The reason why he has practiced corpse refining and Qimen Dunjia to the perfect level is that after he learned the magical power of Liujia

Chapter 1 The cheating system Parallel time and space Earth In an ordinary one-room rented room in Xin’an City, Huaxia, a fair-skinned young man in his twenties, 1.
8 meters tall, wearing white short sleeves and big pants, was sitting in front of the computer. While eating popsicles, he silently watched TV dramas. This fair-skinned young man is named Wu Lang.
He is 22 years old this year. He is still a senior student in the internship period. It is summer and the weather outside is too hot. Be careful if you fall on the ground, it will cause third-degree burns. Even people who touch porcelain dare not go out to work at this time. Of course, Wu Lang will not go out at this time.
He plans to take advantage of these two weekends to have a good rest and play along the way. Playing games, watching TV, etc.
These days, the world is really down and people are not old. When Wu Lang saw the male pig’s feet in TV dramas, he always silently guarded the female pig’s feet, and whenever the female pig’s feet were dumped by other men. He would go to the male pig feet as soon as possible to seek comfort.
When he finally couldn’t help sending two barrage licks, dog licks, dog licks, and finally nothing. When the price ratio rises, no dog licks is innocent.
Send consecutively After the two barrages of complaints, Wu Lang felt a little aggrieved, which made him feel better. Dear players, hello, the invincible game system you ordered has been delivered. Just when Wu Lang was about to change to a more cheerful comedy, a sudden thought came into his mind. There was a mechanical sound, which made him almost throw the popsicle out of his hand, but when Wu Lang recovered from the fright, his face couldn’t help showing ecstasy.
After all, he was the only one who had read a hundred and eighty books. The little bookworm of online novels, of course, has read the novels of the system stream, especially the name of the invincible game system, which is very powerful.
Wu Lang’s mind has already emerged in Wu Lang’s mind.
The system is being installed and the countdown is counting down to the target error. The system is being uninstalled. An unknown error has occurred.
The system has failed to be uninstalled.
At the moment when the last second of the countdown fell, the last thought in Wu Lang’s mind was that those small movies in my laptop hadn’t been deleted yet.
The man who is 90% similar to Wu Lang shook his head helplessly and said, “I knew it was just a joke, but I still believed it.
Just now, this man filled out a questionnaire online.
The content on it was that as long as he After filling in his delivery address, he will get a game system.
However, after filling it out for a long time, he still hasn’t heard any news about the system appearing, and the web page just disappeared. Maybe it’s some deceitful business activity. Hurrah, wind and sand in the endless desert, the fine sand is like scorching iron sand, scalding people, a gust of wind and sand blowing by directly turned Wu Lang into a sandman, bah bah bah poured it into his mouth The wind and sand in the house finally made Wu Lang recover from the shock. He spat out the yellow sand in his mouth with all his strength, only to feel that there were ten thousand grass and mud horses galloping past in his heart. Originally, Wu Lang thought that if he got a system, he would start his life At the peak, the fucking system blew up and threw himself into a deserted desert. The most deceitful thing is that Wu Lang now has only a short sleeve and shorts all over his body. In his state, he can’t survive in the desert at all.
But one hour, are you in the system, system boss, system uncle, system dad, no matter how Wu Lang calls out to the system that sent him to such a ghostly place, there is no response at all, so he can’t help but secretly scold his mother, mother, mother, son wants to go first One step away, Wu Lang felt the oncoming waves of heat, and a sense of despair gradually rose in his heart.
The only thing that made him feel relieved was that he had an older brother named Wu Feng. If his older brother was with him, his parents would at least not He would be desperate because of his disappearance, ding ding ding, just when Wu Lang was about to be completely desperate, a slight ringtone suddenly reached his ears with the sound of the wind, he was like a drowning man who saw the life buoy and quickly used up the fastest He ran towards the direction of the ringing at a high speed, although the slippers on his feet were quickly lost, stepping on the hot sand with his bare feet was like a knife cut, but he knew that if he hesitated for a moment, there would be only a dead end, and human beings have to survive Instinct also prompted him to unleash a force far beyond his usual strength.
Wu Lang ran all the way for a distance of several hundred meters, and the sound of the bell became more and more clear.
He finally saw more than a dozen people in white robes behind a sand dune, as well as some people like him. A camel-like creature, help, help. After seeing the living person in front of his eyes, Wu Lang’s chest suddenly loosened, his feet softened, and he rolled down the ten-meter-high sand dune. Seeing Wu Lang appearing suddenly, the man in white robe drew out his weapon immediately. The two men in white robe cautiously surrounded the unconscious Wu Lang.
One of the men in white robe used the big knife in his hand. Patted Wu Lang on the cheek, turned his head and said to the leading woman in white robe, Sister Xue Lan, this guy seems to have passed out Full of wildness, like a female leopard living in the wild, Xue Lan glanced back and forth at Wu Lang, slightly frowned, and asked, “Is this guy robbed by someone? Because of Wu Lang’s current appearance.
” Too embarrassing, not only is there only a short sleeve and pants left on the whole body, but even the slippers ran away in the process just now, it is easy to make people feel that he has been robbed, and Wu Lang is in this area now. Tagore Desert