The situation on the cloud temples is extremely dangerous Yu Xiuqiong broke out in a cold sweat from fright she hurriedly jumped into the sideways

A woman riding a black horse is in her late teens, has a graceful appearance, has a willow waist and a slender waist, and is slightly thinner than the woman riding a white horse.
She is also wearing a black cloak, but she is wearing a red trousers. The first horse is as fast as a dragon, galloping like lightning, and galloping like a galloping hoof.
The two of them are still sitting upright, and the horse is completely motionless. While running and talking, they have already passed through Gubeikou and stepped on to the mountains outside the Dalukou in Pingquan County, the second daughter of the desert.
After running for half a day, I ran for seventy or eighty miles without knowing it, and suddenly a high mountain appeared in front of me. The two peaks stood between the two peaks, and there was only a gap less than ten feet away. Call Ma Yile loudly, Second sister, be careful there is a tripping rope in front of you.
These two girls are originally a pair of sisters. The girl in purple is the eldest sister named Yu Xiuqiong. This person is called Shuangfengnv, also known as Red and Purple Lady Xia. This time, she ran outside Gubeikou for an urgent matter and had been running around the clock for three days.
She was exhausted and before they reached Jiashan Pass, Yu Xiuqiong saw Jiashan suddenly. At the entrance lay a long, round thing as thick as a cup.
The front was stained with yellow sand and moved slightly.
It was clearly a rope for tripping horses. She remembered something in the hall and immediately warned her sister.
The horse reined in and said, it was too late, then it was fast, there was a sound of gong on the top of the mountain, the sound of a gap, the sound of a horn, and the sound of a horn, many figures appeared in the yellow sand.
There was a burst of shouts like spring thunder from among the people with swords and guns, Come on, two girls of the Yu family, hurry up, get off your horse and surrender, and spare your life.
With a sound, both of them swung their bodies and jumped off the horses, standing back to back, Yu Xiuqiong pulled out the Qingsteel sword, Yu Xiuwen flashed out the iron double swords, and another hidden weapon, the skin bag, prepared her usual plum blossom needle, only to see the gap in the enemy’s commotion, and two leaders appeared The figure on the left is a man with a black face and thick eyebrows, a soap handkerchief, black head and black silk, his whole body looks like a ball of black charcoal, holding a teacup-thick pig iron stick with eyebrows in his hand, and the one on the right is a short man with a pockmarked face, short and strong, and looks like a monkey.
Wearing thin-soled fast boots on the trousers and trousers of the common people, holding a pair of leopard-tailed three-piece sticks in both hands, the two jumped out of the crowd and pointed their weapons at the sisters of the Yu family. Is your father? The old man surnamed Yu has been trapped by us in the Lingyan Pagoda of Wulong Valley in the east of Pingquan Township. Although he can still barely support him, there will always be a day when the food and grass are exhausted.
In other words, he will die or be captured.
But it’s only a matter of time.
You two young children who look like green onions also want to save people.
You really can’t control yourself.
The grandfather is thirty years old and hasn’t married a wife yet. The two of them are about to say something frivolous.
With a bang, a stone flew head-on and hit the black-faced man’s left cheek so hot that his teeth were almost shattered.
Blood flowed out of the mouth when knocked down, the two men roared furiously, each swung their weapons and rushed towards the sisters of the Yu family.
I thought it was from her two sisters, how could I know that Yu Xiuqiu’s plum blossom needle hadn’t been used yet? Shen Limeng, a masked man with a stick, has a saying in the martial arts family that a general with a hammer and stick is invincible. She twisted her willow waist to the side, slid to the left of the black-faced man, backhanded a sword, and the jade girl pierced his shoulder.
Not in a hurry, Erlang Danshan turned around and raised the stick with his backhand, and clanked it just to catch Yu Xiuqiong’s sword, Yu Nu’s jade wrist was also numb. The pair of leopard-tailed three-section cudgels handed over to the short man won the true biography of Cangzhou Panlong Hero The short man used the three-section stick. Originally, the three-section stick was used by single-section sticks, but the double-section stick was rarely used.
The short man used the double three-section stick.
Fortunately, although Yu Xiuwen was young, his father taught him a pair of double-sword dragons.
Snake Feiwu and the short man killed a tie.
The four of them divided into two pairs and killed more than 30 rounds like a revolving lantern. The black-faced man was getting impatient.