The powerful man in front of you is coldeyed don’t you be afraid The black fire in my eyes is looking at the strong man

Heart of Tarrasque restores life every second Breaking oblivion Big bow 100% ignores all defenses Thunder grievance Incarnates the spirit of the storm The former protagonist of heaven and earth was kicked out of his seat by whom to join the family of demons in charge of the strange power of the great demons Zongfang Which way can bring them back to their former glory Author custom label Transformation Chapter 1 Equipment column Moonlight cold and quiet as autumn Leaning against a mahogany railing A little doll looks deeply at the reflection in the small pond in the backyard A round of bright moon baby named Xiang Yuan, an aspiring young man who just graduated from university, was unfortunately hit by a cement slab falling from a high altitude while doing an assessment and investigation on a construction site. When Xiang Yuan first came to this strange world, his body turned into a three-year-old child. Out of his own protection and vigilance of the unfamiliar environment, he hid his identity as a time traveler and tried his best to show the appearance that a child should have. The third young master lived in the family surnamed Xiang. It’s late at night and it’s time to rest.
A servant girl’s low and clear voice sounded in my ears.
Xiang Yuan nodded slowly and got up.
The two personal maids who came to ask him to go back to his room to rest at this moment are the eldest maid Lan Yu, who is the personal maid of the young master Xiang Yuan.
Holding a cloak of silver fox fur, he gently put it on Xiang Yuan.
He nodded, Xiang Yuan looked back. Has my father come back? It’s not over yet, following behind Xiang Yuan step by step, Ming Yu softly replied, “I haven’t come back yet, it seems that what happened this time is not small, the world Xiang Yuan lives in is like an ancient China, but it’s not like where Xiang Yuan started. The martial arts master who can open monuments and crack rocks like the monk who flies to the sky and moves mountains and fills the sea in the novels that he longed for is the leader of the Xiang family’s guard, Wang Chong is such a person.
Originally, Xiang Yuan thought that he would be in this ordinary world.
Living in another ordinary life in this world, but an accident two years ago let Xiang Yuan know that this world is far from being as simple as he saw.
Guangling belongs to the Bazhong region.
A murder suddenly occurred in a small village in Jiugou Mountain in the south. All six members of a family were disembowelled overnight and their hearts and livers were taken out. This place, which has been in business for a long time, suddenly spread to every household. After the incident, although the county magistrate of Guangling immediately ordered to block the news, the atmosphere of panic and rumors still spread like wildfire. The investigation took place in the second month of the murder case.
When there was no progress, another murder case occurred. This time, the number of dead people doubled.
In a small inn, a total of 12 people, including the clerk and the boss, were all killed.
The method was exactly the same as the murder case two months ago.
death toll The rapid rise made Guangling county magistrate feel the pressure. On the one hand, there is a tense atmosphere brought about by the panic and anxiety of the people.
On the other hand, he is also worried that the murderer will not solve the case in time.
The murderer seemed to know that he was too much in the limelight. Since then, he has never shot again.
He hid it deeply. The criminal investigation methods in this world are no more than Xiang Yuan’s previous life, who had a variety of high-tech auxiliary criminal investigators. Visits and investigations, so the investigation of the case was very slow until two years passed and there was no progress.
Originally, two years after the incident, many people have selectively forgotten this murder that shocked Guangling, but they lived in Guangling just half a month ago.
Zhao Butou’s family outside the city were all murdered.
The method of death coincided with the murder case two years ago. The once-forgotten nightmare returned again.
This time the fear aroused was even worse than two years ago.
Not reporting to the imperial court and promulgating a curfew at the same time, sending a large number of policemen to patrol at night, hoping to deter the murderer from continuing to commit crimes, but there are only so many policemen in the yamen, so it is impossible to be thoughtful everywhere, so Xiang’s family hired a lot of nurses to stay at the mansion day and night for safety.
Tonight, Xiang Yuan’s grandfather, who is also the head of the Xiang family, suddenly summoned his sons to discuss matters. Follow Xiang Yuan to see if something serious happened to Guang Ling. He went back to his room and untied his belt under the service of his maid, Lan Yu.
Lying on the bed, Yuan Ping stared at the pale white curtain embroidered with riverside flowers and plants above his head. Suddenly, there was a blur in front of his eyes, and then six semi-transparent equipment bars appeared in his vision. They are the equipment bars that can be equipped with items in the game.
And one of them is equipped with a yellow-white ring. A year ago, when Xiang Yuan was carving puppets with a carving knife in the yard, the sharp carving knife accidentally cut the ring finger of his right hand, and the bright red blood flowed out immediately. He subconsciously touched his finger.
Put it in his mouth, and the salty taste melted away in his mouth. Suddenly, his mind shook, and the six equipment bars in front of his eyes slowly appeared. Xiang Yuan was surprised and at a loss because he didn’t know these six bars at all. What’s the use of a virtual equipment bar? Until he found a ring made of cupronickel and engraved with dark yellow fine lines in some small toys his father bought for him.
Holding this ring, Xiang Yuan could clearly feel this in his heart. There is a strange breath on this ring, which feels very strange, like a kind of guidance from somewhere, which makes his heart a little itchy and numb, but he doesn’t know where the strangeness of this ring is. Is it blood? Recalling the last time I opened the six mysterious equipment bars because I sucked the blood from my finger