The room scented with herbs is always filled with various warm voices and a letter so warm a letter that pampers her so hard a

Copywriting Everyone has a crush on at least one person in their youth. You and that person may just take a boat to see flowers together for a ride, or meet each other every day but dare not express their feelings.
So this kind of crush always ends up in the quiet and wanton youth.
In the moonlight, maybe at the end you don’t even know that person stared at you so deeply in a tender and peaceful moment. This is the best secret love ending in the world.
When you love him, he also just loves you. If that person is still with you Beside, please hold his hand stubbornly and tell him that he is the flower on your star. I don’t know what other people’s stars look like, but there is only one flower on my star.
It is you. Chapter 1 The flower I can see You can smell the fragrance of flowers when the clouds float, but suddenly everything is dull, only you are left in the sky, and only you are left bright It is said that the smell of each Chinese medicinal material contains their souls, so the smell of each Chinese medicinal material is very different Together, they are his friends and also his toys. He is different from his twin sister Feng Xun.
He is naturally gifted and interested in these herbs.
When he was four years old, Feng Xin could already recognize hundreds of different medicinal materials and understand their properties, but Feng Xun only The aunts who can steal the smelly Patella to smoke them say that girls are more obedient and spoiled them, but they are an exception.
Grandpa’s old patients all know them. The two brothers and sisters wrote letters and all praised him for his clear bones, his talent, his extraordinary personality.
Gentleness will become a powerful tool, but when Feng Xun was mentioned, he could only smile and say that the little girl was still cute and like a brother, so when they were twelve years old, their father, who usually only met outside once a year, suddenly appeared in the living room of grandpa’s house. When he insisted on taking one of us away, Grandpa was silent for a long while and finally pointed at Feng Xun.
At that time, the letter had already begun to show its dazzling light.
In school, he had good grades, was popular, had strong leadership skills, and was good at painting. I can see the applause and flowers all the way, but Feng Xun is mischievous and mischievous, his grades are mediocre, nothing can compare to a letter, but Feng Xun is the most vivid sun in his premature, rigid and boring life. After deciding on Feng Xun’s expression, she looked at the dumb-faced grandpa, then at the silent grandma wiping away tears, and then at the slightly sneering father, and she threw herself into his arms with a beam of joy, brother and future father.
The company is mine now Humph, don’t try to grab me more The voice is crunchy and glutinous with her usual mischievous vigor, but it’s the first time a twelve-year-old boy’s shoulders feel so heavy and so heavy that he can hardly stand up The day Feng Xun got into his father’s car and left in the dust was October 10th, the weather was fine. I saw the letter and said that the two people’s classes were deducted one point each.
I don’t know if everyone has such a period in their lives.
The time that wants to burn completely can’t be crushed Turning side to side, desperate but infinitely humble, the first time I saw the letter, I felt such a strong feeling, suddenly fell into it without warning, and never came out of it for many years. That was when I was sixteen and just entered high school.
The Yixin school is surrounded by green and black hills and densely planted with sweet-scented osmanthus trees. Not long after the school starts, the whole campus is enveloped in an extremely sweet fragrance, giving people the illusion of being surrounded by happiness.
Most of the students in the class are directly promoted from the middle school.
We are very familiar with each other and already have our own circle of friends.
I often feel lonely. Fortunately, my younger sister Ruosu, who transferred to junior high school together, went to and from school with me, but soon the eccentric Ruosu entered their class. The main circle of girls and new friends from three to five are running around happily and arrogantly like a group of little female crabs, so I am even more lonely As a rule, senior high school students must withdraw from the student union, but because he is too popular, his grades are impeccable, and I asked for my opinion to make an exception, let him stay in the post until graduation. This is something I learned later, but I was in a bright and restless October. In the sun, I was lazily doing inter-class exercises with thousands of classmates wearing the same light blue and fat school uniform. The familiar background music on the radio for many years was reassuring and tiresome. I vaguely felt small strange fluctuations around me, and then Turning his head, he saw a strange white-clothed boy walking by surrounded by several members of the sports department of the student union.
He heard a girl beside him muttering a letter.
It had been a long time since he checked the letter himself.
Another voice responded that he was a senior in high school and must be very busy.
Others I probably didn’t take part in the event, and there were some small regrets and unwilling sighs. I don’t know if it was because the sun was particularly dazzling that day, or it was just because the letter was wearing a white coat.
His appearance made me feel dizzy.
I lost my mind and turned sideways. While moving, I foolishly turned in the wrong direction and bumped into the hand of the female classmate on the right.
The female classmate on the right is the loudest fat girl in the class next door. She seems to be a personality who moves faster than she thinks.
I was caught off guard and made her angry. Immediately stopped and yelled at me, which way are you going? Didn’t you turn your eyes? I hurriedly said I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but the people around me had already stopped and looked around with a smile.
A few student council inspectors have already walked over to this side. What are you doing in class one and three? A short boy asked her with a serious face when she hit me. Repeatedly saying I’m sorry, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the young man in white who was so close at hand, his expression was rare at this age, his eyes focused and sharp