The roar of the huge explosion lunatics you earthlings are all lunatics Lieutenant General An Muxi sternly said detonating Pluto not only we will die

Ding, the enhancement was successful, golden flowers splashed everywhere, the little turtle king electric car was successfully strengthened into a irascible little turtle king Remarks Although I am a turtle, I can outrun the rabbit as a village teacher, and after turning on the system of brilliance of all things, life officially takes off. Chapter 1 A clear sky Thunderbolt rings as a teacher from Tegang. Be the principal, please collect Shulin, do you really want to go to that poor country? Give me a good preparation. Once you join the job, the first-level teacher doesn’t even have an internship period. Where can I find my brother? You have been a special post teacher there for two years.
You know all about the working environment.
Said that in the ravine, if you want to surf the Internet, you have to go to a high place, can you bear it? Liu Tianci earnestly said that Yang Shulin felt warm after hearing what the second brother said. He knew that the second brother who slept with him was really good to him, and what he said was really reasonable.
But some promises have been made and must be fulfilled. This is the true nature of a man.
Think about it.
We are also Dongshi’s master of education. Although it is a part-time program, the Ministry of Education also recognizes it, okay? The conditions can’t be given to you.
Look at Shenzhen’s talent introduction plan, which costs hundreds of thousands of relocation fees. What can you get from Shangougou? Said Eryang Shulin sighed, second brother, I promised Erniu, a man who can even abandon his promise to a woman, is he worthy of your deep friendship? Although the environment in my place is a bit difficult, it is also the first line of education.
Don’t think you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. There are so many first-tier cities in this kind of city. In the future, there will be an education meeting. Who will sit in the first row? Liu Tianci was not amused by Yang Shuren’s sneer. He knows the character of his fourth son.
If you don’t come back, what will your parents say? Liu Tianci asked Yang Shuren to show his hands.
I have a brother who is filial to my parents and inherits the family. He is the one who will bear it. My parents allow me to be self-willed.
Besides, my daughter-in-law will take them back to see them What else are they dissatisfied with? Liu Tianci gave a thumbs up. Brother, if I don’t obey the wall, I will obey you. Others will only bring back a dusty body when they are teachers. Yang Shulin covered his face with his hands, sir, please don’t mention it, who would have thought that the place where I worked as a special post was the place where I did social practice and teaching in my freshman year? It’s all due to fate. After the college entrance examination, when she saw me, she threatened me to sign up for the exam and stop reading if she didn’t fall in love with her. Don’t bother me, don’t bother me, don’t agree to me, single lone wolf Liu Tianci gritted his teeth and said with sour contempt on the two of you.
Talking and laughing, the last time before graduation was spent.
When the lights first came on, the two remaining brothers packed their bags and went their separate ways. Goodbye, Yang Shulin got on the high-speed rail leading to Lingcheng, and called the old principal. call their backcountry places each You can’t wait for the bus that comes once a day. He would rather take a 50-year-old walking tractor than squeeze the dirty and broken bus that seems to have come from the 1970s and 1980s. Mr. Yang Graduated hahaha welcome to me, I will arrange for Li Laogen to drive a tractor to pick you up The old principal who received the call is very happy that his school can retain such talents as Yang Shulin There is a special post teacher, but there is no one who really stays. Yang Shulin can stay in the central school to teach.
The story has been spread all over the villages and towns. Martian son, everyone brags that Mr. Yang is his prospective son-in-law, although the fact is true.
After getting off the modern electric railway transportation equipment, Yang Shulin dragged his heavy suitcase and walked out of the high-speed railway station. Far away, he saw his voice shouting Calling Li Laogen, Mr.
Yang, who is familiar with the environment here, Yang Shulin, who has been teaching here for two years, is familiar with every street and every intersection here, and what makes him more familiar is every village in the village where the central school is located. Uncle Gen, thank you for your hard work, Yang Shulin smiled gently and said, giving people the feeling of being a modest and gentle gentleman, but if you really think this is a good old man, it can only mean that you have been cheated.
All the children who have been taught by Yang Shulin will tell you with tears You are a devil, you are a master of sports, even the best runner in the mountains can’t run a thousand meters in front of him, you have to be caught and hung up, you are a master of debate, if you refute it with your fallacies He will use his fists to tell you what knowledge is power.
He is a heir to the dark cooking world. The food he makes is non-toxic, and it can be said that people hate dogs. It is the best choice for dieters.
No hard work, no hard work. Teacher Xiao Yang won’t leave when he comes back this time, Li Laogen asked, he’s afraid that Yang Shulin will be transferred to the post as soon as the service period of other Tetegang teachers is up From now on, I will be a member of our central school.
Li Laogen doesn’t understand the personnel system, he only knows that if Mr. Yang doesn’t leave, his big mouth is behind his ears. Someone cleaned up Mr.
Xiao Yang and got on the car.
The principal is already ready for the banquet and is waiting for you to come.
Li Laogen grabbed Yang Shuren’s suitcase and threw it into the trunk of the car.
Yang Shulin saw that his mouth twitched.
To be honest, the very expensive tractor returned to the village with sparks, lightning, and black smoke all the way.
The passability of the dilapidated village road was very poor.
A car with a lower chassis would definitely lie down.
Only this kind of durable tractor can overcome this. kind of traffic