The seventeenth day of the Qing Dynasty the dark star the bluefaced beast Yang Zhi the eighteenth day the golden gunner Xu Ning the nineteenth

The anchor system is turned on Name Lin Yi Gender Male Age Height Physical Strength Qualification Root Meridian Strength Vitality Strength Physical Strength Attack Power Defense Power Agility Movement Speed ​​Body Flexibility Nervous Response Degree Internal Force Does this need to be explained? Round up the skills you understand No items No gold coins After you click on the mall, you will be blinded by the titanium alloy dog-eyed character.
The information of the character is very simple, except for physical strength, agility, internal force and thinking attributes, there are four item skills, gold coin mall, this is a suspended translucent The screen was right in front of Lin Yi.
Apart from such a weird floating screen, there was one more weird thing. He passed through Lin Yi and looked around.
Looking from a distance, the magnificent Meridian Gate came into view. It was more than ten meters high.
The red wall is engraved with beautiful patterns, and the pointed roof is the style of ancient Chinese palace architecture. Meridian Gate, if placed in modern times, it would be the Forbidden City. Lin Yi is nothing more than a trip to Kyoto. There is no fuss, but this is the old name of the Forbidden City, the Forbidden City.
The Forbidden City means the past. The palace is the palace. Lin Yi returned to the Forbidden City hundreds of years ago, and it is the world of The Deer and Ding Ji.
When Lin Yi woke up, a magical system appeared in his brain.
Before he could figure out the situation, he was told that he was sent away.
When he arrived at the world in The Deer and Ding Ji, the system immediately transferred him over, and the clothes on his body instantly changed into a set of eunuch uniforms.
He couldn’t believe it. The only main task of the system task distribution system became the supreme anchor, the supreme anchor, that is, the world’s most honorable anchor.
Once the popularity reaches 100 million, the system prompts that the gifts received during the live broadcast will be automatically converted into gold coins, which can be purchased in the system mall It’s not impossible, but this is the world of Lu Ding Ji. If you’re not in the same plane, how can you live broadcast without a signal? What should you do? If you come, you will be at ease. Lin Yi doesn’t care about why this system appears in his mind at this time. Can he return to reality? Can the world see my mother and brothers and friends again? I can only take one step at a time. As a new era of Internet drama, he has seen a lot of things like time travel, but his personal experience still feels a bit like a dream. I can’t really dream.
Right, Lin Yi pinched himself, hiss, it hurts, it’s not a dream, he is no stranger to the profession of anchor, after all, there are so many anchors on the Internet now, there are game anchors, there are anchors who sing, anchors dance, anchors who sell meat and show their breasts, and all kinds of anchors Entertainment anchors, outdoor anchors, etc. Don’t underestimate these network anchors. Some well-known anchors, such as Xiaozhi, are extremely high every year in terms of live broadcast income, endorsement income, and other peripheral income, even not worse than some big-name stars.
The man, Chen Hedu, is he a game anchor? Seeing the tasks issued by the system, Lin Yi’s dick hurts. There are only 6 or 7 billion people in the world, right? I want to reach 5 billion popularity. Doesn’t it mean that grandmas and dolls from all ages have to watch my live broadcast? The key is that such a weird task is fine, but what the hell is the distance? Seeing a plane with no signal, how to live broadcast? The next moment, the system’s electronic prompt sounds again.
The host obtains a live broadcast device with 360-degree high-definition horseless night vision.
Invisible solar tracking equipment.
This equipment can shoot high-definition images for the audience to experience. In addition, the instrument also has an automatic mosaic function. The instrument can automatically connect to the real world network.
Please note that the instrument can only be used for live broadcast. At the same time, a fist-sized crystal ball appeared in front of Lin Yi in mid-air. Suspended, is this the tracking device produced by the system, or is it invisible to others? Lin Yi looked at this fist-sized crystal ball, and it felt like it was connected by blood, as if it was a part of his own body. It was amazing.
He thought this The crystal ball followed his thoughts and moved like a magic weapon of flying swords in myths and legends. It can be moved up and down, forward, backward, left, and right. It can also be connected to the network of the real world.
The electronic voice of the system sounded again in the mind. Please choose live broadcast. Platform and fill in the name of the live broadcast room and the name of the anchor bank account information, there is no need to fill in the income of the live broadcast will be automatically converted into gold coins, which can be purchased in the mall I went out to find my friends to play black games and watch the live broadcast of the game.
I am quite familiar with it. Since this is the world of Lu Ding Ji, I first took the name of taking you into the real world of martial arts for the live broadcast room to attract people. Anyway, live broadcast The name of the room can be changed at will.
The name of the host used the original name Lin Yi, and then the introduction of the live room.
Want to meet the live-action version of Wei Xiaobao? Want to meet the live-action version of Kangxi? Why don’t you want to see the live-action version of Xiaojun? Master Mu Jianping, Fang Yi, Zeng Rou, and Ake can also do it.
If you want to meet the real-life version of Shuanger, then what are you waiting for? I will take you closer to them and have an immersive experience of these coquettish characters.
This profile is exhausted. Lin Yi’s brain cells are attractive enough, right? After everything was ready, Lin Yi started the live broadcast.
The translucent screen floating in front of him displayed his various attributes. The picture of the live broadcast room and the scene appeared again The picture taken is really clear. Produced by the system, it really is a high-quality product.
Lin Yi looked at the clear picture and was a little stunned. He praised it, and it can sweep all the film and television works in terms of image quality alone.