The rustling sound sounded again and she was horrified that those mice had appeared again right But Mom is still here isn’t it to scare

The new boss is arrogant, poisonous, tongue-in-cheek, straight-talking, nasty, and has a cat.
The boss is so happy to be bullied. Why are these two guys the same? Doesn’t it mean that after the founding of the country, she can’t become a genius? What kind of strange thing did she fall in love with? Name My Boss Has Became Essence or Sucking a Cat is a Breathing Pain Shouting Mingming Mingzi Mingge Mingge They held huge signs in their hands that said Guming is the most handsome Guming Guming Guming we love you etc. Fluorescent sticks waved and flickered and spewed mist like a fairyland on the stage The music started, and a huge disc slowly rose in the middle of the stage. Through the fog, everyone could see a man standing on the disc. That man had dyed blond hair and was wearing a black suit, watching almost everyone with a smile on his face. Everyone stood up and shouted Gu Ming Gu Ming Lin Xiaoqi was sitting in her seat, she was wearing a peaked cap covering most of her face, now the crowd in front of her blocked her view, she had to stand up on the stage That person has already started to show his dancing posture, as soon as he stretched out his arms and raised his feet, there are people screaming Gu Ming has a microphone on his body and he starts to sing.
My love for you is like a spell, and I still love you until now and I don’t want to let you go.
If one day you I can understand my sincerity, please don’t leave me, the crowd below me sang the same rhythm, the voice of the follower Gu Ming reverberated in the huge venue, this is Gu Ming’s famous song, and he sang this song as himself The opening song of the meeting is naturally quite meaningful. Gu Ming has been famous for five years, and he has achieved quite a lot in film and television.
After the song ended, the fans all sat back on their chairs.
Lin Xiaoqi also sat down and raised her face to look at Gu Ming from under the brim of her peaked cap.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen this man.
This man seems to be more handsome than before, but she’s still more used to his black hair in concerts.
It’s not over yet.
Lin Xiaoqi looked at her watch. It’s almost time to work. She stood up and prepared to go outside.
When the concert ends, so many people will leave the venue together. It must be crowded.
She has to leave early, and the ticket price for this concert is She works for a month’s wages Lin Xiaoqi is walking in the aisle while carefully dodging the long legs protruding from the chair next to her, all the fans’ eyes are focused on Gu Ming on the stage, no one noticed her leaving, at this moment the venue suddenly stopped Quiet, Gu Ming stood on the stage with a smile and asked the staff to choose the last lucky audience today.
Numbers began to scroll on the huge screen. This is the number marked on the tickets purchased by the audience. When the screen stopped The last number that appears on the screen is today’s lucky audience number.
Everyone is watching the big screen and waiting excitedly. The numbers flashed past quickly, and the music became tense. Lin Xiaoqi stood on the aisle, and she was also a little curious about who it would be. Two lucky audiences have been selected in front of them, and they won the third prize and the second prize respectively. Very good gift Now the first prize is to be selected. The audience is said to be a big gift.
As long as the audience’s request is within Gu Ming’s tolerance, he must realize the audience’s dream. It is because of this gimmick that this concert will come. There were so many audiences that the venue was too full to sit down. It was so exciting to get a promise from the male god Gu Ming. The numbers on the big screen gradually slowed down and finally fixed on a number. The host announced loudly that this is the number.
Which audience please come to the stage, the audience is a bit noisy, everyone is looking at each other to see who is lucky to get this award, but the host said it three times in a row, no one came to the stage, the audience was in an uproar It’s also a bit embarrassing. They originally expected that this lucky audience, who was so much anticipated by everyone, might burst into tears with excitement. They would definitely run to the stage immediately, and then Gu Ming himself would present a reward.
Fans applauded enthusiastically, and the whole concert set off a small climax.
Unexpectedly, it was a bit cold. Fortunately, the host quickly reacted after a long experience.
Maybe our lucky audience is too shy, so it’s okay to be embarrassed to come to the stage.
Please contact our staff later to claim your own prize Next, we continue to look forward to Gu Ming’s performance. The attention of the audience was quickly diverted, except for a few people who were still looking around and envious of that lucky audience. The venue Lin Xiaoqi hurriedly walked on the aisle outside the venue.
Her steps were very anxious and her heart was beating. She was holding a concert ticket tightly in her hand.
From her fingers, she could see the upper corner.
The four numbers are clear.
It’s not because she didn’t hear the numbers read out by the host, and it’s not because she was too shy to go on stage. It’s because she can’t appear in front of Gu Ming.
Lin Xiaoqi wore a peaked cap to see Gu Ming’s concert because she was worried that he would recognize him. Although it is very difficult for her to recognize a person in the auditorium of so many people, she is still very careful.
After all, it has been more than two years since she broke up with Gu Ming. The breakup was proposed by Lin Xiaoqi. His career is already in full swing, and he is busy with various performances or shooting various hit TV movies every day.
Sometimes the crew here in the morning will fly to another city in the afternoon, and the crew this week is still working on the new show. I’m doing promotion for the movie and I’m having a concert next week.