computer, or the notebook is brand new, otherwise how could he not have left any clues? When I clicked on the first letter, I saw the reward for the last mission, the respected Lord Death. It has been remitted to your bank account, please check it.
In addition, the fang mercenary army is chasing your whereabouts.
Please be careful and wish you well.
Your cutest and most loyal assistant, Xiaojie, Liu Shiyu stared at those two short lines silly Take a look at the familiar name of the Death Fang Mercenary Corps! The former is the most mysterious gold-medal killer in the world, while the latter is the most famous mercenary army in the world. Cheek Shiyu is sure that the age of this body will not be more than twenty-five years old. It is younger than the twenty-eight-year-old self in the previous life.
It turns out that the number one killer who is known as the god of death is a young man in his early twenties. I am afraid no one will tell it.
Let’s put aside doubts, Shi Yu clicked to open the second email, it was still from the same person just now.