The result is such a cycle finally Li Chunhua broke out again as a hero the wind and thunder rose for the third time after

Rebirth and return. In the special ward of the First People’s Hospital of Nanzhou City, located on the fifth floor of the inpatient department, a young man wearing a hospital gown is lying on the hospital bed and sleeping soundly.
Although the young man has his eyes closed, his nose bridge is straight and full of martial arts style. The sword eyebrows all indicate that next to the man’s handsome face, a petite but delicate female nurse is helping the man to check.
The sky is being illuminated at this moment. The dim sky makes people feel depressed. The female nurse was startled and looked up at the scene of heavy rain outside the window, put down the instrument in her hand, walked to the window, stretched out her hand to close the curtain, and turned her head to look at the scene under the warm light of the ward. The male and female nurses couldn’t help muttering that they looked better than Xiao Xianrou.
It’s a pity to be beaten like this. At this time, the door of the ward was opened with a click. A charming woman in a white shirt, short skirt and black stockings came from the outside. Walking in, a woman with willow eyebrows, apricot eyes, and bridge of nose is slightly upturned.
Cherry lips are wearing light pink lipstick.
Long hair and shawls sway as she walks. Her jade-like skin seems to radiate light under the light. She is not very old, but she can hold up her clothes straight.
The slender legs are wearing high-heeled shoes and wearing black stockings exudes a mature charm.
It has the innocence of a girl and the temptation of a mature woman.
It is like the combination of an angel and a devil. No wonder men are willing to beat her to death for her. I’m so jealous.
The female nurse roared wildly in her heart, haven’t she woke up yet? The woman looked at the man lying on the bed and frowned slightly, then said to the female nurse, you should go out first.
Familiar and unfamiliar voices came from the ear, which made Chen Mo who had just woken up gradually clear the hospital ward and Li Qinxin. How is it possible that Li Qinxin has been dead for many years? Why did he appear here and this body feels weak? Chen Mo’s heart tightened as he looked at Li Qinxin in front of him, his pupils constricted and his brows frowned. Why would a person who had been dead for hundreds of years reappear with his power? Where is his power? I was startled, my body trembled slightly, my face turned pale looking at this familiar scene, the memory of the past surged into my heart in an instant, and I came back again, Chen Mo was extremely shocked, in Chen Mo’s memory, after the thunderstorm, he should hug him My prospective girlfriend, Li Qinxin, was slapped and the old injury relapsed.
After waking up, it was already the beginning of the game, knowing the result.
Chen Mo naturally couldn’t do it again, and the woman in front of her didn’t deserve to look at Li Qinxin and Chen Mo indifferently.
Leaning on the hospital bed, silent without saying a word, I am used to Chen Mo centering everything on myself, I am used to being held up and pampered by others, Li Qinxin can’t stand Chen Yang’s eyes, I feel uncomfortable, we are over, or we have never started Li Qinxin changed his sitting position and looked at Chen Yang with a blank expression and said thank you for liking me but I have already found my true love.
Chen Mo has known each other for three years.
I hope you can bless me instead of complaining.
Li Qinxin couldn’t stand Chen Mo’s eyes anymore, so he stood up and turned his head and said in a cold voice that we are no longer students. Love needs material things as the foundation. You should be pursuing bread instead of love. Do you know how much this ward needs every day? Do you pay for a month? Don’t worry about the salary.
I don’t need you to take this money. I’ve already told Shao Zun that you won’t be an intern after you return to the company, and you will become a full-time employee directly.
And Shao Zun also said that you will be the deputy manager of the planning department after working honestly for one year. After finishing speaking, Li Qinxin picked up her bag, got up, walked to the door, her feet paused, and I hope you don’t come to my house again, my mother doesn’t like you, does your mother have a mother? Chen Mo’s indifferent eyes finally changed slightly, looking surprised After Li Qinxin pondered for a while, Chen Mo was in a trance.
There is a mother. Your mother died only at the beginning of the game.
Go home and look at your mother’s frightened eyes. Chen Mo finally said the first sentence after rebirth. I was a little confused, then I shook my head, turned around, and walked away as a small character. It’s useless to say more, just let him realize the reality.
After Li Qinxin left, the female nurse who was guarding outside trotted in with small steps. How do you feel when you wake up? Do you want to call the doctor? Chen Mo shook his head slightly, then forced himself to get up and asked if today is the date of the year? Yes, the female nurse was a little dazed, I have to go through the process of being discharged from the hospital, Chen Mo opened his mouth, endured the severe pain in some parts of his body, forcibly got up, walked to the side cabinet and took out his clothes No, you can’t do it now, you have to do it. Chen Mo interrupted the female nurse’s words lightly.
In front of the female nurse, he directly took off the hospital gown. In the hospital gown, the rogue female nurse without any clothes blushed and turned around. I wanted to leave but hesitated for a while and said, anyway, I don’t need you to pay to live here. The longer you live, the more heartache the person who hits you will hurt, right? After getting dressed, the female nurse pushed away.
Chen Mo picked up her things and walked out.
No matter how the female nurse stopped her, it was useless. After completing the discharge procedures at the counter, Chen Mo limped and walked out of the hospital. It was raining.
Is this umbrella for you? The female nurse followed Chen Mo helplessly to the hospital gate and handed a black umbrella to Chen Mo.
Chen Mo looked at the female nurse in a daze, and finally there was a rippling in her Gu Jing’s heart. See me give you a new umbrella and open your mouth lightly