The proud one why now he has nothing to do with her Didn’t you say that as long as I ignore you for three days

He has the most unique voice in the world, but when he sings ancient music in her ear, when he speaks touching words in her ear, when he breathes calmly and seductively in her ear, the last thing has seriously exceeded the psychological capacity. The scope is out, so she climbed up happily and decided to let him really breathe. Sweet text, urban love, special liking, protagonist Nanju, orange born in Huainan, Qianli Hanjun, supporting role, a group of two and three-dimensional soy sauce Chapter 1 Returning to the country and returning to the circle, Junqing Weibo Next four words and two punctuation marks let Nanju sit down He was coming back after giggling in the office cubicle all afternoon The job task is to scatter the blueprints everywhere, and she concentrates on swiping Weibo.
She doesn’t think that the cold and cold Jun Qing will post the second post. She is just refreshing the number of reposts, comments and likes on Weibo. The last Weibo post from two years ago was able to quickly break through in just two hours after being lifted up. Wan Nanju has long understood that the so-called difference between clouds and mud is that he stands on the clouds and overlooks all beings. Turn over to Nanju, where is your manuscript? Nanju was so frightened that she shook her hands and landed on the smooth and hard table.
Somehow, she touched the screen and locked it with a slap.
When she came out, she turned the chair around dejectedly, and left me to apply for probation. Will you be in the bank tomorrow? Mu Lili glanced sharply at the few sheets of drawing paper scattered on the floor, laying them out recklessly, even a pencil mark was stingy. She frowned. Pick up the paper, you lost it This is your last chance for an internship. If you fail to submit your manuscript, you will be sent back in two days. People in the same circle understand that the second dimension is a virtual world after all. The three-dimensional thing is more suitable for life. It is important to give up the second and protect the third when it is unavoidable. Just like Jun Qing, even if he temporarily withdraws from the circle, he only leaves a sentence of going abroad for further study, which is enough to make people forgive Nanju. The fingertips of the few pencils in the book were poked by the sharp refills, and she hurt a little.
She was so sad that I had no inspiration. For a designer, inspiration is the source of living water.
Mu Lili naturally knows the seriousness of this matter. After all, they are schoolmates. Since they are together When I come out for an internship, I hope that together I will ask the manager for a day off. You go back today and find your inspiration to go to the sadly exploited person, Orange Mushroom, who was exiled for a day. I wanted to add something to the refrigerator in the apartment before I realized it.
She didn’t have enough cash in hand, she was too lazy to go out and sat on the sofa and turned on her phone, and she discovered a problem. Not only was the crazy fan group on Weibo in the post bar room, the ancient style channel was all kinds of captures and shouts.
Feeling the exhaustion of the three-dimensional masses of the people After all, it is Jun Qing. She has loved him for so many years. His voice is sometimes as clear as water, sometimes as gorgeous as magnetism, sometimes as elegant as silk, and sometimes as mellow as wine.
He seems to be the last step in the radio drama.
Afterwards, he faded out of the online supporting circle, but Nanju’s enthusiasm over the years has not diminished.
She has listened to a few songs that are rare in his few dramas, and she has listened to them many times in the middle of the night. Qing knows Nanju well enough, but she can’t tell that this is a person’s voice.
It’s too difficult to grasp, the timbre is too unpredictable, and the tone of voice is too unpredictable.
Even if it is paired with a bad guy, it will make people fall into a love-hate dilemma.
The chat interface pops up suddenly.
It was announced that Nanju responded to the order, Qingcao Da Nanju likes to mix the two-dimensional element, and what she especially likes is the online distribution circle. In this circle, there are the sounds of nature that she thinks are the most beautiful in the world, and the gods that she thinks are the most elusive in the world. So she went two years ago I found a small club that was just established and sprouted like bamboo shoots. The chief person in charge of the Tanyin club is called Qingqing Yuanshangcao.
She usually doesn’t like to talk, so Nanju privately thought that she was a noble and glamorous woman who followed her.
After two years of calling, I never forgot to add a big orange in a vest. After Huainan, Nanju smoothly entered the room designated by Shangcao in Qingqingyuan. She suddenly found that the room was already full of people from the Sandalwood Society.
The vest lit up into a strange sea of ​​red, as if holding back her expectation, her intuition told her that it had something to do with Jun Qing, as soon as she went online, Begonia Lihua immediately came over to hook up with Tangerine girl, you are late oh, the outer circle and the inner side are not copper coins, go and fuck you, every day Orange girl, orange girl, makes you feel disgusting. Are you disgusting? These two are born to be opposites.
They are the famous Huanxi lovers in the Fatan Club. I heard that they are also a couple in real life, but there is no way to prove it.
Everyone just laughed for a while. The orange light came on, followed by her intellectual and gentle voice sounded in the room. I just received a message from Jiuge from Junqing. The room was quiet for a moment. Dormant Pink haunts and plays tricks in twos and threes, it is not enough, and that is also the club that Nanju pays attention to the most, because the person she pays the most attention to is once the most watched gentleman in Jiuge, Nanju, who is sweating in front of the computer, waiting for her as if She could feel that the earphones beside her temples were soaked. She thought that she couldn’t show her excitement in front of others, so she could only fidget and twist the seat.
The hand holding the mouse was pulled back, and the index finger and middle finger were placed on the desktop one by one. Knocking in this emptiness the room is buzzing after a moment of silence