The second reason for Fengs hole card combat power is the fusion of Chaos Qinglian Divided into three safflowers and turned into Panlong Bianguai Taishang

Chen Dahai pushed his son, Chen Feng, who was lying on the bed like a dead pig.
Wake up, don’t worry.
I feel that someone is pushing him.
Chen Feng responded vaguely, and the next second, the severe pain from the buttocks directly made him go from the bed.
The bed bounced up, Chen Feng sat on the bed, looking at the strange middle-aged man with slightly angry face in front of him in a trance. Feng sat on the bed alone in a daze, what happened? Chen Feng walked to the mirror in the bedroom in a daze, looked at his handsome self, and slapped himself forcefully. It hurts, right? I graduated from university last night.
Chen Feng, the six brothers in their dormitory went out and drank a lot. He usually drank half of the alcohol and became unconscious. Could it be that he was so beautiful after drinking? Chen Feng rubbed his temples. While recalling his memory, he muttered that this world is a world with spirit card masters as the main theme. The country he lives in is called Longyuan Empire. The level of technology is higher than his previous world, and there is a sense of future technology in the land of each country. There is a kind of monster called fierce beast. Modern technology can do little harm to them.
After several years of development of modern technology and spiritual power, spirit card masters have emerged as the times require, using spiritual power as a carrier to fight by manipulating everything on the spirit card. The spirit cards you have can be created by yourself through the fusion of construction world view materials, or you can create them according to the handed down creation formula.
The only difference is that the degree of completion of the spirit cards created by yourself will always be used to perfectly display its combat effectiveness. The completion of the spirit cards created by the formula can be regarded as very good if the degree of completion varies from normal to higher. The spirit cards created by themselves will also return the original spiritual power of the spirit card master to help the spirit card master complete the improvement of the realm. Only the spirit card master The spirit cards created by death will become ownerless, otherwise they can only be used by the spirit card master himself.
The known grades of the spirit card master are white jade, orange, yellow, emerald, sky blue, violet, golden, crimson. Each level is divided into different levels. Why are other levels divided into two? One word, this violet is a bit special.
The reason is very simple. In the spirit card master system that has been passed down, the level after sky blue is called crystal purple.
The ambiguity in modern times is too serious, so it is changed to violet. Chen Feng sat at the dining table and concentrated on eating fried dough sticks Swallowing the porridge cooked by his mother, a beautiful woman on the opposite side of Chen Feng also looked at Chen Feng gently. It was Chen Feng’s mother, Li Meilan, why did he go? Chen Feng asked while drinking the porridge. Just now, Chen Dahai came out of the bedroom with two emerald spirit coin cards, and threw the two spirit coin cards in front of Chen Feng. An emerald spirit coin card is a spirit coin.
It’s a small amount, and one year’s living expenses are nothing more than that.
Take two cards and go to Baishan City to buy some materials for the college entrance examination to improve your strength.
Don’t ask to be like your cousin, at least enter a spirit card academy. Don’t embarrass me.
Ah, I know, don’t worry, Chen Feng waved his hand and said that he is now a white jade-level spirit card master.
It should not be a big problem to upgrade himself to orange-yellow level before the college entrance examination. Besides, he doesn’t know how excited he is now.
Just kidding, creating a spirit card requires a spirit card master to create background settings and world views. Right now, there are countless mature worldviews in his mind. Green Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, and Xuanwu.
Randomly getting two out of them is not the rhythm of sweeping the world.
Of course, it is impossible to do it now that the spiritual power level is not enough. Anyway, it can be done slowly.
The spirit card master created it.
The quality of the spirit card is directly proportional to the realm level of the required spirit card master, but even so, there are still countless backgrounds of spirit cards in Chen Feng’s mind.
The world of mythology, the world of animation, the world of games, there are too many things that can be created. Waiting for Chen Feng to create things that only need to consider materials.
Chen Feng clicked on his left arm, a virtual storage card space appeared, and put two Jade Spirit Coin cards in it. I have to say that the high technology is still very useful, at least no Carrying big and small bags on my back for the exam. Well, do it well and wait for your good news.
Chen Dahai said with a rough smile.
Chen Feng also gave a thumbs up. A few buses were parked outside the school of Lingka No. 2 Middle School in Fuze City, waiting for you. Students, all third-year spirit card masters in Fukuzawa City will go to Baishan City for the annual spirit card college entrance examination. The exam will be held five days later. It will be passed early to allow students time to buy rare materials in Baishan City and improve as much as possible before the exam.
The strength of Baishan City is dozens of times larger than that of Fuze City, and the materials are complete. Students of the second class of the third year, please get on the bus as soon as possible. Chen Feng found the bus of his class and walked up it calmly. Brother Feng is at the back of the bus.
Chen Feng’s Fa Xiao Wang Yibo also waved his arm.
Chen Feng walked along the aisle and sat down on the seat Wang Yibo left for him, but next to this seat was not Fa Xiao Wang Yibo, but a pretty, youthful and pleasant girl. The late girl is called Man Man Man Ming Man and Wang Yibo Chen Feng claims that Fuze Iron Triangle has been playing together since childhood, Man Man’s spirit card talent is better Chen Feng and Wang Yibo have been promoted to Emerald Spirit Card Masters a month ago It is a whole realm higher than Chen Feng, and she is in the top two in the entire class. With her level, it shouldn’t be a big problem to get a place in the provincial Phoenix Spirit Card Master Academy in her dream. The Dragon Yuan Empire is divided into nine provinces.
Provincial Phoenix Spirit Card Academy is one of the three best Spirit Card Academy in Donglin Province. This year’s score line is still the same as in previous years. It’s nothing. I chatted with my mother for a few more words. Man smiled and said that Man Man is a very cute girl who is considered Chen Feng’s little follower. In Chen Feng’s memory, Man Man seems to be secretly in love with him, but I don’t know if it is his illusion. We all know