The shiny white tender Xiao Feng glanced at it then lowered his head for a long time before saying in a deep voice in fact

The Great Formation of Conferred Gods is very huge.
Taking Weiyang Palace as an example, this palace group covering an area of ​​nearly one hundred acres is just the entrance to the Great Formation of Conferred Gods, and the entire Great Formation of Conferred Gods is actually bigger than Tianqi City.
It is completely unrealistic to rely on manpower alone for the formation, so there are ten landscape towers in the four directions of Weiyang Palace. These ten-story towers, which seem to be decorations on the surface, are filled with the purest spirit stones.
If Feng wanted to break through the entrance of the formation, the first thing he had to take down was these forty landscape towers Volume 1 Chapter 1 Xiaoshi Goro I, Xiao Feng, came back, and a sigh of joy and excitement appeared on the empty official road. It took several seconds for a tall and strong figure to emerge from the flying dust. It was a young man who looked seventeen or eighteen years old, but he couldn’t see the slightest tiredness.
His handsome and resolute face was filled with a smile. Excited as a wanderer returning home, the young man is tall, his hands are long, his back is like a monkey, his waist is a moon-white samurai uniform on the right lapel, although he looks old, but he sets off his good figure, striding forward, the young man walked for a while, but stopped abruptly I saw a blue-gray city lying a dozen steps away from the youth.
Looking up, the three-to-four-foot-high city wall was majestic and majestic.
On a three-story tower, there were more than ten large flags waving in the wind. The flags were flying and flying. Standing with a word Xiao, didn’t you see the closed city sign? Two shining long spears were placed in front of the young man. The guard with the long spears had a serious face and brows full of vigilance.
The young man frowned and looked at the tall man. The wooden sign asked questioningly, since there is no war and it is not a county envoy to inspect, what reason is there to close the city? My city lord’s order is the reason. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences. The guard took a step forward and pushed the spear ten times at the boy. The rest of the guards standing behind also came over one after another. The young man frowned, and then held the long knife behind his back.
It was a long knife with a narrow back of about 1.
5 meters, and the blade was wrapped in a black leather scabbard.
The handle was dark silver and there was a small skull at the end.
The moment the boy held the handle, all the guards who were in front of him seemed to hear a sharp ghost howl.
The sound was full of excitement, as if something would jump out at any time.
Goro Is it really you? The familiar voice poured into the boy’s ears, and the slightly beating long knife suddenly fell silent.
The boy looked towards the city gate with half surprise and half joy. After a few seconds, he saw a body. The middle-aged man in half-worn armor walked out of the city gate in a hurry, leading the guards to come back to their senses and hastily saluted. The middle-aged man in front of him was the head of the city gate guards. In three steps at a time, I rushed to Xiao Feng’s front, carefully looked at the middle-aged man’s eye sockets covered with eye lines, and they were actually wet Goro, you are back, third uncle, how did you end up in such a field? Withdrawing his hand abruptly, he hurriedly supported the swaying middle-aged man who was about to kneel down.
Third uncle is useless.
Third uncle, I’m sorry for the guilt on your middle-aged face. Listening to the address of the two, the guards roughly guessed the identity of the young man in front of him.
He should be the orthodox heir of Muyang City. The fifth son of the Xiao family who was exiled five years ago, Third Uncle Xiao Feng, please get up first and speak carefully. Xiao Feng realized that something happened at home, otherwise the third uncle, who was supposed to be the commander-in-chief of the city’s soldiers and horses, would never have fallen into the position of guarding the city gate. In addition, they belonged to the orthodox Xiao family, even if he was exiled back then and was the city lord. There is no reason why my uncle would end up in such a situation.
I didn’t take good care of your two brothers.
They are going to be tried in public today and I can’t do anything. I am ashamed of my second brother who died. Damn it, Xiao Tianci, who is usually taciturn, has never been so gawkish as he is now. The guards stared at the weeping chief in a daze, and then remembered that the Xiao clan meeting was being held in the city, and thinking about the purpose of the meeting, he couldn’t help but feel sad.
What happened to my younger brother? When they heard that there was something wrong with my younger brother, Xiao Feng pulled Xiao Tianci up, but Xiao Tianci’s past years were not satisfactory, and he felt as if a big stone was pressed on him. Seeing his nephew come back today, he accumulated the accumulation. Guilt and sorrow all crowded into my heart, and when I was excited, I was so angry that I fainted. Leading the guards into a commotion, Xiao Feng saw that their concern was true, so he let them carry Xiao Tianci to the small house inside the city gate.
After they settled down inside, Xiao Tianci’s guards all backed out, but an embarrassing question came before him. Xiao Tianci fainted, so who will tell Xiao Feng what happened? You must know that Xiao Tianci is the master. From commander in chief to guarding the city gate, these little pawns can’t afford to offend a big man like the city lord.
Thank you in advance, please take good care of me. My third uncle Xiao Feng smiled and cupped his hands. He can see that these people are all There is something hard to say and it is not difficult for others, so I went through the gate of the city and walked in.
Where is the fifth son going? After all, Liu Yi saw the cold killing intent in Xiao Feng’s eyes. Anyone who changed it was Xiao Feng.
Public trial, but what Liu Yi was worried about was that Xiao Feng broke in.
He was afraid that he would give others a chance to catch them all.
He gritted his teeth, and Liu Yi pulled Xiao Feng aside with the mentality of going all out.
The young master’s family died, and the young master left not long after. The god-given officer was relegated with an excuse. A few days ago, the sixth young master just reached the age to inherit the position of the city lord. Then there was a theft incident.