The short and fat old man replied Gai Nie wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth looked at the vast sky looked at

Lin Bai flashed a flash of astonishment, his seemingly calm surface showed a hint of panic, he glanced around and found that he was in a messy ruins, huge piles of broken stone carvings interlaced and broken, the high walls were mottled with blood and fire The traces were imprinted on it, the sense of vicissitudes of life came over Lin Bai, his heart tightened immediately, he was sure that he had encountered an abnormal event, obviously he just stepped into the gate of his house, but there was a flower in front of him, but he appeared in this place, he read many novels on weekdays, but it was for him Provided some confidence, raised his eyes and looked at his situation. The ruins were covered with all kinds of weird plants.
What’s more, the undead Lin Bai’s scalp exploded and his pupils constricted for a moment, and he was in a dark corner not far from him. The pale skeleton burning with will-o’-the-wisp slowly wandered around. At this moment, the skeleton slowly turned to Lin Bai’s direction as if rusted. The flame in the skull emitted a scarlet evil light.
Suddenly, a white shadow rushed towards him. There was a loud bang when it came over, Lin Bai’s face turned pale, and he saw the bone fragments scattered in front of him, Lin Bai stared in astonishment, speechless, what happened just now? The body ran towards him so fast that only afterimages could be seen.
Lin Bai didn’t even react at all, but at the very moment, a thin film of light appeared around him. The seemingly vulnerable light film was beyond imagination.
Instantly rebounded the undead’s attack, and the scene in front of him appeared. This poor undead was shattered by his own attack. Lin Bai came back to his senses in an instant. He got two pieces of information.
The bone fragments in front of him began to vibrate, a mass of blood-colored soul fire adhered to the skeleton, but after a while, the bones were automatically put together, except for the small cracks on the hand bones, which could not be seen before, and it was broken into pieces. It seemed that he had lost his sanity and was driven mad by the breath of the living.
He ran into Lin Bai again without hesitation, bang, click, and scattered all over the ground again.
Lin Bai’s eyelids jumped, even though he was sure that he was safe, but a big bone frame lay beside him. It will inevitably make people feel a little uncomfortable before. He is just an ordinary person.
Mo Min is wonderful.
He has time-traveled. He can turn his face pale with fright when watching a ghost movie, let alone face this legendary evil species.
The terrifying bloody soul fire once again wanted to gather the scattered bones, Lin Bai’s eyes narrowed, he casually picked up a broken spear from the ground, and stabbed fiercely at the ball of soul fire, like a punctured balloon soul The fire dissipated in an instant and became invisible. At this moment, a voice rang in his mind, the auxiliary system activated. The voice was cold and emotionless, but Lin Bai seemed to hear the sound of nature.
His hanging heart finally let go of why everyone wants to time travel these years. Ah, how many glorious deeds of seniors have proved to us the importance of golden fingers. A thought flashed, and then I listened intently to the voice in my mind.
Bai clearly perceives a special existence that can’t be observed and can’t be described. It’s mysterious and mysterious.
That’s the system system. Where am I? Lin Bai pondered for a moment and asked this philosophical question. The current world name is Abyss Invasion System.
How much information can be given in one sentence? Traveled to another world.
It is still a different world that Lin Bai is very familiar with. Why is he familiar with another world? Because this is a game he just fell in love with. He traveled into the game world. Lin Bai looked up at the sky, and a red sun was hanging high. Zhongtian radiates endless brilliance but does not have the temperature and awe-inspiring nature that the sun should have. Instead, it looks strange. So is this world real or illusory? There is no reality or illusory, only existence and non-existence. Existence and non-existence.
Lin Bai’s eyes must be clearly not now It’s time to fret over these issues.
If this world is really the prototype world of that game, then the situation will not be so good.
Lin Qi still remembers the ending of the game. There are several bloody characters in big characters The world returns to the abyss, telling the story of one world being eroded by the law of the abyss The twilight of the world finally completely became a part of the abyss.
Due to the interference of laws, the world fell into chaos. All the gods who depended on the laws fell.
The practice system collapsed.
The glorious civilization collapsed. The survivors established settlements in various places and lingered on their last days.
As a player, the task was to protect the human race, regain the lost land, expel monsters, and save the world, but in the end, no one could achieve the law of the abyss. Invasion is the assimilation of the high world to the low world. Will be swallowed by the abyss Lin Bai remembers that when he first played, countless people racked their brains and even local tyrants spent money wildly, but they couldn’t reverse the ending of being swallowed by the abyss. Any life is infinitely terrifying, but it also leaves countless suspense. No one knows what the abyss is. Knowing how advanced the world is eroded, Lin Bai expressed that he took jujube pills, although he didn’t know why he traveled through time, but I thought that since he had passed through, there was still a system that would make it impossible for me to die. He opened the system in his consciousness while talking to himself. I found out that there is even a novice guide. This system is called the Empire Auxiliary System.
The meaning of the system is to help you build an empire and conquer the world. The sound of the system seems to have changed a bit, it is no longer as cold and blunt as a machine, but there is still no waves, and even Lin Bai, a man and a woman cannot be heard. But he was stunned by the system’s words, speechless, build an empire, conquer the worlds, he murmured