The second sister is so rare that she wants to push me into the water Su Ting is surprised that Su Yao is rare and

But it’s probably because of the deep sins and hostility that Meng Po’s soup can’t wash off. The blood on her hands can’t be reincarnated.
The king of hell threw her back to live a new life.
She decided to change her mind and be a good queen mother. One step puts down the butcher’s knife and immediately becomes a Buddha.
Cleans up the white.
The second step stays away from the palace. The third step. Finds the black one to marry. In the previous life, he called her his mother and queen.
The heroine is generous and pampered in this life The heroine slightly Xiaobai is not that powerful She thinks she is riddled with holes, but she doesn’t know that someone has built a shield for her in the bloody storm and protects her for half of her life Protagonist Su Yu, Qin Si, supporting role, Su Ting, Wei Xiao, Chapter 1, introduction, first month, heavy frost, tree branches covered with snow, crumbling spot, cold plum poking out its head stubbornly from the thick layer of snow, the sound of death knell, stepping on the tail of eight years of Chengde Riding the chilly wind, it swayed into the ears, completely extinguishing the new year’s flavor that just emerged in Kyoto, and the flying plain streamers seemed to melt into the silver-clad earth.
It seems to have drifted into the misty and empty sky.
The eye-catching plain colors look at the emptiness in people’s hearts. Suddenly, a dirge rises from the ground and cuts through the silence.
Accompanied by long and melancholy songs, various banners are held high by a neat team of cavalry. Dragons and phoenixes embroidered with golden silk soared up or soared or smashed to open the way for the mighty guard of honor, and then countless red or yellow birthday flags passed by in the air, covering one side with dozens of people wearing purple-colored robes.
The coffin was steadily carried by the servants as it moved forward.
The sapphire blue phoenix embroidered on the coffin stretched freely. Blossoming red peonies were in full bloom on the bright yellow silk and satin. Afterwards, two teams of cavalry were holding spears and guns closely. Behind the coffin, a group of monks in ocher yellow robes held banners in one hand and twirled rosary beads in the other, chanting words with their lips moving together. Tears or sighs, a melancholy cloud, the tail of the guard of honor gradually disappearing in the hazy sky, the golden eagle balls adorned above the coffin still piercing through the heavy mist, reflecting the dazzling golden light, the night falls in all directions, the clear moonlight splashes into the snow, collides and blends Not far away, the outline of the Da’anguo Temple with six beasts, tiles and red walls on the roof became clear. Walking to the Xumizuo sutra building carved with corrugated dragons and embossed dragons, Qin Huai waved his servants away and passed through the rows of arhats alone.
Song walked around the main hall and walked deep into the temple. Qin Huai stopped in front of a square gilt copper niche in the front hall of a side hall.
There was a man kneeling on his knees. The man was wearing a stone blue blouse with double silk flowers, wearing a jade crown, and his back was straight. The figure is tall and thin, eyes closed, twirling a string of phoenix-eyed bodhi rosary beads in his hand, Qin Huai stepped forward and knelt down on the futon beside the man, the man opened his eyes and turned his head slightly when he heard the sound, unexpectedly, he saw Qin Huai’s body. The rosary beads in his hand, covered with silk dragon gun, paused, then closed his eyes again, Qin Huai was not annoyed by his disrespect, and raised his head slightly to look at the altar through the shrine with the scent of sandalwood.
Perhaps the Buddha statue is too dark.
The Sakyamuni Buddha sitting in lotus lotus is far from the golden light in his childhood memory.
Speaking of which, this Buddhist hall is really ups and downs. This is the grand main hall of Da’an Guo Temple, and there are many pilgrims.
After the father came to the throne, he expanded the Buddhist temple and Taoist temple Da’an Guo Temple and built a new main hall. The main hall became a side hall and was gradually abandoned. After the father passed away, a bead curtain made of tourmaline beads was hung on the Xuanzheng hall. It’s the mother’s dignified figure and cold eyes.
The mother is the empress dowager, who is still young. He has become the puppet emperor in the rumors. The mother seems to like this abandoned side hall very much. As soon as she came to power, she asked people to renovate the main hall. The side halls, one in front and the other in the back, formed an opposing trend, so they called the newly built side hall the apse.
When it was finished, she only led him there once and did nothing, neither burned incense nor worshiped Buddha, and just quietly watched the aftermath of that time.
She never set foot here again, and then this Buddhist hall gradually became deserted until now, Qin Huaisi and this man with lowered eyes and squinting sideways, the moonlight reflected half of the man’s side face like a knife On the jade-like earlobe with sharp edges and corners, there is a scar that is neither long nor short, which adds a bit of sternness. Qin Huai squinted his eyes when he saw the scar. It turned out that my mother didn’t believe in Buddhism, not only did she not believe, but she also respected her. She said that Lao Shizi’s Buddha used to just sit and watch.
She once worshiped the Buddha devoutly and painstakingly swore that she only asked Xu Baolin to save her interest for three more years.