The situation has come to the place step by step Chen Wan has been stunned by the scene in front of him Su Hao you

Source Eighty-eight e-books uploaded honesty and travel all over the world time word count Su Hao felt cheated by a group of women Chapter I will be your lover Jin Qiu September Su Hao stepped into Qingshan University happily with the admission notice Walking in the campus and looking at the beautiful woman nearby, Su Hao couldn’t help but feel obsessed.
In the future, his women’s cups will range from line to line, and there will be a full range of glamorous and pure stewardesses and nurses. At night, I will have a big quilt by myself. Mian wow kaka is really good chicken jelly Just when Su Hao was looking forward to the wonderful college life to come, an expensive Audi car parked beside her and a beautiful woman in her twenties wearing a tight-fitting blouse with double breasts on her chest got out of it.
The peak is turbulent and surging, as if she wants to burst her clothes. She is tall, slender, fair and slender, exposed to the air, and has a lot of lethality on men. This beauty is extremely beautiful, like a person in a painting. Has the charm of ecstasy, but this beauty’s expression is a little cold, and her temperament is also inclined to glamorous, and her aura is a little bit strong, like a superior person. The royal sister’s top-notch Ye Suhao praised her, and was surprised by this beauty. Invited into the Audi car, Su Hao naturally didn’t refuse at all. Su Hao felt that he was such a pure person, and he didn’t look forward to it at all. When he was secretly lusting for lust, the first sentence of this glamorous beauty made Su Hao I was shocked for a moment, my name is Chen Wan, your name is Su Hao, right? I want to make a deal with you. Chen Wan looked at Su Hao with a slightly blush on her cold face, and said, I will be your lover and you protect me for two months. Now Chen Wan I am so ashamed in my heart, really, I can say such embarrassing words, but Su Hao is a little dazed. Suddenly, there is a top-notch Yujie who wants to be his lover. Su Hao secretly thought that the peach blossoms that had withered for many years finally began to overflow.
Although Chen Wan is very attractive, Su Hao is very cautious about Chen Wan’s identity. I am a pure person, but you insist on being my lover, and I can accept it with difficulty.
It’s just that you asked me to protect you for two months.
I don’t understand you. Su Hao shrugged his shoulders and said that Su Hao belongs to the first military special warfare team, codenamed Shadow King, whose main exploits were to kill the national drug lord. Chen Wan asked with a slight smile.
Those who put people to death are quack doctors who can revive the dead and are respected as ghost doctors.
Su Hao is the ghost doctor’s single disciple. Who are you? Why do you know these people? Su Hao frowned and stared straight at Chen Wan At this moment, there was no trace of wretchedness on his face, but a look of desolation. I work at Qingshan University.
Your information was told by my friend in Longzu.
Chen Wan sensed the change in Su Hao’s temperament.
Speaking of the Dragon Group, Su Hao’s expression changed. The Dragon Group is the most mysterious and powerful organization in the Dragon Group’s army.
The intelligence capabilities of the Dragon Group are really powerful. I was watched right after I retired.
stronger than me you need If someone protects you, you can go directly to the friend of the dragon group, but he is going to perform a task. Chen Wan shook her head, thinking in her heart, if it wasn’t for me, I couldn’t find someone who could protect me, how could I come to you? In return for your lover, Chen Wan learned about Su Hao from Longzu. He knows that Su Hao is very powerful. He is the most powerful person he can find within his ability. Moreover, Su Hao is also the most suitable person to protect himself.
I came to Qingshan University to pick up girls, isn’t this the best candidate to protect himself? Su Hao has been secretly watching Chen Wan’s words and expressions, but he didn’t find any signs of Chen Wan’s lying. He thought for a while, but suddenly Su Hao’s heart trembled. He heard a small voice.
The sound made Su Hao’s hairs all over for a moment, and a strong sense of danger came to his mind, so Su Hao hurriedly looked at the bottom of the car, and a faint golden light flickered in the depths of Su Hao’s pupils. Su Hao wore a light blue pair of The colored necklace is called the Phantom Necklace, which was handed down to Su Hao by the ghost doctor.
The Phantom Necklace is incomparably wonderful. For the time being, Su Hao has developed two abilities. The first ability is perspective, and the second ability is the wild intuition of disguise, which makes Su Hao abrupt. Feeling the danger, he hastily activated the perspective ability, looked at the bottom of the car, and suddenly saw a gadget on the chassis of the car, a time bomb, Su Hao was startled, looked at the time, there were two minutes left before the explosion, the situation was urgent, Su Hao pushed back without saying a word. Opening the door, he grabbed Chen Wan’s little hand and rushed out of the car. Because Su Hao pulled Chen Wan out of the car with too much force, so Chen Wan fell out of the car. The position of the hand is very mysterious.
When you press it on Chen Wan’s, Chen Wan’s face turns red instantly.
Soho, what are you doing? Chen Wan gritted her teeth and said angrily, this girl’s ass is so elastic and her body is soft. Soho, tsk tsk Chen The speed of Zan’s running is unambiguous, and at the same time, his eyes are vigilantly scanning the surroundings. Su Hao, put me down, and don’t pinch your hands randomly.
She was also furious amidst her shame and indignation. She had never been treated like this by a man. Although Chen Wan is beautiful, she is so glamorous that ordinary men can’t get close to her, let alone being hugged and pinched her buttocks. This is an incredible thing. Chen Wan is about to force Su Hao. Putting himself down, Su Hao seemed to have thought of something at this moment, he stopped suddenly, then turned his head hastily, his expression turned bad, and now that Audi car is parked near the middle of the road, there are many pedestrians, if it explodes, it will definitely cause casualties The neighborhood is full of young boys and girls who are in their prime.
If I leave it alone, there will be tragedies in a few families, but with the ability of clairvoyance