The pulse given by the imperial grandmother confirmed that there is a baby I cant believe that Qinger has her own baby Wen Yinghan stood

The chapter is alive, the chapter is alive, joy, my hard-fated daughter, why did you leave like this, sister, mother, mother, it’s so noisy, so cold, so painful, my headache is splitting, my ears are crying loudly, and I’m crying so hard that my head hurts. It’s easy to sleep soundly.
Who is here crying and screaming? There are voices of discussion all around. Oh, it’s really killing people.
It’s so vicious. It’s so vicious.
It’s a relief to have such a father die.
I’m happy and irritable Frowning, a series of messages flashed through his mind, that the former owner of a miserable girl with the same name and surname as himself, Mu Huanxi, was hit on the head with a stick by her father, Mu Nianhua, and died.
The reason is very simple.
Ever since there were disputes, Master Wang was hit on the forehead by the impatient Mu Nianhua and died.
His mind was like a movie.
A poor girl’s life ended at a young age. What the hell is there such a scum in the world? Dad Huanxi suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were cold and murderous, showing deadly eyes.
A seven or eight-year-old boy happened to be looking towards Huanxi, and his face was facing the courtyard gate. Huanxi suddenly opened his eyes and showed a fierce look, so frightened. Crying straight to the side, the adult got behind the dead man and opened his eyes.
The villagers who watched the excitement outside the courtyard all went to Huanxi to have a look.
Afterwards, Qi Qi trembled in fright and opened his eyes.
His eyes were terrible. His forehead was broken by Mu Nianhua, and blood flowed all over his face.
Coupled with a pair of fierce big eyes, it’s too scary.
Just now, the head of the village and two villagers came forward to verify that it is indeed impossible to come back to life after dying. Huanhuanxi, you, are you dead or alive? Qiao Meixing is also scared His voice changed, his voice trembled, his hands and feet went limp in fright, so he didn’t throw out the joy in his arms.
Joy looked over and saw three grief-stricken faces with tears hanging on their faces, but more frightened faces, a weather-beaten middle-aged woman. A twelve or thirteen-year-old girl who is still childish, and a big-headed and big-eyed little Douding who beats up Mu Nianhua wants to come forward to see what happened.
Wu Fang pulls him back. I’m afraid, don’t be afraid that Mu Huanxi will be a ghost even if she does Fearing Master Mu Nianhua to appease Wu Fang, she stepped forward to sniff and wipe Huanxi’s eyelids, who knew that when she stretched out her hand, Huanxi grabbed Mu Nianhua’s wrist and squeezed it hard. Heartbroken and afraid that the other hand touched the bloody stick on the ground and was about to be smashed by Huanxi. She pushed hard and sat on her buttocks.
Mu Nianhua sat on the ground, stepped back a few steps, and pointed at Huanxi The villagers looked at Mu Nianhua’s pinched wrist, which turned red, and then looked at Mu Huanxi, who was still staring viciously at Mrs. Mu Nianhua, hello! Everyone trembled in their hearts and took three steps back in unison. Huanxi, I’m a mother! After being frightened, Qiao Meixing probed for Huanxi’s breath, and quickly reached out to touch Huanxi’s face and hot hands.
Huanxi didn’t die, she came back to life.
Huanxi looked at Qiao Meixing, and her voice didn’t have any temperature. Your daughter died and came back to life.
Chapter 1 is the one you beat Chapter 1 is the one you beat Live alive Qiao Meixing wiped away her tears and handed her over to Er Niu, she stood up in a panic and I’ll find you a spider web Er Niu hugged Mu Huanxi and looked at her with tears in her eyes, and called out big sister Mu Huanxi glanced at Er Niu coldly, gave a cold hum, looked again, tears were still hanging down her eyes, but seeing Mu Huanxi woke up, Maomao, who neither approached nor stayed away, saw that she was looking over, the child hurriedly lowered her head, the child was afraid of me When I heard that Mu Huanxi was not a ghost, she really came back to life Huanxi followed the voice and looked at a neat-looking man wearing a half-worn blue padded jacket, who was jumping up and down, swearing fiercely, Huanxi squeezed his fists, itched his hands, felt very unhappy, and really wanted to beat someone standing next to Mu Nianhua Wu Fang tugged at his sleeve, Nianhua, look at that damn girl looking at you, Mu Huanxi stared at Mu Nianhua with blood-cold eyes, which made Wu Fang a little afraid that Mu Nianhua would have a crush on Mu Huanxi Ji Ling is used to beating at ordinary times, this girl is so weak and submissive, seeing that she would only tremble, for a moment, she didn’t feel anything terrible, Mu Nianhua’s inverted triangular eyes stared at Mu Huanxi viciously, what do you see, believe it or not, I will beat you again Master Dun is angry, Mu Nianhua, please restrain yourself, I’m teaching the disobedient daughter, this is housework, the implication is that you are taking too much control, right? The chief has nothing to say and stares at Mu Nianhua, stand aside Even if his daughter killed the others, she would have nothing to say, but this Mu Nianhua is too rampant, and the villagers can’t understand Mu Nianhua.
Fortunately, he is still a child who has read books. The second girl who pushed away exclaimed, everyone was attracted by the sound and looked over here, then Mu Huanxi stood up straight, put one hand behind her back, stared at Mu Nianhua’s cold and clear mouth, that’s the one you hit It’s only natural for me to beat you, staring at me like this Mu Nianhua put one hand on his waist and pointed at Mu Huanxi You better follow us honestly Follow Master Wang to eat and drink to live a good life Your sister and this little bastard born to you Anyway, I won’t starve to death, or I was interrupted by Mu Huanxi’s neutral voice before I finished speaking. If you hit me, that’s good. Mu Nianhua didn’t understand what it meant, but was kicked by Mu Huanxi who came up quickly. He fell face down on the ground, and then he was clubbed to the upper body without giving Mu Nianhua any chance to fight back.
The club hit him like raindrops, only to the extent that he rolled over on the ground with his head in his arms, forgetting to call for help. The others were also stunned by the scene in front of them.