The second time it was my sister even if you were dead you didnt care about anything um a pair of clouds and lightness enough

Zhang Yichi heard the very strong bloody smell, the smell inhaled into the nose and flooded the entire chest cavity, very uncomfortable forcing him to open his heavy eyes at the moment Zhang Yichi was lying on his back and fell on the ground first.
Gradually, his body quickly changed from lying to sitting.
After sitting up, the somewhat stingy brain finally sobered at the same time, and he got rid of the half -open state at the same time. The bitter feeling like falling into the ice cellar instantly spread all over his body, his mouth opened his throat, and moved up a bit of screaming, but he hadn’t waited for him to make a fierce voice.
The scream on the corner of the table at the back of the coffee table changed to a low moaning and could not look at the heartbroken thing in front of him.
Zhang Yichi pant and soberly, what was the situation, he murmured and murmured after climbing up, and the shock he brought to him in front of him was too big. Choose as a reincarnation person. You will experience a variety of worlds in this paradise. Now where you are located is a murderer. You are the murderer. You have to do everything.
The evidence successfully returned to the original world and failed to spend the rest of the world in this strange world in a prison in this strange world.
From all directions, I ca n’t pursue the source who is doing such boring things. No one answered him with a jealous look at the things on the ground in front of him and planned to leave this weird living room.
At this time, the seat phone in the living room attracted his attention to Zhang Yichi’s sudden light. I don’t want to participate in any tidy show.
If you do n’t come out, I will call the police. No one answered at all, so Zhang Yichi decisively dial.
Do n’t regret it.
I was incredible and looked at the input phone number.
I lost wrong.
Then the fire alarm first aid telephone and so on. I made a few times without exception. This is also the prop. When the faint figure in his glass was facing his glass, when he saw the figure, he felt cold and rising quickly. Why do you know that this is the bathroom, in short, he is familiar with everything in this room. Zhang Yichi rushed to the bathroom and watched himself in the mirror. How could it be that the person in that mirror was indeed him but not now. In the mirror, he was still 17 or eighteen -year -old. He stumbled out of the bathroom and leaned on the wall and watched the things that fell on the living room. On the chair on the table, even the walls were splashed out of blood, and Zhang Yichi swallowed all the strokes and panting all.
He explained to him that he was really into the unknown world by an unknown ghost. And the hair in the living room was erected up and stood up with multiple knives on the body. There was also a kitchen knife that was stained with redness.
The place where you are located is a scene of a homicide. You are the murderer. What you want to do is to clear all criminal suspects to avoid the police found the evidence that can be directly convicted within seven days. After the rest of the prison for the rest of the life, this is a game. Zhang Yichi’s frowning and white face seemed to be more pale because of his shock. In the mind of Zhang Yichi, a storm was lifted in one minute and one second. Let’s check the situation of the corpse first Perhaps this is just a prank. Maybe the corpse will stand up and squeeze him out of a lame -faced smile and say that the cooperation will be happy if Zhang Yichi will go up and kill him half to death. Because this joke is not funny, although he actually felt that the corpse was true, but he still had some fantasies to use this fantasy to ensure that he would not collapse and did not move towards the corpse. The glass mirror of the watch has been broken and the pointer has stopped all the bruises on his left hand. I do n’t pay attention.
Fortunately, when I see the hot pain of the wound, the watch should be again. At the end of the pointer, the time should be close to that person’s death. Zhang Yichi looked at the watch’s pointer watch at 2:30 pm. At this time, he suddenly was surprised. He shook his head and looked at the clock clock that was hanging above the sofa. When he approached the corpse, he first stretched his feet and tentatively kicked the corpse of the corpse of the corpse.