The second reaction was too crazy but the ear The howling of the golden wind has been torn by the extreme speed sharp and piercing

The first chapter decides that the maltose in the mouth of the fat man next to him is creaking, the afterglow of the setting sun falls on the ground, the wind is as soft as a feather, without the slightest chill and coldness in the usual days, Ai Hui wonders if he will remember this day in the future Asked vaguely that it was decided, Ai Hui answered very affirmatively, he had already made a decision and there was nothing to hesitate about, the fat man seemed to be sighing and envied you not to be compared with those little kids, it would make me feel ashamed, so I just I don’t understand what’s so good about fighting and killing. Taking this money is enough for us to go back and live well for half our lives. How many people went into the wilderness with us? Two thousand, only the two of us survived. This is life money, understand? I’m dead My family can still get the money.
You are going to die so I have to live.
Ai Hui interrupts the fat man who gets more and more excited as he talks. Excellence is not eligible to enter the Five Elements Heaven, but his performance in the past three years has been very good. His calmness in complex and tense environments, as well as his courage and fighting spirit at critical moments are all impressive. When he raised his hope to get an entry The request for the quota of the Five Elements Heaven was considered by the higher-ups and finally agreed that out of the 2,000 hard laborers, only two survived, even if it was mostly luck, it is enough to explain a lot of problems.
The fat man sat down dejectedly. He became cheered up and said sincerely, remember to write my name in the column of the pension, it’s cheaper than others, I Ai Hui didn’t bother to care about it, he just pulled out a piece of grass, put it in his mouth, put his head on his head, and lay down comfortably in these three years in the wilderness Every day, the nerves are highly tense, the blood is life-and-death struggle, it is a dark and icy world mixed with scarlet, how did these three years pass? Hui’s brows stretched involuntarily, the coldness and rebelliousness on his face relaxed little by little, his serene, peaceful, comfortable and warm body gradually relaxed, and Ai Hui’s thoughts also became slack, like a fog that had lost its restraint. The drunken wind is strange and familiar, awakening those strange and familiar memories in the depths of my mind.
Three years ago, the sun and the wind in the Sword Cultivation Dojo were like this.
The remodeled dojo first wiped the floor three times as a warm-up. After wiping the floor, he began to build wooden shelves. The wood is usually the shapes of shelves of different lengths, shorts, and thicknesses that he picked up from nearby streets. Of course, there is no way to pay attention to so many wooden shelves.
He built wooden shelves. Started sorting out the sword manuals and cheats that the boss received recently.
These cheats are market price of one yuan and twenty catties. Paper books are cheap, iron coupons, and gold shells are a little more expensive. Jade slips are the least valuable.
Look through the comments.
Occasionally, he would fantasize about how beautiful he would be in the era of comprehension.
After finishing the sword manual, he will start sorting out the flying swords and swords. The sun has risen and warmed up just like it is now. Lost in strength, it is nothing but a pile of scrap copper and rotten iron. However, under the sun, Ai Hui is often attracted by their ancient beauty. Its shape makes it impossible to connect with Feijian. It is too rusty to touch. If it breaks, the boss will scold him again. He has no wages, three meals, and enough food.
It’s as beautiful as the sunshine at this time, he can’t find a better word of praise, the boss is a good man, but his ability to do business is not good enough, a qualified businessman will go to the Sword Cultivation Dojo There were no more than ten people who walked around and saw the signboard of the Sword Cultivator Dojo hanging at the door. Ninety percent turned their heads and left.
Now there is no other sword cultivator in the Sword Cultivator. There is nothing but countless cheat books and swords and flying swords. For these things, the boss I have traveled to waste markets all over the place, and even when I go to other places to do business, I will bring back a batch. It can be said that the boss’s enthusiasm for sword repair is unreasonable. The shipping fee is much more expensive than their cost. Of course, sometimes Ai Hui feels that the boss Poor financial resources seem to only be able to afford such a cheap hobby as sword repairing.
Ai Hui persuaded the boss that it is better to change to body training.
Anyway, it has much more future than sword repairing.
The boss was furious and scolded him bloody.
At that time, Hui understood that the boss’s talent for doing business was really lacklustre. Chen, who was guarding the empty ashram, simply pondered over the cheats of the one yuan and twenty catties sword scriptures by himself.
Recruited three or two little brats, the boss was poor, failed in business, owed debts and couldn’t pay back, and committed suicide Hui said so to himself, but when he saw with his own eyes that the crude bookshelf he built was pushed down to the ground, the sword book and cheat books were in a mess, and half of them were dragged back by the boss from a far away city.
When he saw the sword that had to be cleaned several times a day The frame was trampled into pieces by the debt collectors.
The boss said that it was a treasure he had found from a sword master’s cave. The flying sword on the sword frame was once bloodied for thousands of miles and shocked the heroes.
When he saw the nine-tone sword and wind chime hanging under the eaves The boss said that it was the once-famous Jiuyin Jianmen’s Zhenshan Heavy Weapon Nine Swords came out of the sky and broke the void.
He couldn’t help but rushed forward like a wounded wolf who was on the verge of extinction. It was just a struggle.