The silver one The soldier was flying towards him he found that the aura emanating from the silver soldier was only at the foundation building

The author stands in the sky above Qianlong Mountain, one black and one white, invisible to the naked eye.
The white figure is an ugly bald woman. This woman is the daughter of the emperor among the Three Emperors and Five Emperors.
He is a man with a blue face, fangs and nails that are as long as a ruler After winning the hook, I will talk about you. I am the ancestor of zombies. Han Yan frowned.
I have a father and a mother, but it’s not that you wild corpses are rarely compared with me.
After Hanba wins the hook, talk about having me as a general and an ancestor of zombies. Hanba was shocked when he heard the words, and said that after winning the hook, he disappeared for three thousand years. Could it be that he was killed by you? I absorbed the innate pure yin corpse energy and died. Today, I absorb your innate pure yang corpse energy.
I can break through the immortality and become a god. I will be truly immortal. After finishing speaking, I will attack the drought demon first. After tens of thousands of rounds, the drought demon will gradually Falling into a disadvantageous situation, Han Yao wanted to escape, but found that he was trapped in the formation and could not do without the human world. Han Yao was forced to spit out the congenital pure yang corpse beads in his body, and silently recited the law to end the drought.
No wonder my father gave me a dharma decision when he became a god, saying that I will have a catastrophe in the future, so it should be on the generals. Also spit out the pure yin congenital corpse beads in the body, and when the pure yin corpse beads came out of the sky, it seemed that a black hole appeared The disappearance of Han Yan and Jiang Chen’s corpse beads means death.
Both of them thought that the other party was plotting. They wanted to control the corpse beads when they came back, but they found that the corpse beads were out of control.
After Chu Nan took a day and night train from the south to the north. After driving for several hours and walking for two days, he finally returned to his birthplace, Qianlong Mountain. In eight years or so, there were still many people living in Qianlong Mountain.
Due to its remoteness, transportation was inconvenient, and education and medical supplies were extremely backward.
Some people moved out one after another until about two thousand years ago, Qianlong Mountain had no residents. Chu Nan’s only relative, his grandfather, passed away a few days ago, and asked Chu Nan to bury his ashes in the old ancestral hall of the Chu family in Qianlong Mountain, so that he could accompany his ancestors.
As soon as Chu Nan buried his grandpa, he discovered a vision in the sky over Qianlong Mountain.
It was sunny in the north, raining in the south, sunny in the south, raining in the north, raining in the east, raining in the south. This strange sky phenomenon must be a big news. Doesn’t the click on the circle go up? Chu Nan feels that the opportunity is too late to come back and quickly record with his off-brand mobile phone.
Chu Nan watched as two balls, one black and one white, suddenly appeared on the phone to form a gray bead. Flying towards him, the pure yang corpse beads and the pure yin corpse beads merged, and all the ministers and lords were wiped out. Qianlong mountain also turned into dust and disappeared, and the disappearance of Qianlong mountain on the earth was sent by satellites of various countries, causing fear in all countries in the world.
A new weapon was released.
After the explanation from the Celestial Dynasty, various countries sent scientists to jointly explore the mystery of the disappearance of Qianlong Mountain. No one knew that a young man, Chu Nan, also disappeared with Qianlong Mountain. Chapter 1 Author of Blood Pool Chapter 1 Author of Blood Pool Desperate Niu Nanling, one of the five great evil sects in the world of cultivating immortals, the Yin Corpse Sect, the place where corpses are raised, and the heads are surging.
Every disciple of the Yin Corpse Sect’s outer sect carries a corpse on their shoulders. Put the corpse into the pool of blood, and then carry the next one.
There are many corpses, many of which are distorted and frightening. These people all died of injustice or were abused by the disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect. In short, the large array of abnormal deaths consists of ninety-nine and eighty-one bloody pools with a radius of three feet.
Sue Cui Elder No. 1 Blood Tan nine corpses have been put away to tell Elder Cui No. 2 Blood Tan nine corpses have been put away Report to Elder Cui No.
3 Blood Tan nine corpses have been put away A benevolent man in a black robe with white hair The old man silently listened to his disciple’s report. This old man is Elder Cui, and he is placed outside the Yin Corpse Sect. If he is outside of the Yin Corpse Sect, he will definitely be regarded as a master of righteousness by his appearance. After the last disciple finished reporting, Elder Cui casually cast out a spell to enter a blood tan, and then all the blood tans emitted traces of blood-colored mist. The mist formed a blood-colored bubble above the blood tan, covering and protecting everything in the blood tan. One month later, a corpse in No. 55 Blood Tan suddenly opened his eyes and rubbed his hands subconsciously. Chu Nan woke up and had a long dream.
I dreamed that I turned into a zombie, jumped, jumped, chased beasts, poultry, people, and monsters.
When I caught one, I swallowed the other’s blood in one gulp. Chu Nan found that the parts below his neck were soaked in water, and there was a sound of blisters bursting in his ears. It turned out that he was himself.
I’m actually soaking in a hot spring, not to mention that the temperature of the hot spring is just right for soaking, it’s really comfortable. No wonder I fell asleep and had such a long dream.
When did I come to soak in the hot spring? Fortunately, I fell asleep standing up.
If I was sitting I fell asleep and didn’t drown me, Chu Nan thought for a while, but he didn’t remember why he soaked in the hot spring, why didn’t he turn on the light, Chu Nan looked around and couldn’t see anything, Chu Nan touched the blood pool wall and climbed up I just can’t climb up, I can’t climb up, can’t I walk by touching the bottom of the wall? I don’t believe I can’t walk a few steps in shallow water.
Chu Nan was stunned for a moment, his hand touched someone.
Wherever I shouted a few times, I didn’t see the other party answering. Chu Nan took two steps forward.