The reason why Qiao Xiaoqiao didnt like Chi Guyuan Qiao Wan thought it might be because he misunderstood the relationship between Chi Guyuan and her

Are you Qiao Wan Qiao Wan just sent the students and their parents out of the piano classroom after class? A woman in her early twenties asked her questioningly. The woman immediately laughed and said to Qiao Wan that we haven’t seen each other for many years. After graduating from high school, it seems that we haven’t seen each other.
Where have you been in the city? The current memory is very short, and there is no information about this woman in the short memory.
Sorry, Qiao Wan hesitated, then smiled and said that I had a car accident after graduating from high school. I don’t remember much about the past, so the woman listened to Qiao Wan.
There was a flash of shock in the eyes of the words, and she lost her memory.
Qiao Wan smiled helplessly.
The woman’s eyes were a little unbelievable, but seeing Qiao Wan’s expression, she gradually believed it.
You can only see her in novels or Korean dramas. She didn’t lose her memory. Before that, I probably didn’t believe in such bloody plots. The woman’s expression quickly changed. No wonder you haven’t heard from me since high school.
By the way, my name is Qin Yue. After the woman in your class introduced herself, Qiao Wan looked at her again. She vaguely felt that her name and appearance were a little familiar. Although Qiao Wan lost her memory, she still couldn’t remember the old photos.
I seem to have a little impression that you were behind me when I took the graduation photo.
Qiao Wan remembered it and smiled at Qin Yue and mentioned the graduation photo. Qin Yue said, Oh, by the way, we have a class reunion at the resort in the south of the city next Saturday, so you can come and say Watching Qin Yue take out a business card from her bag, she enthusiastically said to Qiao Wan that I organized it and I haven’t been in touch with you.
I didn’t expect to meet this class reunion here. Everyone basically comes and you come too. Looking at Qin Yue, it might be helpful for you to restore your memory. Qiao Wan took the business card and glanced at it. The business card is black, surrounded by gold borders, it is very beautiful.
Qin Yue’s name is bronzed next to her title, Resort Manager.
This resort is opened by my boyfriend.
I’ll cover all the expenses, you just have to come when the time comes Qin Yue saw Qiao Wan looking at her business card and explained it intimately In fact, Qiao Wan wanted to say something, but there was a driver’s voice calling Qin Yue outside the door.
Qiao Wan said that Qin Yue enthusiastically patted her on the shoulder and said with a smile, remember to contact me, I will go first, bye, Qin Yue left the hall of the piano shop with her bag on her back, leaving behind Qiao Wan holding a business card, Qin Yue walked out of the hall of the piano shop Several teachers here have already gathered around them.
They gathered around Qiao Wan and analyzed Qin Yue. Ah, there are also clothes.
The Chanel suit is not worth 100,000 yuan, so it’s not worth it.
Why is she here? She’s here to give lessons to her niece. It’s said that she’s going to give elite lessons from our piano store.
There is a piano store in the middle of the business district in this district.
Most of the piano shops offer basic classes for 300 yuan a class, while the elite classes are taught by the proprietress Dai Jialing herself. Fei general, this elite class rarely opens Zhangqin’s teachers secretly say that the proprietress has not opened for three years, opened for three years and eats for three years. After all, what did you talk about just now? Gatherings are nothing more than bragging to see how good she is. I guess I want to show off through class reunions and satisfy my vanity.
It’s not enough to let one classmate see her success.
All the classmates have to see her success.
Are you going to the side? Another colleague said, “I’m not going.” Qiao Wan said that Qiao Wan hadn’t finished speaking yet.
The voice of the proprietress Dai Jialing came from the upstairs office, Mr.
Qiao, come to my office for a while. Qiao Wan’s shoulder said that the proprietress knew that if you don’t go now, you have to go. After Qiao Wan separated from some teachers, Qiao Wan went to the proprietress’s office. Braun Piano Shop was founded by the proprietress Dai Jialing. Dai Jialing is a single mother in her thirties. Quite temperament, very elite sense, sometimes she doesn’t look like a proprietress, but more like a female white-collar worker Qiao Wan knocked on the door and went in and called Miss Dai Dai Jialing was fetching water. Ah good, Qiao Wan sat down and Dai Jialing handed her the bottled water.
Qiao Wan took it over in trepidation. Thank you for getting to know Ms.
Qin. Dai Jialing is also considered a strong woman.
What did you say? I saw that Dai Jialing, who had a good chat, smiled and asked Qiao Wandao to talk about the class reunion. At the resort in the south of the city, Dai Jialing asked if you were going. For other things, I suggest you go to Dai Jialing. Qiao Wan got some piano teachers. You guessed right.
Qiao Wan didn’t say anything.
Dai Jialing smiled and patted Qiao Wan’s shoulder. One year’s class, one day one day, one day one day, one thousand years, one year is 365,000 yuan, but she didn’t settle down immediately. I think if you get closer to her, she will know the strength of our piano shop. It will have a certain impact on her decision, Dai Jialing said, after Qiao Wan said, but the class was not taught by me, and I can’t represent the strength of the piano shop, I will give you ten points of commission, Dai Jialing said, Qiao Wan rolled her eyelashes, Dai Jialing noticed her subtle changes in mood