The side face was very handsome and she asked you calmly If we get in touch more and more in the future is it possible

Secretly in love with the sweltering heat of summer, the scorching sun, the pedestrians on the street were sweaty and wet due to the high temperature for three consecutive days, walking in a hurry and irritated. Inside the Baishi shopping mall in Fubin City, the central air conditioner in the Baishi shopping mall is operating as usual. Dear customers Raise your eyebrows and enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner.
Laughing and cursing with your friends. The weekend traffic of Park’s Shopping Center is as always higher than that of all other high, high, and low-end shopping malls in the city. Diners on the benches outside restaurants are queuing up for tables to be vacant. Children in front of the pond in the children’s area at the Midnight Market are waiting in line to catch small fish.
Customers in front of the loan counter are also waiting in line for payment.
Walking through the shopping crowd, talking and laughing, I walked towards the women’s clothing counter.
I remember someone said that you are very familiar with this shopping mall.
Jiang Ye’er’s smile immediately overflowed her brows, and she said proudly that there are ten of the seventy brands. One is from France, five are from Hong Kong, and the three new brands launched in the middle of last month are Bai’s self-owned brands.
Menerqing, Jiang Yeer, Fan Xiao was surprised and put her arms around Jiang Yeer’s shoulders, tilting her head with interest. Ask her who has a good-looking skirt, do you know if she will take the sales champion of last month to go abroad in two days to recommend two Sen’ao’s self-operated chief designer? Said Jiang Yeer, you are really more suitable to work in the mall, why don’t you be your little forensic doctor and enter the mall? You can try on new styles every day, not to mention that there are internal discount prices, and you have never been in contact with all kinds of dead people all day long.
I feel so terrified that I don’t like shopping malls. Jiang Ye’er dislikes Fan Xiao. He walks slowly like a husky by a chain, dragging Fan Xiao from side to side, looking at the new summer clothes in the counter, and I only have the experience of dealing with dead bodies and have no experience. Facing the experience of customers is too troublesome, Fan Xiao has been in the sales business for more than five years, and the sales manager has been proficient in catching people’s language loopholes for a year.
He is very keen to grasp the possibility of extended meaning of Jiang Yeer’s previous sentence. Picking up eyebrows and asking, then you don’t like shopping malls, what do you like? Something’s not right, Fan Xiao stretched out her hand in front of her eyes, did she secretly fall in love with a married man Jiang Ye’er blushed and slapped Fan away Xiao’s hands are striding forward, don’t keep your mouth open, you’ll talk bad tomorrow, Fan Xiao holds Jiang Ye’er and won’t let her go, staring at Jiang Ye’er’s eyes like a new continent and asking me, Jiang Ye’er, do you really like this Who is the manager in the shopping mall? I just realized that you never seem to go shopping in other shopping malls to buy clothes. It’s not normal. Jiang Ye’er immediately lowered her eyes and turned over her bag and asked, Fan Xiao suddenly remembered that I seem to have forgotten my membership card Have you brought it? Fan Xiao used to go shopping with Jiang Yeer and talk about her boyfriend’s attention to Jiang Yeer’s relationship problems.
The number of times she just broke up with her boyfriend and now she’s focused on Jiang Yeer, only to find out about Jiang Yeer.
Her behavior in the past year is very abnormal. Fan Xiao feels that Jiang Yeer’s eyes are dodging, and she is sure that there is something wrong. Press Jiang Yeer’s hand to express clearly.
Don’t let her change the subject, stop, stop, Jiang Ye’er, you definitely have a crush on the manager in this mall, isn’t it too strange to say that Bai’s mall has a full range of brands, but you shouldn’t go shopping in other malls, after all, the styles are not All shopping malls are the same, and it’s been a year, have you been secretly in love with someone for a year? Jiang Yeer continued to ask Fan Xiao seriously if he has a membership card.
Don’t make trouble.
Squinting her wily eyes and nodding with a sneer, Fan Xiao no longer presses Jiang Yeer, sitting on the sofa at the counter, flipping through the new albums, waiting for Jiang Yeer, who is changing clothes in the fitting room, after a while, Jiang Yeer walks out of the fitting room, Fan Xiao Throw away the brochure, hug your shoulders and nod frequently Jiang Yeer is really good enough for your body and looks to find a gold master to support you Don’t be your little forensic doctor Jiang Yeer smiled and didn’t answer Jiang Yeer tried on Senao The brand’s new white slim dress arrived the day before. The design is very simple. Only the skirt and cuffs are decorated with lace, but the tailoring fits Jiang Ye’er’s slender legs and slender waist. Fair and calm eyes made the shop assistants and shop managers all around Jiang Ye’er to praise and praise this dress as if it was tailor-made for her. It is suitable and beautiful, and one piece needs to be ordered as soon as possible. Jiang Ye’er’s face is tangled.
The dress is still expensive for her by two thousand and five.
For her, you can buy a lot of daily necessities, but the upper body effect of this dress is really good. Compared with beautiful things, women always have no resistance. While hesitating, Jiang Yeer suddenly looked through the mirror. A few inspectors in overalls walked into the Sen’ao counter and whispered to Boss Boss that he had already arrived on the second floor, remembering that the service language was loud. Hit the display screen, clutched his head, staggered and continued running to the fitting room. Fan Xiao really paid too much attention to her boyfriend before, so even though he has been to Park’s Mall many times, he only noticed Mr. Bai today for the first time. She asked the clerk who was pouring her tea, who is Boss Boss? The clerk answered in a low voice, Boss Boss is the chairman of our Boss family.
Your boss is very dedicated. You are still going on tour at noon, or Boss Boss’s office. There is no other headquarters in this shopping mall. The office is the headquarters.
The office is on the top floor.
Fan Xiao nodded and raised his voice to ask Jiang Yeer.
It’s long gone, Fan Xiao blinked, immediately followed in a few steps, pushed open the fitting room, poked his head and asked Jiang Ye’er, I said, Ye Zi, why did you come in?