The resentment of the distance the contempt for her who has been pretending to be herself her face is calm but the tide is surging

The sound startled him. He put his hand on her arm, his palm was warm, and he didn’t say a word. She put on her coat and zipped up her boots, and walked away without looking back.
She went downstairs and exited the gate before she dared to say a few words in annoyance. She got into her car and looked up at the window of his room, the two pots of cactus hesitated for a moment, she dialed his phone and it rang halfway, and he answered it but didn’t speak, it was me, she said yes Nothing happened today we both gotta forget about it you heard and then there was a blind tone he hung up the phone she started the car and walked away thinking she was talking she gotta scare him hope he doesn’t do anything after that I’m really regretting that I’ve known you for only two months.
Qiu Jianing is a 20-year-old female postdoctoral fellow. She’s a young student under Academician Wang Zhili of Beihua University. She’s the director of the Material Physics Laboratory of Academician Wang.
Two months ago, she was a new graduate student The joint trainees came from Yunnan.
When she was teaching them, she was stunned for a moment when she saw the faces of the students.
The person said that my name was Zhou Xiaoshan. She was a newcomer. For some reason, all the skilled female students had troubles this day.
They asked the new students for help. Their skills were immature and their motives were obvious.
Looking at Zhou Xiaoshan, the answer was on that handsome face. She is currently busy with her daily master’s lectures. Under the auspices of Academician Wang, the high-heat-resistant space material project she is cooperating with several fellow students is expected to succeed. In addition, she is preparing for her wedding with reporter Qin Bin in a few months. Qin Bin is currently covering the South, and everything is falling on her alone. She is a little tired after class.
Please invite Mrs. Qiu to the party, Carrian, what kind of name do you want to welcome new students? The class monitor said yes, I’m not going. Carrian said I’ll go to a high-end laboratory at night, but I’m soliciting donations.
She said you’ll get it and I’ll reimburse you, okay? The students said long live, she said yes Tai Sui is fine. At this time, I have a call to see if the number is Qin Bin. She went out to answer the phone.
The hero is currently interviewing in Guangxi. The signal is not good. She said pay attention to your body.
Qin Bin said that he is staying for a while and will call you later She came back to the lab to tidy up her things, all the classmates left, only Zhou Xiaoshan was tidying up the utensils, what is this for? Come in Zhou Xiaoshan’s face is so thin and white in the sun Are you going to the library? He looked at her and she didn’t say a word. She said the campus is too big. I drove a Ford and studied in the U.S.
for three years.
I became addicted to driving a fast car.
I can’t even kill the brakes.
I don’t want to slow down on campus. I arrived at Carrian without saying a few words and said goodbye. It will be more convenient to buy a bicycle in the future. Zhou Xiaoshan nodded and smiled.
See you tomorrow. Thank you. He got out of the car and said to her outside, please stop smoking in the future, and don’t let everyone know that it’s bad for your health.
Why did she pay so much attention and left a smell in the car? She thought that the honest Zhou Xiaoshan would be a good student, but he was absent in the second class. I said who didn’t come before, no one answered, no one said I called the roll, she seemed to be holding the score book, the students were giggling, and I was very happy, and I thought the primary school monitor said that the teacher was Zhou Xiaoshan, why didn’t he come? I know, you are still the class monitor like this, you care about it, how can the students be absent from class for no reason? Carrian said it’s ok, let’s heat up the flask first, but after all, he is an adult student. I know studying, everyone has their own ambitions. That weekend, she had a female classmate who came back from the United States and called a few old female friends to go out for a drink. When these people were in college, they were the masters of everything.
Small black chested evening dress to go to an appointment with rose red lips All the women are compared to this naturally beautiful female postdoctoral fellow, it is inevitable that they will tease a few words.
The female A said that it is too unnatural for you to dress like this as a teacher. Carrian said you are jealous.
You don’t need to label me like that if you’re jealous.
I’m not giving a lecture yet. I hope you don’t give a lecture. Everyone toasts and drinks.
I don’t know who picked this Yunnan restaurant. The dishes are sour and delicious.
The rice wine is mellow. The stamina has improved. The lady in the weekdays has shown some prototypes.
Talking about the ban, Carrian’s marriage has made everyone concerned and regret why she has surrounded herself in the besieged city so early. Carrian said what do you know? Me and Qin Bin It was my childhood sweetheart.
When I was in America, he rejected many girls for three years. We kept a letter every month.
All the women later agreed to Qin Bin. I found that I couldn’t answer, asked the waiter to add some wine to think about it, and quickly changed the topic before going to the bathroom.
Before I went to the bathroom, I asked a big vulgar question.
What is called love? Zhou Xiaoshan also saw her, just looked at her and didn’t speak, the effect of the alcohol made her even more angry, she walked over with her footsteps on the ground, and said that the class leader told you that if you are absent more than one time from the experimental class, you will be disqualified from the exam.
You are here. What are you doing? Xiaoshan was bored for a long time and said that she stopped talking to him when he was working part-time.